Hakn a Tshaynik “Journalism”


שניאור חביב-Shneur Chaviv-Chabad.info-מסירה-מלשינים

Regarding: [PDF] Shneur Chaviv- Informers Have No Hope

Introduction: Every once in a while I do a Google search patrol. I search various names and organizations  of special interest for updates. So when news came that Israeli courts ruled that Yitzchak Shuchat was  to be extradited to the U.S. for alleged crimes committed, I did a Yitzchak Shuchat Google search in Hebrew and  English for any other articles regarding Shuchat.

That’s when I found the attached article (in Hebrew) on the Meshichist web-site Chabad.info written by one Shneur Chaviv. 

Chaviv is a frequent writer on that web-site, writing almost weekly. A special graphic (like the one above) was created by the web-site to accompany his articles.

Apparently I missed it when it was originally posted a year earlier. However,when it was written or posted is irrelevant, what is relevant is what truth do those written words hold.

I took the liberty of contacting Mr. Chaviv and presented him with a few questions based on what he wrote. Our “conversation” bellow.

This post is not so much about Yitzchak Shuchat, but rather to show you what Haok a Tshaynik (aka B.S.) and bias  “Journalism” looks like.You”ll also find lot’s of manufactured hypocritical anger and protest.

I took on the task of translating Mr. Chaviv article for you* (this took me quite some time). I translated the article almost word for word. I did not take the liberty to explain what Mr. Chaviv intents, if he didn’t express himself properly, that’s his problem. Also have in mind that there are words, phrases and slang that make sense in  Hebrew but not when translated to English.

* I don’t understand why I had to translate this in the first place. Should not such an important article discussing such important issues have been  translated by the editors of Chabad.info, and posted on their English section (and perhaps distributed everywhere). For g-d sakes, here you have one of their star writers, demanding how action should be taken and how this “story” should not be marginalized etc… Yet, the very same web-site caring this message makes no efforts to get this out to EVERYONE.

Free Translation:

Informers Have No Hope ● Incisive Column

Chabad leadership must cease to be silent and condemn these acts in public. They need to put this to an end! putting aside the Chillul Hashem which is unparalleled, it simply cannot be that Mesirah (informing) to the authorities will become a legitimate tool in the war between people and organizations. I’m not talking about cases of where people cause injury where only the intervention of law enforcement agencies can stop the crime. This is about jealousy, hatred and competition.

Shneur Chaviv
17 Kislev 5772 (12-13-2011)

Yitzchak Shuchat was a young Chabad Lad who was a resident of the Crown Heights neighborhood, he volunteered in the Shmira organization. About four years ago, Shuchat assaulted Andrew Charles – A Young American of African descent who was throwing stones on Shuchats vehicle during a routine patrol conducted by Shuchat in the neighborhood for his volunteer organization (the Shmira).

Andrew did not think he was lucky when he fell in the hands of Shuchat. An exchange of blows sent him to the hospital and he needed treatment.  However, when it came to light that Charles father was a senior police officer in New York, it turned out that if anybody had any luck in this case it would not be Shuchat.

As is known, when it comes to dealing with NYPD the degree of viability changes frequently depending on the circumstances and background conditions. In Yitzchaks case, it was clear that the conditions will not go in his favor, and was destined to be bad. Very bad.  NYPD decided to personally take offense in tribute to a their senior officer and as a result accelerated and opened an investigation.

The accelerated the police investigation revealed nothing. Not until  something completely unbelievable and unexpected  emerged: A Mesira (informer) from the inside. Delusional, but yes, someone who calls himself a Chossid, maybe you will see him on Shabbos walking out of Shul (synagogue) wearing a Sirtok (kapote), Tallit (shawl) on the shoulder and Gratel below the waist, decided as a result of a conflict between organizations, to take upon himself the role of the most despicable of the Jewish people. The work in which Chazal had affixed a special blessing, a deed  in which even amongst criminals is considered a low, filthy and disgusting – the role of a Mosser (Informer), Shtinker (Rat).

Yitzchak realized he was in serious trouble and slipped again. He managed to leave the U.S. and come to Israel, the Holy Land. As time passed, it seemed that the international  arrest warrant issued against him was forgotten, and with NYPD interest in the case declining. He [Shuchat] decided to settle down. He married and had hoped to start a family in Israel, leaving far behind the relationship problem with the Big Apple (New York City) and its law enforcement.

