Why Did Chanina Sperlin Panic?


Chanina Sperlin-email-mayors office

January 2011 members of the Crown Heights Shomrim filed a lawsuit against NYPD and various other individuals.

Elie Poltorak forwards the lawsuit to Chanina Sperlin, who then panics and write the following email to Fred Kreizman from the Office of the Mayor.

Chanina Sperlin-email-mayors office pg1-2Chanina Sperlin-email-mayors office pg3Why did Chanina Sperlin panic about this lawsuit, whats it to him?

Why does he care that officers on the lawsuit will be retiring as a result? Were these officers “his boys”? Did Chanina Sperlin and Co. order these officers to target Shomrim? Was Sperlin afraid the truth would come out in deposition (had there been one)?

What was Sperlin planing to discuss with the Deputy Mayor regarding this matter?

It has  long been believed that the only reason the Shomrim Six were arrested back in January 2008 for an incident that took place three week prior, was only as a result of political pressure.

It has long been believed that one of those individuals exerting pressure on the police department to make arrest is none other then Chanina Sperlin.


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