War Criminals Of Crown Heights


The best way to describe the behavior of the Mossrim – Meshichistim; the CHJCC cabal; Shmira faction of Crown Heights as of late, is ‘War Criminals’ and this is why…

When the dictator is in power, he brutally kills and tortures his people without mercy; he is G-bless and has no morals nor principles; has no rules and laws, he does what he wants when he wants and to whom he wants, it goes without saying that theres no  concept of justice, the only justice is his own justice.  If you slightly disagree with the dictator he will cut you down, erase you from existence and he does this because he’s in complete power; complete control and he just  can.

The dictator will do all this up until the moment he is captured. Once the dictator is captured, all of a sudden you will hear him saying to his captures  things like… “you are better than this; your religion doesn’t allow you to do this”, “you must have mercy”, “where is my fair trial?”, “won’t you listen to reason?”, “just tell me what you want, I’ll give you anything”, etc…etc.. all of a sudden the captured killer becomes G-d fearing, demands you to go by the book (keep the laws of human decency), wants a fair trial and all of a sudden he understands the concept of mercy. But one thing you won’t hear from them, even at their last moment, and that is an apology.

The same can be said of the Mossrim of Crown Heights. For years they ruled without mercy, brutally embarrassing, harassing, intimidating, terrorizing and doing acts of Mesira against good innocent people, who either simply dared to disagree; tried to expose their corruption and fraud; tried to actuality do some good in the community.

Most of the Mossrims victims and their controversies were just used as a distraction (click here for more  about that). The Mossrim created distraction so we would not focus our attention on them but rather on  stupidity.  Many of these good people could not deal with the pressure and sadly got sick and passed away, many at young ages.

The Mossrim did all the above without fear of G-d, without mercy, without  reason, without any consideration for their victims and their families. They took good Jews and maliciously prosecuted them. There is not a lamp-post in Crown Heights that does not have innocent blood  dripping from it.

But now all of a sudden, when the tables have turned, the victims of their malicious prosecutions are pushing back and pushing hard by exposing them for their corruption, fraud and Mesira, now all of a sudden, like a bunch of War Criminals they know G-d, now they know the 10 commandments by heart, now they know the laws of Messira by heart, now they speak of “understanding” and “mercy”, now they speak of “brotherly love” etc…

But now it’s to late!

Crown Heights Definition Of “Achduce”, Unity” and “Peace”

Lesson Of The Day: Don’t Throw Stones

This post was originally posted on: May 22, 2012 @08:01

8 Responses to “War Criminals Of Crown Heights”

  1. antimesira Says:

    You don’t know, the mossrim are allowed to do whatever they want and your not allowed to complain about it. Complaining about it makes you a “Ba’al machlokes”.

  2. Crown Heights Resident Says:

    Heres a few things I have heard from members and employees of the Crown Heights Jewish community Council, Inc. and several individuals belonging to the CHJCC/meshichist faction. As you will see, they say these things without realizing what their really saying. It’s like their subconscious is speaking. Sometimes its stupid, sometimes hilarious and sometimes jusr plain sad.

    I’ll explain under ever quote:

    CHJCC Employee: “Weren’t ‘you guys’ against Messira?”

    This is plain stupid. The question could so easily be reversed to “weren’t ‘you guys’ for Messira”?, “Didn’t you guys spend years and millions of dollars engaging in Messira?”, “Whats wrong with Messira (all of a sudden)?”
    Ye, I was against it when you were for it, I was trying to stop it when you were engaged in it. But now I see things your way, I evolved ;).

    CHJCC member: “Doesn’t it say in the Torah you shouldn’t get revenge?”
    This is just plain sad, like WIS point out above, all of a sudden they recognize the Torah/g-d. Also by asking this question they are admitting that they did in fact take action (do Messira) which would prompt someone (the victims of their Messira) to want revenge.
    I would simply ask them back, whose taking revenge on you and why?

    Now for the best line of them all, this was actually said by a long time employee of the CHJCC(who will remain nameless for now), in defense of the corruption and fraud taking place at the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc.

    No comment.

  3. Conservative Says:


    What do I care?

    1) it’s my tax payers dollars. You know how when I get my pay check and a large junk of it is missing, that because YOU took it.

