Eshel Hachnosas Orchim: Blaming It On Mesira


Intel informs CHLEAKS that Menachem Mendel Hendels organization Eshel Hachnosas Orchim has no place to house guest, so they are blaming it on “Mesira”.

As illustrated in George Orwell’s seminal book Animal Farm, corrupt totalitarians of all kinds gain their power through focusing on and creating an outside  enemy or group of enemies.  Maligning and slandering this outside enemy, whether it be Dovid Fischer, Aguch/Krinsky the Shomrim/Hershop brothers, is essential if the cabal is to gain the loyalty of the masses. Fanning the flames of fear and hatred among the people arouses their need and desire for the cabal’s leadership and protection.  Help us and support us, the cabal will claim, because if not, the enemies, who are far worse than we could ever be, will take over.  Classical scapegoat theory comes into to play as the Dovid Fishers and the Hershkops/Shomrim of the world become the ‘Jews’ of Crown Heights- convenient targets upon whom to place all the blame. No money for community programs? The CHJCC is ineffectual, even harmful to the community? No place to house your guest? Not their fault! If only the Fishers and/or the Hershkops would get out of their way everything would be wonderful.  It’s an old con game however, and the good news is that the con is up. The corrupt ones have overplayed their hand. (Source:

Message to Menachem Mendel Hendel and all Meshichistim:

When you bring up the subject of Mesira, don’t forget to mention the great Mesira/Blood Libel you orchestrated and funded (together with the once Shmira Mesira and the corrupt cabal of the CHJCC) almost six years ago. Remind your useful idiots how you attempted to imprison six innocent Jews for 15 plus years (in a violent filled prison). Talk about the six week trial and the seven Meshichist Mossrim you had testify etc…etc…

When the Wolfs Cry Meeeeeeee-sira

המוסרים-מלשינים-ישראל נח ביליניצקי- יצחק יעקב שץ-גבריאל ברונשטיין-שוקי גור-אלקון משה גורפינקל-שניאור רותם-שלום כהן-משיחיסטיםCrown Heights- Mosrim-yaakov spritzer-chanina sperlin-paul huebner-elie poltoract-joseph spielman-yaakov herzog-yisroel sandhaus


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