More Meshichist Violence in 770 NYPD Stands Down


Update Added on April 2, 2013 scroll down

Crown Heights, Brooklyn: Once again 770 descended into chaos this morning after a group of fanatical Meshichistim thugs broke the locks to the upstairs of 770 Eastern Parkway in order to practice their idol worshiping by distributing dollars.

Police were called to the scene and attempted to evict the thugs from the premisses. The first two officers who responded were then attacked by the Meshichistim thugs. Backup was called and about 40 officers swarmed 770 where the violence continued.

Despite the fact that officers and others were assaulted by the Meshichistim thugs, no arrest were made by NYPD.

No matter how many acts of violence are perpetrated by the Mershichistim,  for some reason, unknown at this time, NYPD always refuses to make arrest. If a complainer/victim does come forward and insist on making an arrest an arrest will be made but latter the report and case will mysteriously disappear.

See more about this here: NYPD and Meshichistim

I’m sick of tired of presenting these question time and time again without any answers, it’s time to get to the bottom of this.

In the coming mouths I and my team will be (amounts many things) focusing on this issue and we will get to the bottom of this once and for all.

Why is NYPD so scared to touch the Meshichistim thugs (even when they assault an officer)?

Who in the Crown Heights community is putting pressure on NYPD and/or the District Attorneys office not to make arrest of file charges?

Is the pressure only local or from the higher ups? How high and why? Who are the parties involved and why?

Are there bribes and/or threats being made?

April 2, 2013 Update:

A reliable source informs CHLEAKS.COM that he [personally]  witnessed how a Meshichist assaulted a female officer of the New York Police Department. The officer then proceeded to take her handcuffs off her belt to restrain the aggressor [and make an arrest] when all of a sudden Shmira/COP member and convicted racist Leib Skoblo grabbed the wrist of the Commanding Officer of the New York Police Department’s 71st Precinct John J. Lewis [like a father would a child] and pointed to the officer and indicated to the Inspector that he should stop the pending arrest.  The inspector immediately complied with Skoblo’s order.

Important to note: This is the same Leib Skoblo who on December 29, 2007 pointed out Gadi Hershkop, a  coordinator of the  Shomrim Volunteer organization and stated, “arrest that guy”. Read more about this HERE.


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