History Repeats: The Fischer Saga, The Story Of Crown Heights


The Dovid Fischer saga is the story of Crown Heights. The corrupt community leaders of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc., along with their Rabbonim and allies, dragged the entire community into their communal wars over three decades ago. Since that time, the in-fighting, hatred, and internecine battles, have grown unceasingly. While Dovid Fischer is no longer at the epicenter, the communal wars still rage on. There are new names and faces, and still some of the old ones too but, the same methods of operation have always been used. This includes a corrupt cabal that has maintained control over the mechanisms of local political power and influence. This cabal has been using fear, intimidation, bullying, deceit, bribery, and a myriad of the same underhanded dirty tricks used by tyrants throughout history.  These methods have been tested and proven to work over time, as there is nothing new under the sun.

As illustrated in George Orwell’s seminal book Animal Farm, corrupt totalitarians of all kinds gain their power through focusing on and creating an outside  enemy or group of enemies.  Maligning and slandering this outside enemy, whether it be Dovid Fischer, Aguch/Krinsky the Shomrim/Hershop brothers, is essential if the cabal is to gain the loyalty of the masses. Fanning the flames of fear and hatred among the people arouses their need and desire for the cabal’s leadership and protection.  Help us and support us, the cabal will claim, because if not, the enemies, who are far worse than we could ever be, will take over.  Classical scapegoat theory comes into to play as the Dovid Fishers and the Hershkops of the world become the ‘Jews’ of Crown Heights- convenient targets upon whom to place all the blame. No money for community programs? The CHJCC is ineffectual, even harmful to the community? Not their fault! If only the Fishers and/or the Hershkops would get out of their way everything would be wonderful.  It’s an old con game however, and the good news is that the con is up. The corrupt ones have overplayed their hand.

There have been too many good Yidden of our community damaged by the cabal over the past decades. Too many lives have been disrupted, reputations ruined, too many dreams have been deferred, and far too little has been done to make a better quality of life for the people of Crown Heights.  Literally a fortune of money has been wasted by the CHJCC and their allies on Machlokes. That was Jewish community money that should have been used to build our community, to help heal and comfort our fellow Jews. Instead, millions of dollars have been squandered by the cabal just to keep themselves in business and in power while they perniciously use the name of the Rebbe and Lubavitch to spread divisiveness, Sinas Chinam,  and Chillul Hashem.

The following pages are just as relevant today as when they were written in 1991. The aftermath of the Crown Heights riots saw the tragic death of an innocent Jew,  Yankel Rosenbaum a”h.   His death occurred in large part because of the incompetence and corruption of the CHJCC and was the last straw that led to exposing the lies and deceit of the Dovid Fischer story. The truth came out then, as it is coming out now.

How many more outrageous crimes against the good Yidden of Crown Heights must the cabal commit before the people rise up to assert their rights for truth and justice? How much longer can we sit back and allow the Rebbe’s shechuna and his holy name be dragged further and further into the the shmutz? It is time to get angry. The time for change is now.

Chapter 1:   Background to the “Holy War” Against Rabbi Fischer

Chapter 2:   The Power Struggle

Chapter 3:   Chebro

Chapter 4:   The Harassment of Rabbi Fischer

Chapter 5:   The “Holy War” Begins

Chapter 6:   Hazmonah for a Rav

Chapter 7:   Betrayal and Mesirah

Chapter 8:   Criminal Acts

Chapter 9:  The Misconception about the Zayan Tuvei Ha’ir

Chapter 10:  The Big Lie–Rabbi Fisher’s Refusal to Have a Din Torah

Chapter 11:  Scapegoating through Distortions of the Rebbe’s Sichot

Chapter 12:   Failed Negotiations

Chapter 13:  Failed Promises in Negotiations

Chapter 14:  The RICO Act–Mesirah on an Unprecedented Scale

Chapter 15:  The Vaad–A Six Year Power Struggle with Nothing to Show

Conclusion:   The Bar Kamtza Affair– Revisited?

The Beis HaMikdash was destroyed because of Sinas Chinam [Pure Hate].  The initial precipitating event was caused by only a few people. Bar Kamtza was able to deface the animal offered to the Romans because he knew the Halacha [Jewish Law]. A frum Yid with knowledge can sometimes do more harm than one who knows little.

Some opinions say that the responsibility for the destruction lies ultimately with Rabbi Zecharia because he failed to speak out and stop it from happening when he could have. To remain silent is to condone.

The silent majority has had enough of this tyranny and corruption.  The good Yidden of Anash do not want any more of these machlokes. Anash is fed up and weary of the corrupt cabal and its decades of mesira, draining of community money, and neglect of communal needs.

