Post of the Day: A Frustrated Meshichist Spills His Heart…


…And out comes pure hate.


In Hebrew – Sorry no translation.



8 Responses to “Post of the Day: A Frustrated Meshichist Spills His Heart…”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Why isn’t there such a thing as a “normal” or
    “moderate” Meshichist?

    Because if you speak long enough to any self described “moderate” or “normal” Meshichist (and you piss him or her off by wining the debate with logic and facts), you will end off hearing from the “nice good normal moderate Meshichist” all this baseless hate (as the 770 Meshichist Bocher writes).

    It doesn’t take much to get the “normal- moderate meshichist” to show his true colors, All you need to be armed with is the truth and they will spew unlimited hate.

  2. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    I also noticed that the Meshichist movement is trying very hard to erase the Shomrim Six Mesirah blood libel from history, like it never happened.

    We will never forget!!!!

    The whole meshichist movement has innocent Jewish blood on their hands!!!!

  3. antimesira Says:

    Even individuals (self described “ba’al Teshuvas”) who grow their beards over night, wear a Yechi kippa with a pin the next day (or before the beard, doesn’t matter the order), start wearing a kapputa in a week, still having the taste of the pork sandwich they eat the day before and before knowing the first verse in the Torah (“In the beginning Hashem created…”), they “know” everything the Meshichist hater described above.

    Because before anything, any good Meshichist must be filled with baseless hate.

    20 years of the Meshichistim and they still need to spew this garbage, why?

    Because with out the hate, they have nothing to offer.

    Almost 20 years they have their own “kinnus” yet at everyone of these gatherings they never fail to mention in a hateful tune (one way or the other), the other side (the “non-believers” etc…).

    Whats written above is just a Meshichist without his mask on.

  4. Roots Says:

    This is the type of propaganda we would openly see in the Beis Moshiach magazine in the yearly years.

    As the years passed, the Meshichistim started to wear a mask and only spoke these things in code. To their own people they always spoke straight hate.

  5. Shomrim Six Says:

    Imagine having this guy sitting on the witness-stand in a court of law and being questioned about every single statement and word he makes.

    How long would this guy last on the stand before attempting to punch someone in the face?

  6. Shomrim Six Says:

    Comment #6 in link above make a good point (at the end of his comment):

    ואני מחכה לקרא את התגובה שלך על משפט השומרים,
    מי מימן את המשפט הרי אתה יודע הכל.

    i am waiting for a response on the Shomrim Six trial, who funded the trial (Mossrim), after all you know everything?

    Maybe the guy who know everything can tell us how Menachem Mendel Hendel business operates, how much money does he make, where does it go etc…etc…?

    These are questions I would ask the guy who knows everything on the stand if I had a chance.

    • Evereybody's a fact!!!! Says:

      True, he seems to know as a matter of fact that Rabbi Shemtov send the Shomrim to 749, then surly he knows who funded the Shomrim Six Mesira, after all those who testified are his friends?

      If he “knows” things that are far out of his scope and surly he knows things that are close to him.

  7. Projection Says:

    What this Meshichist is doing is 100% projection. He’s projecting everything the meshichist party is onto others.

    You will notice he does kind of attack some of his own (Chanin).
    Meshichistim and liberals in general do that when they are losing an argument. They will [pretend to] take a step back, by giving in a little, just so they can take two steps forward, by bashing you even more. Don’t fall for this trick.

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