A Call Of Action


the callMy position on this issue:

I agree with everything that was discussed at the Kinnus on Tuesday, 21  Tevet 5774 (December 21, 2013).
See: Thousands Gather to Address Community’s Proper Path and Rabbi Yoel Kahn: Chassidus is the Only Path to Spiritual Fulfillment and Happiness

Those who know me and have asked my opinion (prier to the Kinnus) regarding this matter, heard everything that was discussed at the Kinnus.

Meshichistim and ‘Call of the Shofer’ the same thing:

אהל_הרבי_מליובאוויטשFrom a comment on Crownheights.info (Yeshiva Institutes Changes; Mashpiim Issue Statement)

father of beis medrash bochur wrote:

the reason why we fell so low…..simply because almost all those “mashpiem” that signed the “sorry letter” FORBID and counsel their students to avoid davening at the Rebbe’s OHEL!!!
If a bochur has an issue and is pained he should be directed and advised to daven at the Rebbe’s Ohel and instead mashpiem recommended they go to….avoida zorah! Nachman Schapiro and company play politics and preach against the OHEL and therefore our boys fell so low in oholei torah

For the past 20 years Meshichistim have been brainwashing our children that we don’t go to the Rebbe/Ohel R”L.

Thousands of Jews all around the world visit the holy grave sites of Tzadikim to pray for all their needs and to pour out their hearts. Even Chabad Chassidim worldwide travel [yearly] to Russia to visit the grave-sites of the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe’s ob”m. Many spending days on end, including Shabbos at the Rebbayims Ohelim.

At every grave-site of a Tzadik you will find a full fledged Shul/Beth Medresh, and in many places you will find a full time operating kitchen for guest.

But for some reason when it comes to the Lubavitcher Rebbe zt”l – OUR Rebbe- the leader of our generation, the man who gave his life for us, going or sending others to his grave site has become a political thing [?] R”L!!!!

So much so [so bad is the situation], that even those who don’t count themselves in the ranks of the Meshichistim don’t suggest to those who come to them for advise to go to the Rebbe/Ohel. Only because they are afraid to take a “political side” R”L.

How did we allow this Yetzer Hara (Avoda Zora) of the Meshichistim penetrate our hearts and way of life, how did we allow them to steal our Rebbe from us?

A whole generation of young men coming out of Oholei Torah and various other Yeshivas, laugh at the concept of going to the Rebbe/Ohel for assistance (and “going for Shabbos? what are you crazy?”) This is only as a result of the Meshichist Mashpiim” embedded in our Yeshivas.

It comes as no surprise that these same Meshichist Mashpiim, who preached that going to the Rebbe/Ohel is forbidden, ended up going and encouraging others to go to the Inferior substitute (of Avoda Zora). After all…

מצוה גוררת מצוה, ועברה גוררת עברה, ששכר מצוה מצוה, ושכר עברה עברה
(פרקי אבות פרק ד משנה ב)

What do we do now?

1) Those (teachers and so called Mashpiim”) and who have participated in the ‘Call of the Shofer’  must be fired immediately. They can not be allowed to serve as influences (Mashpiim”) to our children and young men. This is not only because of the ‘call of Shofer’, but rather because of the past 20 years that have lead to this.

If they have truly repented then they can study in our Yeshivas as students (I suggest they start from the Alef Beth). In goes without saying that they should be in no position of influence on our children.

2) Going to the Rebbe/Ohel a must!!!!

Every Chabad Yeshiva (Mesivta and Yeshiva Gedolah) in driving distance from the Rebbe/Ohel most go at least once a week to the Ohel, to daven, write a Pan etc…etc…

Every student must go, there is no such concept in Chabad that one does not go to the Rebbe/Ohel. Anybody who refuses to join the Yeshiva, must be thrown out. If he has Meshichist beliefs (which is foreign to Chabad) he should go to a Meshichist school.

Many Mesivtas have Shabbatons for it’s students, these should be at and only at the Rebbe/Ohel.

Going to the Rebbe/Ohel is not open for debate, it’s not one belief against another R”L. This concept of not going to the Rebbe/Ohel is a Meshichist one and should totally be eradicated from our (Chabad) institutions of education.