During the Dovid Fischer saga there was no Internet. If there had been the corrupt cabal would surely have been exposed. The truth is now there for everyone to see. The proof published on WIS is overwhelming. By following the money trail and publicizing many smoking guns, WIS has brought the CHJCC and its allies completely out into the open. They have nowhere to run. Their lies are no longer working. Now is the time to keep exposing them.


Another Age Old Fight Put to Rest

Parshas Machne Menachem: The Machne Menachem Story

15 Year Old Fight put to Rest

26 Responses to “History Repeats: The Fischer Saga, The Story Of Crown Heights”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

  2. Daniel Botnick Says:

    Why are you lily-white, you idiot? You are using the internet to dredge up ancient machlokisen. It’s not not Kamsa and Bar Kamsa, it’s nitwits like Katzman, Herzog, Sandhaus, Hershkopf et al. Why don’t you get the chevra together grab some babes and go to Basil and get smashed on fine kosher wines. Give the Rebbe and the sh’chuna a break. Enough is, indeed, enough.

    Daniel Botnick
    1236 Carroll Street
    Brooklyn NY 11225-2212
    Fax: 718-493-0160

    • Anonymous Says:

      While I respect that you are actually using your name, you are frankly wrong about this being ‘old machloikesen’.
      It seems that one of the primary points of this posting (and blog in general) is to show that what is going on today is not anything new, it is the same old, same garbage by the same people.

      As per your list of names – look yourself at the 4 people you mentioned, Katzman and Hershkop [and Fischer, Rabbi Krinsky, Merkos, Etc.]have never been involved together in a machloikes, rather the Herzog and Sandhauses [and Spielmans, Spritzers, Sperlins, Etc.] have been involved with them individually, as well as with many others.

      Get it?! The same people have somehow gotten into machloikes after machloikes with one person after the next, and they are being exposed that not a thread of it was for altruistic reasons. Let them be charged and pay the price for their crimes.

    • CHER Says:

      “It’s not not Kamsa and Bar Kamsa, it’s nitwits like Katzman, Herzog, Sandhaus, Hershkopf et al. “

      Don’t mix up those who spilled innocent Jewish Blood (Herzog, Sandhaus and gang), with the innocent Jews who had their Blood spilled (Hershkop, Fischer and many more).

      Don’t mix and put in the same pot those who do Mesira and those who complain about mesira and fight against mesira.

      And anyways, why are you so angry Mr. Botnick, didn’t you once work in the CHJCC?

  3. Names, Please. Says:

    Can this story be reposted with the names NOT hidden?

    There is no reason to protect anyone involved, and the few names that are given – due to them being on the court document, are very telling (Like Sam Malamud,

    …who got up and lied in front of a sefer torah in the name of kovod harobonim, yet had no problem when his wife spit at Rabbi Osdoba.

    But again, for the sake of outing these sick individuals, NAMES PLEASE!

  4. Names, Please. Says:

    …also, what ended up happening with all of the above courtcases? Did fisher lose, win?

    • In The Know Says:

      The baseless Rico case against the Fischer family was dropped.

      Dovid Fischer rightfully counter sued and those on the counter sues who made The Fischer family suffer all those year started to have heart attacks one by one.*

      Fisher felt bad and came to a settlement with many of them.

      I personally feel that Fischer should have gone after them all the way and finish them off. By letting them get away with it, he just let them free to hurt others, which they did.
      Yaakov Spritzer, also commenced a RICO case against the Hershkops, which after 3 years was dropped (in took 7 years until the case was over and Spritzer lost). These court cases cost hundreds and thousands of dollars.

      Last year we all witnessed how this same party of Mossrim took part in a vicious Mesira -blood libel on the Shomrim Six.

      Had Fischer taken them out and taught them a lesson he could have prevented more Jews from harm.

      I hope and pray that the Shomrim/Hershkops do all they can to finally finish this vicious cycle of pure hate and mesira.

      * Had these people died as a result, so be it, the Mesira was their own doing. You do Mesira and hurt Jews, you have to be ready to suffer the consequences. If someone comes to kill you you must rise up early to kill him first! Enough is enough!

      I’m mad and I’m not going to take it anymore!

  5. millions wasted Says:

    They never were able to win a single building for themselves the wasted millions and never got a single building.

  6. Tracht Gut Says:

    Botnick Writes:

    “You are using the internet to dredge up ancient machlokisen.”


    What is considered ancient and who decides?
    Is 25-30 years ago ancient?
    Is 10 years ago ancient?
    Is last year Shomrim Six Trial also ancient?
    Is yesterday ancient?

    Maybe the Holocaust is also ancient, after all it happened a long time ago, 60 year ago, ancient history, enough with that whole, “NEVER AGAIN” B.S.

    August 24, 2010 OyGevald.com posted the following…



    You might have heard or read the above statement from shmira mesira or mishichist mossrim at one point or another when bringing up the shomrim six mesira – blood libel or the gangsters Elie Poltoraks Mesira against the entire community.

