Memory Loss



In reference to DA Hynes, Yossi H (A Shmira Mesira sympathizer and supporter) writes:

“He’s played Satmar VS each other, and he’s done that with Chabad, by over blowing the 749 incident, and now with the Shochat case he’s trying to bring us back to 1991 in order to look like a super hero”

Really man? You really going to go with this stupid talking point? Are you really going to attempt to pervert history when we all know as a matter of fact that what your writing above is a total lie? For G-ds sake man, it was only three years ago, how short is your memory? Perhaps you should see a doctor about your short memory problem.

Prager, Stern, Skoblo, Huebner and Poltorak are nowhere to be seen, so whose giving out the talking points these days?

CHLEAKS would really like Yossi H. to explain in detail how it was in fact the District Attorney Charles Hynes that “blow up the 749 incident”. Because common sense and all evidence paint another picture.

By the way Yossi H. and Co. what do you wish to gain with this talking point? Do you think we are all going to hold hands and attack the District Attorney?

Not a snow balls chance in hell!!!


The 14th was referring to October 14th, 2009, that day (“happened”) to have been the first day the Shomrim Six case was sent to trial. [Notice to appear on the 14th at 320 Jay street]. Huebner knew in advance that his case was going to trial on the 14th.

The once Crown Heights Shmira (Yaakov Prager, Yossi Stern and Lieb Skoblo) together with their once attorney Paul Huebner and friend Elie Poltorak builds this case from beginning to end with help from the shmira and political pull from Chanina Sperlin.

 On December 29, 2007 approximately 8pm Members of Crown Heights Shomrim volunteer patrol responded to a routine call, upon arrival the members were attacked by a group of individual “yeshiva” students. Police were called, responded and disbursed the crowds.

Upon hearing about what’s going on, a group of individuals belonging to an adversary group called Crown Heights Shmira Inc. (“shmira”), more specifically, Yossi Stern, Yaakov Prager and Leib Skoblo, arrived at the scene after police restored calm. “shmira” has a long standing dispute with the Crown Heights Shomrim. Shmira has used tactics against Shomrim, ranging from false police complaints, and using any local influence to harass members of Shomrim, and waiting for every opportunity to cause harm to the volunteers of Crown Heights Shomrim.

Upon arrival “shmira”, Yossi Stern, Yaakov Prager and Leib Skoblo,* called on the police to arrest the members of Crown Heights Shomrim. Police have ignored their cries, but have filled complaints. After the incident the “shmira” enrolled the help of their long time friend and member Paul Levi Huebner and Elie Poltorak.

That night (and the days that followed) the so called “victims” were shuttled to the 77th precinct by the Shmira to file police reports against the Shomrim.

* Leib Skoblo, who was at the time an auxiliary police officer at the 77th precinct, produced his badge to an official NYPD officer and pointed to Gadi Hershkop, a  coordinator of the  Shomrim Volunteer organization and stated, “arrest that guy”. Yossi Stern and Yaakov Prager armed with pen and paper started to document names and phone numbers of “witnesses”.

December 30, 2008: Waking up the next morning, Pual Huebner and Co. realize that they missed out on one very important target, Aron Hershkop a.k.a. Leli. Just one problem, Aron Hershkop was not at 749 when the altercation broke out and nobody testified that he was and neither made a report about him the night before. Paul Huebner then just tries and fails to concoct another Mesira against Aron Hershkop. Click Here False Reports made against Aron Hershkop

On January 3, 2008: Mr. Huebner contacted P.O. Brain Duffy. In the phone conversation Mr. Huebner notifies P.O. Brain Duffy that the complainants do not speak English and offered himself as the interpreter, Mr. Huebner then goes on to arrange a time and date when he can bring the complainants in for interviews. Mr. Huebner informs P.O. Brain Duffy that complainant Shneur Rotem will be leaving the country but will be over at Mr. Huebner’s home for Saturday “Shabbat” January 5, 2008 approx. 2:30pm, after prayers, and therefore invites P.O. Brain Duffy to his home (see Pg. 88 of Discovery). (On Saturday “Shabbat” it is customary to have a Shabbat meal after prayers in synagogue).

On January 5, 2008: approx. 2:30pm P.O. Brain Duffy interviews complainant Mr. Shneur Rotem (who is Israeli and speaks Hebrew), through the full interpretation of Mr. Huebner (see Pg. 87 of Dis), at Mr. Huebner’s home 478 Malbone Street.