One day representatives of the law knocked on his door. Apparently Informers truly don’t have any hope. Someone made sure to inform the parties again and update them with the new address of Shuchat. This time he was handed over to the authorities in Israel, of course, they did not think twice and almost automatically began the proceedings of extradition with the American authorities.

With a big miracle, this week between the Chag Hageulah of the Mitteler Rebbe and the Chag Hageulah of the Alter Rebbe, the court decided to suspend the extradition proceedings  for six months. We hope that דכיוון דאידחי, אידחי (once it’s pushed off or set aside, it’s pushed off).


At other times or in other communities such a story would outrage the community. These people [Informers] were outcasts, they and their family, denounced and their names mentioned in disgrace for eternal.

How incomprehensible, a surreal story that just passes by, now marginalized in the news and we all continue preparations for Yud Tes Kislev. We tell  the children about the Lulav and Nachmanson, On Shemon the heretic and their friends the Maskelim and Misnagdim and of the preparation a letter of informing on the Alter Rebbe, all the while Lulav and Nachmanson live literally right near us. In the neighborhood, on the block, or  in the village, they wear a  Sirtok (kapote) perhaps even on the weekdays, at this moment they prepare a letter or phone call of their next Mesira, and in Shul on Shabbat they will  continue showing up as they normally do.

Can anyone imagine a young Chabad woman with a small baby with an international arrest warrants, orders  of extradition and prison visits? Anyone can imagine how a Chabad Yeshiva student  who gets convicted of beating a black man, would cope in prison? Can someone take responsibility on this?

A central organization, a large Yeshiva, another Yeshiva and another institution questioned and investigated. Some of them are literally these days involved in a great deal with the demands of the  authorities.  Rabbis, Rosh Yeshivas, and politicians are dealing with threats of workers fired or just envy of competing organizations. And we continue to read the case, ‘but we are guilty of our brothers’ and think about the old days that were and are gone.

It may be true that maybe soldiers  won’t come with a black wagon to arrest you (although in Shuchats case, it’s pretty close), and not always does Mesirah (Informing) lead to the gallows or torture in dark cellars. But the demolition of a fence or pergola are not harmful to anyone, but in the wake of a phone call full of envy to the Department of Buildings is considered a low Mesirah.

Chabad leadership must cease to be silent and condemn these acts in public. We must put this to an end! Put aside the Chillul HaShem which is incomparable, it’s simply impossible that Mesira and Informing to the authorities will become a legitimate tool in the conflict between people and organizations. I am not talking about people or cases of injury (assault) in the community that only the intervention of law enforcement agencies can stop the execution of the crime. But rather acts of jealousy, hatred and competition. To the Shtinker (Rat/Informer) there is no hope.

For comments: shneorc@gmail.com

Back and forth Email with Shneur Chaviv:


from:    CHJCC Corruption <chleaks@gmail.com>
to:          shneorc@gmail.com
date:      Sun, Dec 30, 2012 at 5:31 PM
subject:                ולמלשינים אל תהי תקווה-יצחק שוחט


Dear Rabbi Shneur Chaviv שיח

A few days ago I was sent a link to an article you wrote a little over a year ago on the chabad.info web-site.

The Link: http://www.chabad.info/#!g=1&url=article&id=65462
I would like to ask you a few questions regarding what you wrote and I hope you will be kind enough to reply directly to the questions I ask (without any distractions).

In general:

Where did you get the information you base your article on?

More Specific:

You wrote:

אך גם חקירתה המואצת של המשטרה לא העלתה דבר. עד התפנית שהגיחה ממקום בלתי צפוי לחלוטין: הלשנה מבפנים.הזוי, אבל כן, מישהו שקורא לעצמו חסיד, שאולי תראו אותו בשבת יוצא מבית הכנסת עם סירטוק, טלית על הכתף וגרטל מתחת למותניים, החליט בעקבות סכסוך בין ארגונים. לקחת על עצמו את התפקיד הבזוי ביותר בעם היהודי. את העבודה שחז”ל תיקנו ברכה מיוחדת נגדה, את המעשה שגם בין אחרוני העבריינים נחשב לשפל של נאלחות וגועל – תפקיד המלשין, המוסר, השטינקר.

