Crown Heights JCC In Danger of Becoming Private Organization




Elections For Crown Heights Jewish Community Council May Be Permanently Canceled

Secret negotiations are underway between senior members of the Jewish Community Council of Crown Heights and Jewish power brokers over the future of the Community Council.

The purpose of these talks is to find a way to annul elections for Community Council altogether and to turn the CHJCC into a private institution. The idea currently being discussed is to appoint a majority of four permanent members to the community council. The Vaad Hakohol, which will continue to be elected every three years, would appoint an additional three members for the duration of their term.

In recent years Crown Heights has been rife with secular court cases, Rabbinical court cases, and personal political disputes. Members of the community council, who are also on the Vaad Hakohol, are responsible to pay the Rabbonim, have involvement in the Vaad HaKashrus and are sometimes thrust in between fighting Rabbis and religious quarrels.

Proponents of the plan say that the current situation is unacceptable and that the Community Council should not be involved in local community politics. They claim that separating the two organizations Vaad Hakohol and Community Council would allow members of the Community Council to focus on locating and securing grants and not get bogged down with local community politics. It will also outmaneuver a civil rights group who is threatening to sue if woman are not allowed to vote in the upcoming election for Community Council. thejfile knows of at least one woman who is prepared to go to court over the issue.

“If the election for Community Council is canceled there won’t be any basis for a lawsuit” a source in favor of the proposal told thejfile .

The Met Council of  NYC is reportedly on board with this solution.

A prominent member of the Crown Heights Jewish Community, who asked to remain anonymous, for fear of reprisals, told thejfile that the very idea is “repulsive”. The CHJCC is a community organization elected by the people. They have no legal right to change that and “I believe these people have long term ulterior motives to personally steal the organization”.

“Even Dovid Fisher never had the audacity to try something like this.  They are trying to steal the CHJCC under the guise of saving it”  He said.

Several Nitzigim contacted by thejfile said they were unaware that these plans were being discussed and expressed “deep concern” over the secret nature of these discussions.

Sources affiliated with the Community Council are concerned that those proposing this plan will try to sneak it pass the newly formed small group of 12 Netzigim without bringing the issue for public vote or even discussion.

CHLEAKS Comment: I don’t really understand what the issue (above) really is, after all the CHJCC has been operating as a private business since it’s founding. The corrupt cabal of the CHJCC have been pocketing the funds meant for the needy of the community since 1974, so what’s new?


A source within the CHJCC has informed CHLEAKS that on Monday January 14, 2013 the corrupt cabal of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. aka Vaad Hakohol held their first so called “Netzigim meeting”. This was the first and only Netzigim meeting held since the elections which was help almost three years ago.

Not that any of this makes any difference to any of our bottom lines (CHJCC cabal is irrelevant to any of us), however just to hold these corrupt bastards hands to the fire and to hold them accountable to their own rules, I would like to know….

Netzigim meeting minutes (Click Image to Enlarge)

Netzigim meeting minutes (Click Image to Enlarge)

1) Why Now? Why after three years was it all of a sudden important to hold a “Netzigim meeting”?

2) Who are the Netzigim? Who do they represent? What do Netzigim do for anybodies bottom line?

3) Where are the minutes of that meeting? In the past the public had access to the minutes (one example HERE).

4) What has the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc. been up to these past three years, where are the updates? How has the over ten million dollars allocated to the CHJCC (vie government grants and contacts) since 2009 been spent?

Why has the all so outspoken (sticking nose in every bodies business for the past 30 plus years) CHJCC been all so silence for almost three years now? What happened, with no innocent target(s) to attack with propaganda you have have nothing else to say or show?


Observation: The Power of CHLEAKS.COM

Early afternoon on Monday January 14, 2013 CHLEAKS posted the following.

The above mailing does not get a positive reaction from the community. The issue was brought up on December 28, 1999 at the then CHJCC Netzigim meeting (Remember those? Whatever did happen to the Netzigim?).

It’s interesting to note that later that night they held a meeting.

Delusional CHJCC Cabal

Delusional CHJCC Cabal



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