As The World Turns: Meshichist Braun Is OK Certified


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Regarding: [CH.INFO]  OK Issues Clarification over New Chocolatte ‘Hechsher’

How the world turns.G-d almighty does not remain a Ba’al Chov (Debtor).

Chaim Fogelman, director of marketing and education at the OK Kosher interviews and indorses the unknown Braun before elections for third “rov” of the Crown Heights “Beth Din”.

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Why did the OK Kosher endorse the unknown Braun over Rabbi Bogomilsky (who is a known, experienced and established Rav in the Crown Heights Communities for over 40 years)?

As a result of above confrontation Rabbi Don Yoel Levy of OK Kosher endorsed Braun because they were afraid that with Rabbi Bogomilsky name attached to the  CHK, the CHK would rise and would become a powerful Hashkocha and this seemingly was and is a threat  to the OK Kosher.

Three years later, the OK Kosher gets a kick from in the cojones by the fake “Rabbi” they endorsed.

You baked the cake, now eat it!!!!

The Two Faces of Rabbi Don Yoel Levy of OK Kosher:

Rabbi Don Yoel Levy (2)

Two Faces: Rabbi Don Yoel Levy of OK Kosher

To the outside world Don Yoel Levy takes a strong stance against Meshichistim, but to the inside, in Crown Heights it’s a whole different story.

When it comes to supporting the Meshichistim, whether it be with food or politics, the Meshichistim are able to rely on Don Yoel Levy for his full support.

Rabbi Don Yoel Levy and Meshichist Braun:

Had it not been for Don Yoel Levys support and endorsement of the un-certified Meshichist Braun, Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky/Crown Heights would have “won” the elections in 2010. Braun “won” by only 40 votes. Every employee of OK Kosher voted for Braun because that’s what the company wanted and these employees encourages their family and friends to do the same. In essence Don Yoel Levy is responsible for fueling Machlokes in Crown Heights (only because he had his own private agenda).

(See: Rabbi Bogomilsky: A Future For Crown Heights and Crown Heights Loses – Mosrim Win)

Meshichist blog reports:

27 Elul 5772 (14.09.2012)

Over 2,000 Bochurim and Anash who came to spend Tishrei 5773 with the Rebbe, filled 770 last night for the traditional Welcome Kinus to the guests, organized by Eishel – Hachnosas Orchim.

The Kinus focused on the theme of 20 years since Tishrei 5753, the first time the Chassidim were reunited with the Rebbe after Chof Zayin Adar 5752, and the beginning of the wonderful times to Lubavitchers, in which the Rebbe encouraged the singing of Yechi.

The opening speech was delivered by Mara De’asrah and member of the Crown Heights Beis Din, Rabbi Yosef Yeshaya Braun, who began by welcoming the guests and thanking the Eishel – Hachnosas Orchim organization which continues to provide all the needs of the guests regardless of their beliefs.

Rabbi Braun continued by focusing on the theme of the Kinus, speaking about the Rebbe’s encouragement of singing Yechi, and decried those people who are trying to erase the year 5753 from the history of Lubavitch. The Rabbi’s voice thundered in 770:

How can it be that a Chossid wants to erase the actions of the Rebbe?! For some odd reason, those same Chassidim focus on a certain time in 5754, but they ignore 5753! The Rebbe’s encouragement will not be forgotten! There might be disagreement on how to publicize it, but the belief of a Chossid in the Rebbe’s kingship – that cannot be erased from our conscience! We all know the truth that the Rebbe encouraged Yechi, and not just encouraged but even sometimes people were able to see the Rebbe’s lips moving with the Rebbe saying the words. Our generation, Dor Ha’shvii, merited that the Nosi Ha’dor will agree with the wishes of his people.”

Rabbi Braun concluded with a heartfelt wish and prayer that soon we will see the Rebbe with our own eyes and then all will sing Yechi Adoneinu Moreinu V’Rabeinu Melech Hamoshiach L’olam Voed!

Shame Shame Shame on Rabbi Don Yoel Levy for screwing the people of Crown Heights with another Ba’al Machlokes (sopported by the other Ba’al Moachlokes and Mossrim of Crown Heights).

4 Responses to “As The World Turns: Meshichist Braun Is OK Certified”

  1. Says:

    BREAKING > > > Takes Down Article Regarding B.S. Certification

  2. Toshav Says:

    So true.
    Last elections for Rov was not about supporting Rabbi Osdoba. Those who voted for Rabbi Bogomilsky didn’t do so because of Rabbi Osdoba. We came out to vote so we as a community can start moving forward and making progress.

    Supporting Braun meant supporting a Meshichist, supporting Yaakov Spritzer, Menachem Mendel Hendel and the rest of the cabal of Mossrim.

    What Rabbi Levy did was not just shameful and disgusting, it was irresponsible and selfish.

    When the meshichistim have their next phony Kinnus Ha’meshichistim in 770, they should have Rabbi Don Yoel Levy as their key note speaker.

    Send this article to the OU, they will have a ball with this information. After all they are waiting around the corner for the OK.

  3. antimesira Says:

    Rabbi Don Yoel Levy threw Crown Heights under the bus!!!

    Sold us out!!!

  4. 1bigpotatohead Says:

    BREAKING>>> RABBI Yosef Yeshaya Braun Finally Has Smicha (Ordination)

    RABBI Yosef Yeshaya Braun can finally show that he has Smicha.

    Rabbi Braun received his Smicha from the Supreme Court of the State of New York. signed by the Hon. Justice Karen B. Rothenberg, On the 15th day of October.

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