On January 9, 2008: Mr. Huebner brings complainant Yaakov Shatz, Gabrial Brownstein, and Moshe Gurfunkle (all three are Hebrew speaking only*) to the 77pct. to have them interview with P.O. Brain Duffy through the interpretation of Mr. Huebner. (See pages 42, 57, 71 of Dis). Huebner does not tell the detective that he is also their attorney.

*Latter in court, it’s discovered that they all can get by pretty good with the English that “they don’t know”.

On January 22, 2008: approx. 1:00pm P.O. Brain Duffy visits Mr. Huebners home, to further the investigation, again P.O. Brain Duffy interviews the complainants with the interpretation of Mr. Huebner. Here P.O. Brain Duffy shows the complainants images of the defendants for identification. (See pages 51, 65, 81 of Dis).

On January 22, 2008: Three weeks after the alleged incident, approx. 1:10pm under immense pressure from the “shmira”, Chanina Sperlin and their attorney Mr. Huebner. P.O. Brain Duffy had six volunteers of Crown Heights Shomrim and one resident of Crown Heights arrested. Shneur Gadi Hershkop, Chaim Hershkop, Yehuda Hershkop, Zalman Pansom, Benjamin Lipshitz, Nechemia N. Slater, and Shalom Wilhelm.

When in custody P.O. Brain Duffy makes mention a few times that he’s only making arrest as a result of “political pressure from the chief”. From Duffy’s point of few there was no reason to make any arrest.

On March 8, 2008 (Purim): Paul Huebner showed up to the synagogue for the first time ever for holiday services , where Mr. Gadi Hershkop has been  praying for years since he was a kid. Paul Huebner was and is not a member of this congregation. Mr. Huebner came to this location looking for an altercation, which he did not get.

On May 13, 2008, July 13, 2008 and November 2, 2008: Paul Huebner falsely and for no reason obtained an Order of Protection against defended Shnaur G. Hershkop this after weeks upon weeks that Mr. Huebner has followed around defended Shnaur Gadi Hershkop and continued following him, in an attempt to harass Mr. Hershkop and try to incriminate him. (See Order of Protection pages).

On another occasion: At a public gathering, Mr. Huebner had one of the alleged “victims”, who had a restraining order against Shneur Gadi Hershkop, approach Mr. Hershkop, Mr. Huebner then proceeded to take some photos of this encounter. And with these photos Mr. Huebner  tried, and thank G-d failed to further his agenda in having Mr. Hershkop arrested.

On April 28, 2009: Mr. Huebner in the name of the so called “victims” filled a civil lawsuit of a Hundred Forty Four Million dollars, against Crown Heights Shomrim, Shneur Gadi Hershkop, Chaim Hershkop, Yehuda Hershkop, Zalman Pansan, Benjamin Lipshitz, Nechemia N. Slater, and Shalom Wilhelm. On behalf of the complainants which are now plaintiffs.

November 2009: Yossi Stern writes, prints and distributes propaganda (around the neighborhood) in support of the so called “Victims”.  The official Meshichist blog publishes this propaganda as-well.

In the course of two years preceding trial, somehow members of the Shmira gang and Co. receive inside information regarding the happening of the case. Shmira and Co. knew what was going to happen before the Shomrim Six. They knew this, because they were part of it, they were it!

Two years later….Trial:

The witnesses testify numerous times that Paul Huebner accompanied them to the District Attorneys office for interviews.

Crown Heights residents coming to court in support of the Shomrim Six witness members of the once Shmira dropping off the witnesses who will testify against Shomrim.

This Mesirah/Blood libel was orchestrated by and only by members of the Crown Heights community, for anyone to suggest otherwise is stupid and [purposely] deceiving.

Had there not been pressure from the Mossrim faction of Crown Heights, the 749 case would have never made it to trial.

District Attorney Charles Hynes, former ADA’s David Steingrad and David Weiss were nothing but tools in the hands of the Mossrim! Hynes was played by the Mossrim.

The following documents was found amongst the  283 pages of discovery. It was obviously written and produced  by a member of the Crown Heights community, mainly Yossi Stern.


The Lesson of the day….Don’t Throw Stones


District Attorney Charles Hynes: Hero or Villain?

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  1. Zev Says:

    “The following documents was found amongst the 283 pages of discovery. It was obviously written and produced by a member of the Crown Heights community, mainly Yossi Stern.”

    How did you come to this conclusion?

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