1) Who gave you this information?

2) Were you shown any evidence to back this claim? Did you ask for evidence? In other words: Did you do any חקירה ודרישה?

3) Did you make any attempt to reach the “other party” for comment?

Please take notice that I’m questioning you only in regards to the paragraph above. The paragraph talking about an event that took place in 2008.

Another issue:

You seem to be very concerned about the evil act of Mesirah. Are you aware that three years ago, Six Innocent Jews stood on trial (facing 15 plus years in prison if G-d forbid found convicted) as a result of a vicious Mesirah/Blood libel by other “Jews” (who incidentally were wearing Yechi Kippas and moshiach flags)? Are you aware that seven flag wearing Mossrim spent six whole weeks testifying? are you aware that despite six weeks of testimony  the six innocent Jews (being accused) were found NOT GUILTY and thus making the Seven mossrim lairs? Are you aware that these Seven Mossrim never received any permission from any Rov to testify against fellow Jews?

Where were you (with you concern regarding Mesirah) three years ago?

Please kindly answer my questions in the order they were asked.

I look forward to your timely response.


אם אתה מתקשה בקריאת אנגלית, אנא הודע לי ויעשה מאמץ לתרגם לעברית דוא”ל זה
Trans: If you find it difficult to read this email in English, please advise me and I will make an efffert to translate to Hebrew.


from:    שניאור חביב<shneorc@gmail.com>
to:          CHJCC Corruption <chleaks@gmail.com>
date:      Mon, Dec 31, 2012 at 12:18 AM
subject:                ולמלשינים אל תהי תקווה-יצחק שוחט

UntitledTrans: Sorry. But you write me a long letter in English and in the end you indicate if you have difficulty in English.
And I ask: On what basis do you send a letter originally in English?
For what reason in the world I should be able to read this long text?


from:    CHJCC Corruption <chleaks@gmail.com>
to:          shneorc@gmail.com
date:     Tue, Jan 1, 2013 at 8:29 PM
subject:                ולמלשינים אל תהי תקווה-יצחק שוחט

Dear Chaviv Chaviv,

לא להתחמק

(Don’t dodge)

You can us Google Translate and/or you can ask a friend.

I’m asking very simple things.
I await your response.

Chaviv: Here he learns to read a little English

from:    שניאור חביב<shneorc@gmail.com>
to:          CHJCC Corruption <chleaks@gmail.com>
date:      Tue, Jan 1, 2013 at 11:31 PM
subject:               ולמלשינים אל תהי תקווה-יצחק שוחט


Trans: You are asking two questions

1) From where did I get my information that I publicized ?
2) Behold also the Meshichist Bochrim informed?

The Answer1) It was publicized in the media
2) Nu so? If someone did something not right, is that reason to do the also?

And besides, meanwhile I did not see anybody from those who were informed on- in prison. Shuchat Yes.


from:    CHJCC Corruption <chleaks@gmail.com>
to:          shneorc@gmail.com
date:     Wed, Jan 2, 2013 at 12:31 PM
subject:   ולמלשינים אל תהי תקווה-יצחק שוחט

“1. פורסם בתקשורת
which media reported about Mesirah (from another patrol) on Shuchat in 2008?

“נו ואז? אם מישהו עשה משהו לא בסדר זו סיבה לעשות גם?”
That’s not my argument and you know that.

I’m asking where were you to point out how wrong it was?

“וחוץ מזה שבינתיים לא ראיתי אף אחד מאלו שהלשינו עליהם – בכלא. ושוחט כן.”
With all do respect my dear friend,this statement you make is not an intelligent one. Why must we wait until someone is in jail to speak up?
(once I’m in jail what does it help that you or/and another million people speak about it? It may make you and me feel good about ourselves that we “are doing something” but Tachlis it doesnt change anything).

And by the way (since you are making this argument I will engage in it) , had G-d forbid the Shomrim six been convicted and sent to jail would you then have spoken up?

