Finally: Some Peace and Quiet In Crown Heights


Crown HeightsDid you notice how peaceful it’s been these past two years?

Did you notice these past two years that the corrupt Cabal of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc aka Vaad Hakohol has had no “Issues”.

– No Shmira Shomrim Issue.

– No Osdoba, Schwie and Braun Issues. – No Beth Din Issues. – No “Hechsur” Issues.

– No Lawsuits.

– No Propaganda.

It’s Baroch Hashem quiet and peaceful…


The answer is simple.

There’s no more money. The cash flow has stopped. The millions stolen from the people of Crown Heights has been spent or pocketed by the greedy cabal. Government grants have decreased in a major way.

With no more money, we get no more Machlokes.

One source close to the CHJCC claims that in a few months they won’t have money to pay rent and electricity. Amen V’Amen.

Stop the Corruption Stop the Fraud!


Bringing Down the House

Corrupt CHJCC Is Already Out Of Green(?)


One Response to “Finally: Some Peace and Quiet In Crown Heights”

  1. antimesira Says:

    Thank you WIS for helping this happen.

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