Projection By Yaakov Spritzer

Yaakov Spritzer-445 Empire Blvd-brooklyn,new york-A one merchandising-corruption-fraud-mesirah-informer

A One Merchandising Inc. 445 Empire Blvd. Brooklyn, NY 11225

As I was reviewing Yaakov Spritzer 311 Mesira phone call, I noticed something interesting…

In minute 11:04 you will find the following:

311: Do you know the name of the business?

Yaakov Spritzer: Everything Automotive

311: (operator repeats) Everything Automotive

Yaakov Spritzer: It may not be his real operating name, it may just be the name on the sign, but that’s what it says on the sign.

How is this a projection of Yaakov Spritzer?

For decades, ever since Spritzer bought and operated his business ‘A One Merchandising Inc.’ which is located at 445 Empire Blvd. in Brooklyn, there was a sign with a name and address, however the name was NOT ‘A One Merchandising Inc.’ but ‘CIRCLE  445’ as shown in photo bellow.

Yaakov Spritzer-445 Empire Blvd-brooklyn,new york-A one merchandising-corruption-fraud-mesirah-informer-

Click Image to Enlarge

And thus when Yaakov Spritzer calls to complain (Mesira) on another business, Spritzer projects his own guilt and/or crimes and/or fraud onto the other business.

Do to illegal construction on the second floor, in what seems to be construction of offices, which is contrary to the certificate of occupancy, the sign was recently removed.

You can read more about the concept of Mossrim projection HERE.


Why does Yaakov Spritzer and Co. seem to time and time again to get away with illegal activity?

Answer: Government informants.


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