    2) It would be one thing (still not right) if you used this money for the purpose it was given to you, it’s another to use this money to…a) fund your own lifestyle and (b) to wage war against those who don’t follow your orders by using this government money (tax dollars) to fund your lawsuits (one after the other) and your propaganda campaigns.

    By the way, the person that said above quote must be the biggest idiot there is, to say such a thing when there are eyes already watching you and ears that are listing. Wouldn’t it have been great to have had that on recording.

  4. antimesira Says:


    “And he finally understood that by hurting other people you only hurt YOURSELF!”

    I don’t think that the Mossrim really understand this concept, they really believe they had/have the right to do what they did. Trust me, they have no remorse, they have no regrets and like was mentioned in the piece above, they are not coming any time soon to apology’s or take any responsibility, the only regrets they have is that they failed in their messira to lock up Yidden. Had they succeeded they would have had full control over the neighborhood.

    They only cry now because they didn’t expect after so many years of attacking and getting away with it that they would get bombed like this.

    Let them cry. They ain’t seen nothing yet.

    • Fighting back!!! Says:

      And if they have an opportunity to strict again they won’t miss it! They won’t refrain from doing it all over again. As long as their out there their a threat. Nobody is in the clear. The only way to have peace is to defeat them.

  5. Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc. Says:

    Exposing us for who we really are means your nasty!

    (Evil Cabal of Crown Heights)

  6. Phony Civility Says:

    I read and listened to this and thought of what you have posted above. The Mishichistim are allowed to do what they want (acts of violence and Mesira), but we are not allowed to point them out. The phony civility people will condom you for reporting the violence and mesira but wont dare condom the people actully doing the violence and mesira. These phony civility are to be defeated!!!

    Michelle Malkin went on Sean Hannity’s radio show today and did battle with progressive Sally Kohn over her phony civility article attacking Malkin for incivility. Let’s suffice it to say that Kohn was no match for Malkin who exposed Kohn’s phony civility as bully tactics to try and silence conservatives who are calling out the left for their actual incivility. In fact, when pushed by Hannity to address Obama’s incivility (republicans wanting dirty air and water for people) and hypocrisy on the matter, Kohn kept trying to change the subject and eventually just referred to it as politics. Talk about hypocrisy.

    Listen below:

  7. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Examples of War Criminals Of Crown Heights:

    On December 19, 2012 crownheights.info posted a story of how a low life Meshichist Mosser named Dovi Kubichek spit the straight in the face of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s zt”l Mazkir and right hand man!
    you can read the whole story by clicking on the following link: http://www.crownheights.info/index.php?itemid=49185

    And here is where we find some War Criminals as I describe in my post above.

    13. TO NUMBER 3 wrote:

    to number three, while I fully agree that these bochurim have no right to behave this way, but I wonder, where would we ALL be today if Hashem had no hope that we could ever change??? If the Hanhala would change their attitude and would be roll models for these boys you derogatorily call ‘tzfatim, the attitude of the boys woud ABSOLUTELY be different as well.

    December 20 2012 – 05:08 –

    27. to crownheights.info wrote:

    i enjoy your website and the often good news that it gives but the anti meshachist/tzfatim has got to stop
    i am not saying that this bochur is correct he did a terrible thing and there has to be consequences but the lack of achdus in our communities and particularly online where you have one group actively publishing loshon hara about the other group could be one of the reasons how such despicable thing are taking place in our kehilla
    ad mosai

    The response to these War Criminals was swift.

    28. CHLEAKS.COM wrote:

    To #13

    You sound like a typical liberal.

    If only WE (the victims of hate and aggression) stop calling terrorist for what they are ‘terrorist’, their attitude would ABSOLUTELY be different as well.

    Let’s stop saying the truth, we might offend somebody.

    Based on your comment:

    You are from those who always find away to blame the victims. It’s always the victims fault, one way or the other.

    You are from those who always justifies and excuses acts of Meshichist violence and Mesirah.

    People with your attitude (of false/phony self righteousness) must be defeated along with the thugs that do your dirty work.

    December 20 2012 – 14:56 –

    34. CHLEAKS.COM wrote:

    To #27 (another Justifier and excuser of violence and Mesira).

    Shut up!!

    You don’t like it here, don’t visit.

    This site has a Democratic system. If you don’t like it, you are FREE to go.

    When I wrote this, I was thinking about people like you….
    ‘War Criminals Of Crown Heights’

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