Your a Chabad Chossid (a follower of the Lubavitcher Rebbe zt”l) you think you have problems (ברוחניות ובגשמיות) or you have good news to share, then you go to the Rebbe/Ohel. Period.

All Yoma Depagra should be spend only at the Ohel/Rebbe (and not G-d forbid become another day off).

Suggest read:

For children: A Door That`s Never Locked

For adults: Sefer Hahishtatchus

3) It’s time to get totally rid of this Meshichist disease in our schools.

It’s not right that because of one or two teachers (who have their personal hangups against Chabad), that the rest have to suffer.

For example: In Oholei Torah Zal (Beth Medresh), it is Nachman Schapiro whose keeping the ‘Yechi’ alive.  We all know Nachman Schapiro to be a hate monger against Chabad and those the Rebbe appointed to run it’s institutions.

Recently (in the Chanin case against Kihot), Nachman Schapiro testified in deposition, that the Rebbe’s talks (Sichos) don’t belong to the Rebbe, because it was not the Rebbe’s words, but rather his (Nachman Schapiros) and all the Rebbe did was edit.

In Oholei Torah elementary it is  Velvel Karp that’s keeping ‘Yechi’ alive.

30 years ago Velvel Karp was recalled from Shlichus (for failing to do what was needed) and has since then been on a mission of revenge. In his immature (childish) way of thinking, saying Yechi is his way of getting back (revenge) at Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky. Somehow he thinks he’s getting Rabbi Krinsky mad.

The Meshichistim have their own institution, if a teacher (or student) insist on the Meshichist Avodas Zora, they can join the Meshichist institutions.


A lesson I learned from this Shofer issue.

Although ‘the call of the shofer’ was being discussed on-line (crownheights.info and collive) for several days, I totally sicked over it, ignored it.

My antenna only when up when someone in  Shul on Shabbos of last week (Parshat Shemot) asked me what I think about ‘the call of the Shofer’ issue which was all over the internet. I replied that I only saw the articles in passing but did not bother to read and that I would do so after Shabbos. Meanwhile this subject was discussed over Shabbos and I started to gather information and have been doing so ever since.

The lesson I Learned: If someone does not care about an issue, it can be right in front of his/her face and s/he won’t see it.


A few thoughts and opinions:

1) The Arguments that ‘It helped many’: Perhaps yes, perhaps no. For argument sake we shall say that it did help many.

The questions are, (a) are you Chabad, (b) is this path Chabad?

There are many paths of service to Hashem. For example, Breslov Chasidim have their path, but that’s why they are called Breslov and not Chabad. Meshichistim have their way (of serving idols), it may work for many, but it’s not Chabad.

It’s a free country and you are free to go and come as you wish, you are free to choose any path you want, however, don’t bring mix your ways with our ways. You like flying a plane? Fly it in the sky, not on my highway. Vda’l.

Don’t go out to ‘the call of the Shofer’ and whatever have you and then come back claiming you and this new path is the Chabad path.

2) The blame game: Our institutions (Yeshivas) have failed us.

100% True, can’t argue with that.

(At this point I’m going to copy/paste parts of what a friend and contributor wrote to another regarding blaming others.) 

The Foundation of our children’s Chinuch (education) is at home, not in school (‘the system’). In school they can’t teach how to be a mensch, only parents can do this, by leading in example. School can teach about Yiddishkit (Torah) etc… but only at home a child will learn to live Torah (Chassdic) etc.. only at home a child can learn to be excited about being a Jew and a Chosid. So please, my brothers and sisters, STOP blaming everybody else (granted they suck) and take some personal responsibility, take charge.

We are not Chassidim of other Chassidim, we are Chassidim of the Rebbe zt”l. We don’t do or not do something because 99.9% of people are or aren’t doing something. We do whats right. It is each and every person personal responsibility to learn and to seek out the truth. All the tools are available to do this, unlimited and very obtainable. This applies with the relationship a Jew has with G-d almighty (which Chassidis strengthens). You do what Hashem wants because you were at Har Sinah and Hashem personally directed you. It doesn’t matter “what everybody else is doing”.

There is no excuse. If they are not teaching your kids at school, then teach them at home. If your children are asking questions and you don’t know the answers, either seek out someone who does or figure it out by doing your own research.