Caviv: Here he once again can’t read English

from:    שניאור חביב<shneorc@gmail.com>
to:          CHJCC Corruption <chleaks@gmail.com>
date:     Wed, Jan 2, 2013 at 3:55 PM
subject:               ולמלשינים אל תהי תקווה-יצחק שוחט

נשמה שלי, אני רוצה להתכתב איתך בשמחה, אבל קשה לי ההתכתבות הזו באנגלית. אם תוכל לכתוב לי בעברית, אוכל להתייחס. סליחה ובשורות טובות
Trans: Neshama Sheli, I would gladly correspond with you , but it is hard for me when this correspondence is in English. If you can write to me in Hebrew, I can relate. Sorry and good news.


from:    CHJCC Corruption <chleaks@gmail.com>
to:          shneorc@gmail.com
date:     Wed, Jan 2, 2013 at 12:31 PM
subject:   ולמלשינים אל תהי תקווה-יצחק שוחט

אתה מתחמק מתשובה
Trans: You are dodging from answering.


from:    שניאור חביב<shneorc@gmail.com>
to:          CHJCC Corruption <chleaks@gmail.com>
date:     Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 11:24 AM
subject:    ולמלשינים אל תהי תקווה-יצחק שוחט

אתה זה שמפחד לקבל תשובה. למה אתה לא כותב לי בעברית
Trans: You are the one who is scared to receive an answer. Why don’t you write me in Hebrew?

CHLEAKS: Here I made a great effort to write in Hebrew. I speak and understand Hebrew but my writing is terrible (as you will see for yourself), with the help of Google translate and a friend, I managed to write the following.Now, If I could have the very least made a great effort to write in Hebrew, Mr. Caviv could have 100% at the very least read what I wrote in English (Especially when I’m not asking him to reply in English) with the help of Google translate or a friend.

Looking back now, I admit I could have done a better job but all in all the points I’m trying to make are clear.

from:    CHJCC Corruption <chleaks@gmail.com>
to:          shneorc@gmail.com
date:     Wed, Jan 2, 2013 at 12:31 PM
subject:   ולמלשינים אל תהי תקווה-יצחק שוחט



“You are the one whose afraid to receive an answer. Why don’t you write me in                   Hebrew?”

That’s a stupid response. I am the one going to you with the questions and not the other way around.

In Any case…

Dear Mr. Chaviv

In regards to your reply that you do not understand my writing because of the English language. Although  there is reasonable doubt, I nevertheless tried to write in Hebrew, although I must admit it is a waste of time, because usually those  who belong to the Messianic cult want others to listen  to them but do not do any listening.  You write, and surly you saw documentation [to back up your claims],  after all your articles are seen by tens of thousands. Hence I present a number of questions.

1) From where did you take this the story that the Black person threw stones, on who exactly did he throw these stones? On who exactly? On Shuchats vehicle? After all, the media reported that some girl was attacked which was also a lie. Who’s the girl?

2) Another subject, why did Shuchat run and who paid for his expenses?? Another question you have no answer to.

3) You write some Chosside with the [Chassidic] dress, and all blah, blah, informed and gave the police [information] and you know who it is and when, why not say names, Hershkop, Shomrim, what are you afraid of the truth, after all there is a  moral duty [Mitzva] to hand over a Informant [Mosser]. And  if you assume you will get sued as a result, all you have to do is  prove that you’re telling the truth and then you can go out a hero.

The question for you here and now, what evidence did you see to back up your claims? Did you do any investigation [into the matter]?

You write that in our camp we need to deal with the Informers [Mossrim]. [And] what are you doing about it? What are you doing about your friend Mendel Hendel and his friends who cause grief and who are murderers? Do you remember the court case against Shomrim, an attempt to put young men, fathers of children to 15 years in prison? Are you aware of the lawsuit of a hundred and forty million dollars that your friend the Mossrim filed before their defeat? Because they were sure that their blood libels are so perfect how can they lose? The Mossrim sit in front of members of the jury and lying for weeks with pins and helmets with text that reads Yechi … And audacity [to do all this] as the Melech HaMoshiach [King Messiah] prays Mincha at 770 and they sit in court and make fun of everything Jewish, including the Mesirah, and murders, beatings and blasphemy. There was  never a movement in Judaism like yours [Meshichistim] and you ask yourself, there are things that are not done between Jews, though I must say that Meshichistim are not at all Jews and not even in the category of heretics, where exactly your protest [to all the Meshichist Mesira]??

