The Meshichistim Are Our Fault

by - - meshichistim-מישיחסטיםChabad needs to stop recognizing, legitimizing and negotiating with Meshichistim

The fact that the Messianic movement is one of idol worship, terror and destruction and whose goal is to make a total mockery of Chabad and the Lubavicther Rebbe zt”l is not even a question, this is a fact and we have 20 plus years of evidence.

Throughout the years the Meshichist movement has attempted time and time again to take down Chabad. Where they weren’t successful in taking over an already established Chabad institution, they went ahead and opened a competing institution (causing much confusion, Chillul Hashem and Lubavitch R”L).

All those (Mushpoyim) that have come out of Meshichist institutions, are educated to hate, do acts of violence and Mesira R”L.

The real question(s) I have today is as follows:

Why is it that [in recent years] we see more Yellow Messianic flags and Yechi Yamakas on the so called  mainstream Chabad websites, like (and sister site, and yes occasionally even on, then we see on the official Mershichist websites

There are more yellow flags and Yechi Yamakas on the Chabad websites in one day then there are in a week on the Meshichist web-sites.

Why the Meshichistim do what they do, is understood, they simply want to destroy. BUT our people, Chabad Chassidim, what do we have to do with Meshichistim, why are we the ones giving them recognition and attention? Why are we the ones who are legitimizing these thugs and Mossrim?

It’s high time that Chabad (worldwide..umm…umm Chabad/Aguch of Israel) finally comes to the realization that the Meshichistim are not Chabad and therefore there is no need to give them any recognition, legitimizing and it goes without saying that we don’t engage in negotiation (משא ומתן) with them.

If they want to open their own institutions (schools, shuls etc…),  which would include their own Beth Din which would have their own Hechsher and Shechita etc… then so be it, this would be the greatest thing for Chabad. Let them make their own logos and seals. Let them call themselves the Beth Din of Moshiach.

I’m trying to understand why it’s so hard for Chabad to let these idol-worshipers and Mossrim go?

Good-buy, see you and good luck!!!

Important fact: In Crown Heights, we were and are very successful in making this separation between Chabad and Meshichistim. I admit there is still a little more work to be done (were still on the path) and it can very easily be implemented world wide.

A picture is worth a thousand words:

It is known: If you run away from a dog, it will chase you attack you. However, if you turn around and face the dog, the dog will run away crying. The example is self understood.

It is well known: If you run away from a dog, it will chase you and attack you. However, if you turn around and face the dog, the dog will run away crying and whimpering. It’s time for Chabad to chase away the dog once and for all.

 What we must do to win against Meshichist terror and Mesirah:

chabad vs meshichisrtim-sheep gun

10 Responses to “The Meshichistim Are Our Fault”

  1. antimesira Says:

    Meshichist Motto:

    Occupy and and Destroy!!!!

    Chabad must realize that we either do some occupying or well be occupied.

  2. Achduse Says:

    That’s why when they threaten to make their own mosdos we should welcome and cheer that. This way we will be separated from them.

    Unfortunately their primary goal is not that of building and growing their own institutions but that of taking down those the Rebbe zt”l put in place. They want to make a joke of the Rebbe and chabad.

    The only achduse we will have with them is when they separate from us.

  3. CH Resident Says:

    I just wish we had a school which was Meshichist free.

    Unfortunately all our schools in Crown Heights are a mixer. Every Rebbe does and teaches as he likes. Some are Meshichistim and they preach their crap to the kids and those who are not Meshichistim are for reasons unknown are afraid to speak their minds.

    The identity of moshiach should never be a subject matter in the education of our children.

  4. antimesira Says:

    Several years ago I was advised to go to to read views which were similar to my own. True to the word, the website was indeed very pleasing. It was a pleasure finally having a website which shared the same views as myself, my family and community.

    But this connection quickly dies when stopped being what it was and started to become something else. no longer would report the truth but would start being politically correct.

    The website which by Meshichist terms would be labeled the must “anti-Meshichist” website would now have more yellow flags and yechi kippas then any of the other sites, including from the meshichistim.

    What a disgrace.

    Instead of pandering to those who are like minded, they took the path of trying to appease the meshichistim. Do they really think that they could appease them? And what would be the point or goal in trying to do so?

    In the end, when one tries to appease and be a “moderate”, you…
    1) don’t get those who your trying to appease.
    2) You lose those who were with you to begin with.

    • Tea Party Says:

      The republican party makes the same mistake and therefore they lose every time.

      The R party thinks that if they pander to the left/liberals then they have a chance of winning by winning the liberal vote.

      If they would focus more on their own people (mainly conservatives) they would win every election by landslides.

      By doing what they do they not only don’t get the liberal vote, they now lose the votes from those who would usually vote for them.

  5. meshichist game plan Says:

    Meshichist strategy for occupation of chabad is simple:

    1) use force – terror, intimidation, harassment and mesira.

    When that fails…

    2) use words like “achdus”, “peace” etc… as a means of getting chabad to negotiate with you.

    Fools are the ones who fall for #2.

    When they try to implement plan two all we need to tell the meshichistim is to piss off, we don’t know you, we don’t recognize, stay away from us.

  6. antimesira Says:

    I want to point out that all the Rabbis and/or Rabonim who did recognize, legitimize and negotiate with Meshichistim, because they felt they would be the “Besser Mentchin” (better people), who would be of a “higher standard” etc..etc.. bla bla bla. and those who feel for the “achduse/peace” propaganda, all these people ended up suffering as a result from the very Meshichistim they took in.

    You baked the cake, now eat it and eat it alone.

  7. Zalman L. Says:

    The best thing would be if the Meshichistim open their own mosdos including a Beth Din. Once they establish their own structure they can start fighting between themselves. Glorious!

  8. CDH Says:

    Meshichistim haven’t been successful in infiltrating Chabad all these years because they are so smart, powerful, large in numbers, intimidating etc…

    They’ve only been successful because of lack of opposition. Nobody has ever really stood up to them and fought back, we were always trying to be the “better people” and that’s why they rose up.

    had we done 20 years ago what we are doing now and may I add being very successful in what we are doing, the Meshichist movement would have fell before it could stand.

    Crown Heights is the best example. for over 40 years the corrupt cabal (all those who are now meshichistim) have ruled with intimidation, harassment and Mesirah. They were successful only because nobody really stood up to them and fought back. Like sheep to slaughter we let them spill innocent blood.

    All this changed three years ago (mainly after the Shomrim Six case). No longer would we stand by and watch innocent Jewish blood being. No longer would we be like sheep being taken to slaughter, we would fight back.

    And I must say, the fight was easy, the opposition is and was always weak, all we needed to do was wake up and start fighting back. They are no challenge. It is and always was up to us to stop these evil, corrupt, idol worshiping thugs.

  9. truederech Says:

    As long as the yellOw flags fly high in 770,as long as actual shluchim in Israel openly allow mispalelim to chant” yechi adoneinu” during davening and respond”yechi hamelech”, as long as kinderlach and bochurim alike are allowed to wear “yechi“ yarmulkes to school and shul or on mivtzoim,nobody can say they have succeeded in driving them out

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