As far as the schools go, if you pay tuition and you know that others like you have the same issues, then go all ‘tea party’ on your institution and demand change. Stop sitting at home complaining and demanding that someone else do something.

3) Who are those that have gone to ‘the call of the Shofer’?

a) Mainly Meshichistim.

This is why when the BS (Braun and Schwie) wrote in their follow up letter, which they want us to think was written after days of research and actual investigating, the following…
nf_8024_142339 They write this, knowing quit well that most of those that have gone there are from their (Meshchist) people. I wonder how many of the Crown Heights cabal of Meshichist Mossrim trouble-rousers went?

There are many that went that don’t identify themselves as Meshichistim, because they are embarrassed of the Meshichistim, but do sympathy and support Meshichistim whenever and however they can. They do so because the Meshichist path is a path they identify with. The short long way that leads to nowhere.

What do I mean by they identify with Meshichistim?

Although, they don’t  say Yechi or wear the Yechi Kipa, flag etc… they don’t do or not do so because they have an understanding of the issue (either direction). They just don’t give a s*#t about anything but themselves. However, they do want to feel that they belong and do care, so they pretend to care by not caring. You know those people that always come to the Meshichist defense by claiming, (for example) “what do you care that they are saying Yechi, why can’t we all get along?”, these are the pretenders, these are those that have no problem going to something like the call of the shofer. They have no foundation, they have no true belief in anything, they have no real principles (that’s why it is easy for them to suggest you give up on yours). These people just do what easy.

b) Weak and lazy people with emotional problems (oh wait, I already mentioned Meshichistim).

Emes-TruthMore to come….

6 Responses to “A Call Of Action”

  1. Aron Says:

    Ill add: Type of people that went to Shofer

    1) These are the people that IF, IF they get up to shul on Shabbos, they come only to talk. They let their children run wild, they don’t make sure the kids daven and its a miracle they remember to take them home.

    They don’t conduct a proper Shabbos table and therefore the kids -again- run wild. No review of the week in school, no talk of the Parsha etc…

    2) They allow their children to go here or there -this camp or this yeshiva, just because “all their friends are going”. They let their children purchase whatever they want because”all their friends have it”. They do this blindly and with laziness and in the end the children go wherever they want, if their friends are going to hang out at a club in Manhattan then they go, after all, “all my friends are going”. There is no control at home.

    What to expect when these little kids grow up?

    Then they go blame everybody else for this.

  2. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    If people were more busy with doing good things, then they wouldn’t have time to think about themselves and their “problems”.

    Fill your live with positive deeds and people and everything will be alright.

    You have extra time? Find a project to do. A private project or a project that benefits the public, whatever, just be busy.

    If you don’t have a job, get one, any one.

  3. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    From a comment on CH.INFO in response to my comment:

    Anonomous wrote:

    Extremes are not healthy. Take the middle path. Yes, go to ohel. But so often?

    My Reply:

    Once again you are making this about politics R”L and you should be ashamed.

    Explain how going to the Rebbe/Ohel is extreme in anyway, form or fashion?

    How many times did the Rebbe zt”l go to the Ohel? Do You know? How many times did the Rebbe direct people to the Ohel or told them that he will mention them at the Ohel?

    What do Chassidim do at the Ohel?

    You fool. Playing right in to the Meshichist propaganda (Avodas Zora).

    It is precisely this type of talk that has brought us to this sad and unfortunate point.

    I hope that if anything good comes out of this, it’s that we finally recognize that the source/core of all this is the Meshichistim and we finally get rid of them from our institutions.

  4. anon Says:

    Just wondering, how often do you go to the ohel?

  5. Yosef Says:

    הבור ריק אין בו מים (The pit was empty, there was no water)
    Water = Torah = Chassidus = Rebbe/Ohel

    אבל נחשים ועקרבים יש בו (However, snakes and scorpions there was)
    When you don’t have Torah, Chassidus, and go to the Rebbe/Ohel, you end up with snakes and scorpions (Avoda Zorah).

    Call of the Shofer is only a symptom of Meshichistim. Every Chabad yeshiva must take upon itself to clean itself of Meshichist influence.

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