“See, I am a clean (kosher) animal.”

Oink, oink: [R/L]Kosher Swine Menachem Mendel Hendel and Joseph B. Spielman

Oink, oink: [L/R]Kosher Mossrim/Swine Menachem Mendel Hendel and Joseph B. Spielman

Parshat Toldot, 5th Portion (Genesis 26:30-27:27)

34. And Esau was forty years old, and he married Judith, the daughter of Beeri the Hittite, and Basemath, the daughter of Elon the Hittite.

forty years old: Esau was compared to a swine, as it is said (Ps. 80:14): “The boar from the forest gnaws at it.” This swine, when it lies down, stretches out its hooves, as if to say, “See, I am a clean (kosher) animal.” So do these [the chiefs of Esau] rob and plunder and then pretend to be honorable. During the entire forty years, Esau kidnapped wives from their husbands and violated them. When he was forty years old, he said:“My father married at forty; I, too, will do the same.” [From Gen. Rabbah 65:1]

Esau-menachem mendel hendel-Yosef (Joseph) Baroch Spielman-infomrers-mossrim-mesirah-meshichistim


One Response to ““See, I am a clean (kosher) animal.””

  1. Shomrim Six Says:

    Ive been thinking. Four years ago this time we were a mere few days into our trial. During these days was also the official Kinnus Hashluchim, as-well as the make believe Kinnus of Mendel Hendels Meshichistim.

    For a number of days, while seven follow Meshichistim were falsely testifying against the Shomrim, the Meshichistim gathered in 770, yet not one word of protest as to the great Mesirah that was taking place mere blocks away.

    In fact only a week after the trial concluded, Mendel Hendels meshichist “web-site” featured the Mossrim (Yaakov Shatz, Shuki Gur and Shneur Rotem ym”s) who only days before had participated in the great blood libel.


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