749 Mossrim In Crown Heights


Shneur Rotem-שניאור רותם-מוסר-מלשין-משיחיטים-shalom cohen-שלום כהן

The 749 Mosser YM”S Shneur Rutem has been spotted walking the streets of Crown Heights with his wife and daughter.

The 749 Mosser YM”S Shalom Cohen is still residing at 749 Eastern Parkway. The rat Shalom Cohen is NOT a student at the Yeshiva. Why is the yeshiva accommodating a Mosser by letting him stay at their dormitory (since 2007).


2 Responses to “749 Mossrim In Crown Heights”

  1. the mosser from the mechanic shop Says:

    There’s a new auto mechanic shop that recently opened up by 763 East New York Ave. next to Bnos Menachem (Bet. Albany and Troy).

    I pass there several times a day and notice the Mosser Shalom Cohen there. He’s there all the time. It’s possible that he’s employed there.

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