Fact Check: Whose To Blame?


Crown Heights Jewish Community Council. inc. chjcc-corruption-fraudSeveral months ago CHLEAKS posted the following:

Did you notice how peaceful it’s been these past two years?

Did you notice these past two years that the corrupt Cabal of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc aka Vaad Hakohol has had no “Issues”.

– No Shmira Shomrim Issue.

– No Osdoba, Schwie and Braun Issues. – No Beth Din Issues. – No “Hechsur” Issues.

– No Lawsuits.

– No Propaganda.

It’s Baroch Hashem quiet and peaceful…


The answer is simple.

There’s no more money. The cash flow has stopped. The millions stolen from the people of Crown Heights has been spent or pocketed by the greedy cabal. Government grants have decreased in a major way.

With no more money, we get no more Machlokes.

Several individuals have asked members of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc. as to the truthfulness to above statement (regarding the decrease in funding), in which they confirmed to be true.

HOWEVER, they are lying as to the reason.

Members of the CHJCC are [still] trying to blame ex-chairman Moshe Rubashkin for the decrease in funding. Stating that because of his irresponsible behavior (in other words; corruption and fraud), the CHJCC lost funding.

This is simply flash.

Don’t get me wrong, Moshe Rubashkin was just as corrupt as those preceding him (and those that came after). The only issue the corrupt cabal had with Rubashkin was that he was not a team player (and he threw the cabal to the side and did his own thing). The cabal hated him because he was stealing “their” money.

The fact is (as I’ve already written several times here) that in 2009 the cabal engaged in a hostile takeover of the CHJCC in-order to secure the big government grant checks coming in (over 11 million in weatherization alone – Click here to view all grants). In other words, despite Moshe Rubashkins corruption, the CHJCC was still receiving big money.

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Give credit where credit is due:

Blame it on me

Blame it on me

The real reason the CHJCC has lost it’s funding is only as a result of this web-site exposing the corruption and fraud that has taken place at the CHJCC for decades.

Our work has not been limited to this web-site.

If the corrupt cabal of the CHJCC want to point a finger they are more then welcomed to point it my way.


One Response to “Fact Check: Whose To Blame?”

  1. CDH Says:

    A new government is coming into power. The CHJCC will attempt to resurrect and start over.

    The mission continues.

    I’m happy to assist.

    Code word: FOIL

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