How Do We Stop Meshichist Violence Against Chabad?


Submitted Via Email
Chabad vs Meshichist-crown heights-

“Do not stand idly by while your brother’s blood is at stake.”

Dear Chabad Tomim:

Why are you crying and complaining if you’re not willing to take action? What do you wish to gain by publishing (by way of various web-sites and emails) these Meshichist acts of violence?

If you’re not willing and able to do what’s actually needed [and effective] to stop the violence, then stop wasting our time with your whining and complaining.

If you’re not going to file a police report, you are enabling and giving strength to the Meshichistim  to continue in acts of violence. Start taking control, stop crying and whining and do something about it (המעשה הוא העיקר– Taking action is the main thing).  You are giving the Meshichistim a victory every time you give them a free pass.

There is a general rule…
If a police report has not been filed, then the crime did not take place.

Anash of  Crown Heights have absolutely no interest (irrelevant) as to the goings and comings of 770 Eastern Parkway. Anash of Crown Heights have abandoned 770 many years ago. Meshichist violence and craziness is the reason they left, they certainty don’t want to hear about it. (Read more about this HERE).

If your goal is just to whine, complain and be a victim, we have no interest in what you have to say.

We are all very much aware of who and what the Meshichistim are or aren’t, at this point we don’t need any more convincing.

However, if you want to take action to stop this once and for all, there are plenty in Crown heights who would assist and support you in this endeavor. However, one cannot help someone whose not willing to help himself.

If you are or have been a victim of Meshichist violence and you didn’t file a police report – You have blood on your hands. You are giving the Meshichisatim a free pass to continue in their acts of violence., it’s all on you.

Today they [“just”] broke your iphone, tomorrow they will brake you or your friends bones, sending you to the hospital.

If you were a victim of Meshichist violence and you didn’t file a police report, then when that next act of violence does happen, don’t act so surprise (you deserve it).

A Crown Heights Resident

Closing note: The internet war in important, it’s effective to some extent,  however if this is your only line of defense then your wasting your time. If your writing is not followed by action then what you wrote is meaningless. In other words: Your not going to meet your goals (stopping corruption, violence and/or Meshira etc…) by just posting on the Internet.

Another thing: Whining, crying and complaining definitely doesn’t accomplish anything and in fact can be damaging.

You want to win? You want to defeat the enemy? Then arm up!!!

chabad vs meshichisrtim-sheep gun

Translation from Hebrew


4 Responses to “How Do We Stop Meshichist Violence Against Chabad?”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Background for posting above:

    Date: Sunday May 26, 2013 (17 Sivan 5773)

    Meshichistim is their usual idol worshiping way, broke into the upstairs 770 once again to distribute dollars.

    One Chabad Bocher was video recording the spectacle with is iphone.

    A Meshichist who seemly was annoyed of the event being recorded, garbed the iPhone and preceded to brake it.

    The event was recorded up until the braking. There is video of it happening. Besides the video cameras recording this in 770.

    The victim of this broken iPhone has refused to go to the police to file a report. He stupidly and in total ignorance attempted to take a Meshichist to a “Din Torah” by the B.S. (Braun and Schwei), who are both Meshichistim.

    After hearing that the victim refuses to go to the police and instead would seep so low to approach the ask for a “Din Torah”, which by doing so giving the B.S. recognition and legitimization, I concluded that this “victim” deserves what he got and what he will get next time.

    Here’s the icing on the cake:

    The post in the link above was written (whom we can safely assume) by this victim of the broken iPhone or a close friend of his.

    However, I don’t really get what his point in posting this was.

    Was it to make a mockery of the B.S.?

    The B.S, is already a joke.

    The only joke (greater then the B.S. itself), is the joke of this Chabad Bocher (the victim) approaching the B.S. for a Din Torah in the first place.

    This whole story is a real teaching moment for me.
    The lesson I carry from this is that people in general are stupid and ignorant (Low Information). The only argument that remains is whose more stupid or ignorant.

    • antimesira Says:

      However, I don’t really get what his point in posting this was.

      Was it to make a mockery of the B.S.?

      The B.S, is already a joke.

      The only joke (greater then the B.S. itself), is the joke of this Chabad Bocher (the victim) approaching the B.S. for a Din Torah in the first place.

      It’s like putting a coin in a broken soda machine and then complain that the machine doesn’t work, although it clearly says on the machine “out of order”.

  2. antimesira Says:

    In my community located in Crown Heights, we don’t have any Meshichisatim and therefore we don’t suffer these acts of violence and Mesirah.

    Several years ago we like sheep let the Meshichistim dictate our community. But those days are long gone. We are now Meshichist free.

    If your community is still infiltrated or forcefully occupied by meshichistim mossrim, then you must do whats suggested above when your violently attacked or they cause you a damage to property.

    You can also do many other things -use your imagination – to keep them busy on defense.

    Beating them is very easy. meshichistim were only successful all these years because we were slacking off, we never fought back. Start fighting back and see you will how fast the crumble.

  3. Cowards Says:

    A son takes his elderly father for a walk when all of a sudden a Goy walks over to the father and slaps him in the face.

    The son ask the goy, “what are you doing?”

    The goy gives the father another slap.

    The son now says more sternly, “STOP slapping my father!”.

    The goy turns to the son and tells him, “if you don’t shut up now, I will slap you”.

    The son turns to his father and says, “Father, we must go, a goy hits.”

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