Letters of Distraction by Irrelevant CHJCC


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So finally after three years of total irrelevancy we are once again honored to receive a letter with the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. letter head.

I thought to myself, can this really be? Will this letter contain information as to what the CHJCC has been up to since the last elections of 2010? Will this be the letter that will inform us as to how they assisted the [Jewish] needy of this neighborhood? Will the corrupt Cabal of the CHJCC finally tell us how and where they spent $41 Million over the years?

No, it wasn’t anything like that…just another irrelevant distraction.

The following came in the mail on the week of Parshas Vatigash (December 6-7, 2013).

Crown Heights Jewish Community Council-distraction (1)The flyer being spoken of:
CCF11082013_00000Crown Heights Jewish Community Council-distraction (2)

To make things really exciting, this past Friday (December 13, 2013 – 10th of Tevet) we were all so lucky and privileged to find at our door steps the following letter from the irrelevant CHJCC, signed by the irrelevant board members Yossi Hackner and that other dude (looking at letter now), Fishel Brownstein.

Crown Heights Jewish Community Council-distraction (4)The back of above letter had another two letters from another three irrelevant individuals.
Crown Heights Jewish Community Council-distraction (3) Exit Questions and Opinions:

1) Why is the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. getting involved in this private matter?

2) Back in 1997 the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. got involved in the Machne Menachem Case, in support of the Mosser Yaakov Spritzer, who was attempting to have innocent Jews locked up under RICO, why did the CHJCC support and get involved in that case?

3) Shomrim six case: Only recently (four years ago) Six Jews were being threatened imprisonment for over 15 years. We didn’t hear anything from the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council about it, no protest (no pressure against the Mossrim) and diffidently no Pidyin Shvuyim fund. What changed since?

4) Rabbi Schwei was asked to get involved in stopping the Mesirah/blood libel on the Shomrim Six and he refused to help. See letter from Hershkop family to Rabbi Schwei. Now Rabbi Schwei is all of a sudden concerned for Jews being locked up?

5) Just to throw out a fact: The Machne Menachem Din Torah was the last and final “Din Torah” the once Crown Heights Beth Din ever had. After that case, the “Beth Din” fell apart, starting with the death of Yehuda Kalman Marlow.

6) Both the CHJCC and the so called “Beth Din” are attempting to make themselves relevant with this distraction.

7) Attn” Mr. Eli Blachman and Mr. Yisroel Karp:

Please post ALL court documents (from both parties) on your website (maplestreetshul.com), so we can see the actual evidence. I’m asking this of you only because you already have a website up and running and seem to care what everybody thinks (although you shouldn’t because it doesn’t matter and because of some of the things I mentioned above). Let the people see the actual evidence and come to their own conclusions (which again, won’t do anything for your bottom line).

8) Attention everybody else:

This is a private matter, NOT a community matter!!!


11 Responses to “Letters of Distraction by Irrelevant CHJCC”

  1. antimesira Says:

    Attn” Mr. Eli Blachman and Mr. Yisroel Karp:

    Here’s another piece of free advise (for everyone):

    If you let them make you, then they can brake you.

    By attempting to use the “I have the CHJCC on my side” card, you are making a huge mistake.

    Once you give someone the authority or power to make you, then you are also giving them the power to brake you.

    You don’t need the CHJCC and their puppet Beth Din to convince anybody. Make your case or arguments in and only in the court of law.

    Here’s the best advise you will ever hear in your life’s:

    Public opinion doesn’t really matter.

    Sssheee, don’t tell anyone. ;)

  2. Toshave Says:

    Why didn’t Zaki Tamir sign the ‘letter of clarification’ from the the CHJCC?

  3. Letter Says:

    The only reson why Blachman sent those letters is because katzoff the monster was posting all the other bs stuff all around ch

  4. yusol Says:

    we would love to put on the web site lots of prove which will show purgary (katzzoff, hertz grossbaum claiming that they were not serves and a vedio of them actually being served. katzoff advidavit which was signed by someone else , furgary, katzof signed advidavite that was not signed by him, grossbaum fake email he created and his attoney desicion not to represent him, junik lying causing his attorney to dump him and burlgary, grossbaum breaking into shul. all this and MUCH more will be released at the right time and place

  5. Anonymous Says:

    When Osdoba’s son massered Eli Ezagui was there a pidyan Shvuim fund?
    I can’t recall one. Please advise

  6. Anonymous Says:


  7. Yosul says Says:

    To Yosul says. I doubt he is worried. I have read all the ncourt transcripts. Put them on the Maplestreet website and everyone will what Schapiro/neeman/karp and BLACHMAN said. Your whole case is one lie. You father was caught trying to steal the shul and was stopped.

  8. Dovi Garfinkel Says:

    BTW this is very very much a community matter. There is one or two individuals who have been doing everything in their power to keep personal control of a public property. The Maple St Shul belongs to the community at large. It does not in any way shape or form belong to the two individuals. This is a matter of public property to remain public property so it is very much a community matter.

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      Where have we heard [in the past] “belongs to the community at large” argument, for the sake of taking away property from another?

      In the end, those claiming to be fighting for the communities sake, stole those properties and profited for themselves.

      Explain how this “belongs to the community at large?

      Explain what you did to stop the blood libel four years ago on the Shomrim Six?

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