Lag B’Omer 5773- Crown Heights Shmira Beats Up Meshichistim


On Lag B’Omer (April 28, 2013) Crown Heights Shmira Mesira members Menachem Kozlovsky and Moshe Kozlovsky attacked and beat two Kvutzeh Meshichistim “Bochurim” in front of 749 Eastern Parkway. Apparently they were trying to take away “Moshiach” flags. The were assisted by Shloime Hecht from the organizers of the parade.

8 Responses to “Lag B’Omer 5773- Crown Heights Shmira Beats Up Meshichistim”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    the skirmish moved into 749 where i heard that the tzfatis regrouped and shellacked the shmira guys. Funny there is no case open here after all it was the tzfatis and the shmirah the two groups who have come together and collabrated messirah on other jews, now that they themselves are involved i guess the mosserim cancel themselves out and no criminal or civil lawsuit.

  2. Meshichist Revenge 1414 Says:

    Did the Meshichistim retaliate by slashing the tires and busting the windows of the Shmira Mesira vehicles?

    Never mind the tire, there’s no air in the tires for them to take out.

    • Anon Says:

      Doing so would be ineffective. Such action would do nothing to prevent Shmira from doing what they are currently doing and that is doing absolutely nothing.

      New name for the Shmira: Sticker Patrol

  3. Menachem Kozlovsky Says:

    Did you notice how I gave my child to a total stranger so I can participate in the flag grabbing?

    • antimeshichist Says:

      There is also that other meshichist towards the end with the very young baby in his hands getting involved in the fight, with total disregard to the safety of his child.

  4. Yossi Stern Says:

    Had we still had our hundreds of Shmira volunteers this would have never happened. ;(….

  5. Shmira weaklings Says:

    Come on!!!

    The Shomrim SIX was able to enter the Meshichist headquarters at 749 and face off with a room packed with about 30 meshichist and manage to “brake scales”, “brake hands” and “smash some faces in” and here two Shmira mesira guys can’t take three meshichistim?

    They should have used leather gloves with metal in them and a fire extinguisher to fend the Meshichistim off. ;)

  6. SUPPORTER Says:

    I think you should title this article as Meshicihisten fighting with mishichisten. after all is there any difference between the shmira and tzfatim, they look different one wears the pion the other doesnt but when it comes to messira and fights they unite they are one and the same and serve the same purpose.

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