    Kind of sounds like this guy….

    Ground Zero Mosque Supporter: ‘Get Over’ 9/11 <Click Here

    The Mossrim say this only because they lost and six innocent Jews did not go to prison as the mossrim wished they would.
    The Mossrim say this because as losers this is the most convenient statement to make.

    To them I reply as the end of last weeks [Ki Teitzei – Chapter 24] Torah portion does….
    17. You shall remember what Amalek did to you on the way, when you went out of Egypt,
    18. how he happened upon you on the way and cut off all the stragglers at your rear, when you were faint and weary, and he did not fear God.
    19. [Therefore,] it will be, when the Lord your God grants you respite from all your enemies around [you] in the land which the Lord, your God, gives to you as an inheritance to possess, that you shall obliterate the remembrance of Amalek from beneath the heavens. You shall not forget!


    Since we are forgetting about things, let’s just forget about being Jewish and everything that being Jewish stands for…Let’s see…

    Soon we will be spending a week in a hut (Sukka) to remind us of how our great, great, great, great grandparents sat in a hut when they traveled the desert many, many, many years ago. LET’S FORGET ABOUT IT AND MOVE ON!

    Then we will celebrate a holiday called Chanuka, on this day we celebrate a miracle and victory from way, way, way back. We will relate the story to our children of how we were appressed and prosecuted for being Jewish etc… TIME TO GET OVER IT MAN, WE LIVE IN THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, THE USA, WE ARE FREE, TIME TOMOVE ON MAN! WE HAVE ‘FREEDOM OF RELIGOUN’ MAN.

    Then we will move onto celebrating the holiday of Purim, again telling a story about an evil man who wanted to wipe out the Jews etc… A THING OF THE PAST, LET’S GET OVER IT, WE IN THE YEAR 2010, MOVE ON. FOR G-DS SAKE, HAMAN HAS BEEN DEAD FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS NOW! WE ARE FREE!


    And if your Chassidic, forget about it, every Monday and Thursday you got some other day to remember something that took place in the past. This Rabbi went in jail and came out of jail; this Rabbi came and this Rabbi went etc…etc….


  7. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Notice in Crown Heights how if your a victim of Mesira or some other type of harassment, your a victim twice.

    Somehow you are also part of the problem, somehow your the aggressor.

    This stupid attitude ends here, its a tactic that the real aggressors/Mossrim use, so you shouldn’t care about what they are doing.

  8. G-d Justice Says:

    Look at the names of the plaintiffs (those who took Fischer to court, spilling Innocent Jewish blood). How many of these individuals are alive today?

    Most of them are dead (including Marlow), many died tragically (illness, car accidents etc…).

    This includes not only those who went to court but those who helped the lynching of a good man (with spreading lies, hate etc…), they all paid a heavy price, sadly with their own lives.

    There is a G-d in this world who watches over his children.

    Jewish blood is not cheap!.

    MESIRA is no joke!


    I sat in bed last night and read this until the letters started to blear, as i was falling asleep. I finished read from beginning to end and went to sleep with a troubled heart.

    How is it that these scumbags were allowed to get away with this?

    Clearly the B.D. was working hand and hand with the CHJCC.

    To spill another Jews blood like this…no words.

    I thank this web site for posting this and bring the truth to light.

  10. antimesira Says:

    The CHJCC wanted Reb Dovid to open his books, but the CHJCC will never open theres, although there are plenty complaints of corruption and fraud.

  11. new comer Says:

    I don’t understand, just because someone wins in court does not mean they are in the right. Dose it? (Casy Anthony anyone) Did the Rebbe also “fall” for all their “lies”. Or do you ALL believe the Rebbe was in on it as well CV. yesterday was ZD yhartzite I hope he finally teaches DF(p) a lesson. knowing what kind of chosid he was he will most probably Daven for him instead

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      I don’t understand, just because someone wins in court does not mean they are in the right. Dose it? (Casy Anthony anyone)

      Regarding the Fischer case:
      Where you part of the court proceedings? Have you reviewed the court documents (motions, cross-motions, transcripts and court decisions)?

      What can you tell us about the facts of the case? What did the courts miss? Please by all means, educate us.

      I ask the same questions regarding Casy Anthony. Why is she guilty, because the media told you she was? What do you know that the jury does not? What proof/evidence do you have, how do you come to your conclusion?

      Did the Rebbe also “fall” for all their “lies”.

      In fact these Reshoyim did lie to the Rebbe. The very way you present the question speaks volumes. You don’t ask “Didn’t the Rebbe know the truth?”, you ask did the Rebbe also fall for the lies.

      yesterday was ZD yhartzite I hope he finally teaches DF(p) a lesson. knowing what kind of chosid he was he will most probably Daven for him instead

      Whats with all the hate and bitterness? Whats your issue?