Thank G-d, whatever the mind does not do, time will do. We see that from Heaven they are fighting with you, everyday you have new crazies, strange and stoned people [join your cult] and so on… And I’ll tell you something personal, you think you’re sitting and writing on Jihad.info, you picture yourself writing a column every week and you feel you are leading the new Chabad. I have news for you and don’t take offense, you’re wasting your time, no one visits that site. As a matter of fact, do a survey and you will discover even the Jihad [of the Meshichistim] that used to hang out there are not interested, because this web-site is not extreme enough for them.

In short I can write until tomorrow, I’ll send you links to web-sites on Shomrim and on the Mossrim. To the point, you look like a good guy and it’s a shame you fell in with this group [Meshichistim]. Thank G-d I left this group on time and thus saving my family and soul, this is a gang of destroyers which take advantage of people, their minds and money. Thank G-d this gang is disappearing, not without leaving behind tremendous damage.

I am waiting to a number of replies to some of the points I made above. If G-d forbid I offended you, I ask for your pardon.

With all due respect.

P.S. I asked a Hebrew speaking friend for help and I used Google Translate. You can do the same. Baroch Hashem I can read Hebrew, so spare no words when replying.

שאלתי חבר דוברי עברית לעזרה ואני השתמשתי בגוגל טרנסליט
. אתה יכול לעשות את אותו הדבר. ברוך ה’ שאני יכול לקרוא בעברית, ולכן תחסוך שום מילים כשאתה עונה

To this day there hasn’t been any reply from Mr. Chaviv

shneur chaviv-שניאור חביב


6 Responses to “Hakn a Tshaynik “Journalism””

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    I don’t understand why I had to translate this in the first place. Should not such an important article discussing such important issues have been translated by the editors of Chabad.info, and posted on their English section. For g-d sakes (and perhaps send out everywhere). Here you have one of their star writers, demanding how action should be taken and how this “story” should not be marginalized etc… Yet, the very same web-site carring this message makes no efforts to get this out to EVERYONE.

    So why didn’t they translate this article to English?

    The answer is simple.

    They wanted this to air only in Israel.
    Because in Israel they still control the propaganda and Israelis are more susceptible to Mikva news aka rumors then Americans are.

    We in general are more informed.

    They purposely wanted this to fly under the radar in the USA (as you see, I found it a year later), because here people are more familiar with the story. Here is the USA it’s much easier for you to verify details and facts of the story.

    This is why generally all Meshichist propaganda and hate is only posted on their Hebrew site. Even when it comes to politics relating to Crown Heights.

  2. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    By the way.

    All the questions I presented to Mr. Chaviv can be addressed to the Mishpacha Magazine as well.

    Mishpacha Magazine interviewed Shuchat and actually printed that garbage in their magazine.
    There you will find ZERO Journalism taking place.

    Mishpacha Magazine “Interview” With The Rat Yitzchak Shuchat

  3. WhoIsShmira? Says:


    There are now three versions to what took place that day between Shuchat and Charles.

    1) The must known story.

    The one we’ve been hearing until recently.
    Charles and his friend were throwing rocks at a girl and Shuchat came to her rescue.

    2) Chaviv Writes:

    Charles and his friend were hurling rocks at Shuchats patrol vehicle.
    Here there is no girl in distress. In the Chaviv version, the altercation started and ended only with Shuchat and Charles.

    3) Mishpacha Magazine Writes:

    Charles and his friend were beating the living daylight out of a young Jewish man. The Jewish man was on the floor getting the crap beaten out of him, until Shuchat came to the rescue.

  4. antimesira Says:

    This is a person who belongs to a group who never say what they mean and mean what they say.

    All Mr. Chavivs “article” is meant to be is propaganda, which obviously had no effect.

    What really was he expecting with this junk? outrage?

    His he kidding? It is his people who made Mesirah a way of life. It his his people who had and have no people locking up innocent Yidden so they can accomplish their agenda of destruction.

    It is very important to ruin these peoples credibility. they must be hunted down and taken down.

    Thank you once again WIS for a job well done.

  5. Just Another War Criminals Says:

    Chaviv is a Meshichist War Criminal.


  6. Eli P. Says:

    I Imagine Chaviv on the Mesirah battle field making an inspiring speech against mesira and how it must be defeated, with “thousands” of flag waving Meshichistim behind him cheering and jarring.

    Chaviv takes the charge- thinking that he has a large following of flag waving Meshichistim- only to turn around and see nobody at all. It was all in his head.

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