Disgrace: Going After the Easy Target


central yeshivah tomchei tmimim-lubavitcher yeshiva

Re: Sunday Dollars Escalate, Study and Prayers Disrupted

In a disgraceful and shameful response (to story linked above)  the Central Yeshivah Tomchei Tmimim-Lubavitcher Yeshiva (770) Administration* has decided on the following course of action.

Investigate, discover and reprimand the Bocher or Bochrim whom recorded the Meshichist acts of violence, instead of punishing the perpetrators of the actual violence.

The coward and greedy Hanahala is to afraid to reprimand the Meshichist thugs (with money being one of the reasons), so instead they go after the easy target, the Bochrim (Sheep) who video recorded and whom were victim to the Meshichist violence.

This disgusting behavior must be put to an end once and for all!!!

* Tomchei Tmimim-Lubavitcher Yeshiva (770) Administration:
Rabbi Zalman Labkowski,
Rabbi Shlomo Zarchi,
Rabbi Gedalia Bluming,
Rabbi Shalom Ber Brod – Email: cyttl770@yahoo.com,
Rabbi Moshe Meir Gluckowsky – Email:cyttl770@gmail.com


UPDATE: Regarding Scuffle Breaks Out in 770 over “Yechidus”

Meshichist Mossrim Violence: Follow The Money



One Response to “Disgrace: Going After the Easy Target”

  1. Anon Says:

    Cowards and BULLIES go after the easy target!!!

    The Yeshiva Administration is also an easy target.

    There is lots of money there.

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