Nothing To Do With The “Community”


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I was sent the screen grab bellow on the day it was posted, I didn’t post anything about it, because I was waiting to see what would write about it. My wait was not for nothing.

Attorney-Zaki Isaac B. Tamir-District Attorney Charles Hynes (2)

By COLlive reporter

A fundraiser for the reelection of Charles Hynes to the Office of the District Attorney of Kings County was held last Monday in Crown Heights.

Some 30 guests came to mingle over drinks and refreshments at the home of Zaki Tamir, Chairman of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council.

“It was a formal event but a very comfortable and informal environment that allowed for guests to approach the DA and to discuss with Mr. Hynes concerns and questions about how the DA’s office functions,” Tamir said, noting that it wasn’t connected to his communal position.

Read the rest here

What exactly has Zaki Tamir (and the other two clowns that were elected with him) done in these past three years for the Crown Heights Communities that was connected to his communal position? 

Now, I don’t think that Zaki Tamir has any position in any of the Crown Heights communities. But obviously he does. That being said…

As a “communal leader” whose hosting a party for the District Attorney…

1) Why didn’t you invite our school principles and administrators?

2) Why didn’t you invite heads of our ACTIVE organizations, you know the people who are out there day after day actually assisting others in the Crown Heights neighborhood?

I’m pretty sure the people who are out there actually taking action have a few  concerns and questions about how the DA’s office functions.

3) Why advertise this event (on collive) to the “community”, if it was a private/exclusive party, whats the point?

If it has nothing to do with communal matters then who gives a S**T!!!


As a side note:

The subject of the ’91 Riots’ being discussed in the Collive article (and at the party itself) is nothing but a distraction. The District Attorney has nothing to talk about so he talks about the riots. COLlive has nothing useful to report in regards to this event, so they write about the riots.

Attorney-Zaki Isaac B. Tamir-District Attorney Charles Hynes (1)Added:

This type of “news story” is solely aimed at the low information crowed.

Not only is this a distraction, when publishing this low information crap, Collive will not approve any comments with any trace of  intelligent and common sense. If you write any comment that shows the stupidity of the so called “news story” or the way it was reported, COLlive will not approve that comment. In other words, COLlive makes an effort to keep the conversation dumbed down.


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