    • Old School Says:

      How much you want to bet that Mr. new comer didn’t even bother reading the post above and went straight away to spraying his hateful venom.

      Hateful and baseless venom which put far to many in the grave before their time.

    • antimesira Says:

      Here we go again, blaming it on the Rebbe ztl!

  12. Corrupt B.D. Vs. Court Says:

    new comer wrote:

    I don’t understand, just because someone wins in court does not mean they are in the right. Dose it?

    They would be more right then losing as a result of a corrupt Beis Din thats for-sure.

    Let me remind Mr. new comer that it was the CHJCC gang(Shpeilman, Melamid, Spritzer) and it’s paid Beis Din that took Reb Dovid Fischer to court and it was they who lost as a result.

    It is the CHJCC gang which brought court/Mesira to Crown Heights, it is their court system, they lost using it, at least you can respect your own gangs choses.

    By the way, just because something took place when the Rebbe ztl was alive does not mean the Rebbe knew about it and it definitely does not mean it was right.

  13. new comer Says:

    talk about hate lol!! this whole site is full of hate.
    now to who is shmira’s comment. NO i did not read the post. i presented a question which bothers you. just because someone wins in court dost not mean they are right. do a quick google search and look for interviews with the jurors on the Casey Anthony case. #2 i put lies in quotations. meaning that what YOU call them lies I did NOT call them lies. I can swear that if there was no gimel tamuz you would be writing the same garbage and accusing the rebbe for being part of it. go put on teffilin. wait never mind from the way you write over its clear you are either under barmitzva or have not put on teffilin in years

  14. old timer Says:

    People like ‘new comer’ are nervous that their corruption and fraud is being exposed. People like ‘new comer’ need to create this illusion of an outside enemy to keep us all detracted -as the post above clearly articulates.

    The party is over.

    You don’t control the information anymore and you don’t control the people.

  15. antimesira Says:

    new comer wrote:

    “NO i did not read the post.”

    This is why we don’t have to get in to debates with people like ‘new comer’, this is why we don’t try to convince people with this attitude and this is why we must destroy people like this.

    Tile for talk and debate over, it’s time to destroy those who seek to destroy us!

    • john doe Says:

      Ha Ha! Had me laughing when “newcomer” wrote proudly “NO i did not read the post.” pretty sure that’s not the only thing he’s ever ‘NOT’ read in his life, just spewing the filth and hate he’s heard from that guy, everybody knows…, just another moron who can’t contribute anything in any any aspect of life, to his or others.

  16. Rush Limbaugh Says:

    When reading the quote bellow, interchange the word ‘Media’ with the CHJCC Cabal and it fits like a glove.

    “And as I watch this witch hunt of Herman Cain I’m reminded once again that whether they can do it or not, the media clearly believe that they can make or destroy any political candidate they choose. They do believe that. They do believe they can make or destroy anybody they choose. Now, they can in one circumstance, and that is if they have been responsible for making that person, then they can destroy that person. If the media has had no role in someone’s success, then the odds of the media taking somebody out — without any evidence, with a bunch of baseless charges — is practically nil. But if you are the kind of person in entertainment, politics, the field of celebrity, what have you — if your fame, if your presumed and assumed success owes exclusively to what the media has said about you then you’re vulnerable — they can take you out, like Anthony Weiner.

    So the media: If they make you, they can break you. If they don’t make you it’s not gonna stop them from trying to break you but it’s gonna be more difficult for them to do so. Now, before the alternative media, there wasn’t a question; if they wanted to destroy somebody, it was over. In fact, that’s how you made a name for yourself in journalism: Pick out some local level, state level whatever — pick out somebody — and destroy ’em. That was a resume enhancement. Especially if they were powerful.”

  17. Bottom Line 2013 Says:

    I’m a young person who wasn’t around when all the above took place. The only information I had on what took place was the rumors and propaganda which have spread over the years.

    I found the above information interesting and educational.

    HOWEVER, one does not need to dig back to the past to discover the truth.

    Here are the facts:
    Dovid Fisher has been the only one building for Jews since my time at least.

    Fisher buildings have always been available to the Jewish Community, more then any of the outher landlords, like Sperlins and Popack for example.

    All those speaking slack about fisher have either lived or have a close relative who lives in a Fisher building.

    Had the corrupt CHJCC not tried to lynch Fisher, Crown Heights Jewish Community would have grown and grown. we would have more apartments to rent and purchase for ourselves and our children.

    There would be beautiful Mikvas and Shuls all over.

    These are the facts. Facts based on what I see today.

    Sperlin family own 60 times more then Fischers do. Just always remember that.

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