WIS Investigation: The Terrorist Attack Kiryat Malachi


Introduction: All those that have been visiting whoisshmira.com frequently know that here you will get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. You Know that here there is no compromise on the truth. No sugar coding and no political correctness.  Here at WIS we write what you’re thinking and what everybody else is afraid to say.  That’s why you keep coming back.

The truth or facts don’t change depending on the circumstance, what was true yesterday is still true today. Just because someone dies, we don’t change the truth or facts. As always the truth is never easy. As the saying goes, “The truth hurts”.

After much contemplation and deliberation (with friends) I decided to do this post for the following reasons:

1) The truth most be told.

2) I believe lives could have been saved (as will be explained bellow) and hope to save lives in the future.

3) Certain elements like the Meshichist Mossrim faction, are using this tragic event to (1) further their propaganda campaign of hate  and of-course (2) raise money. These people are taking advantage of this tragic event and the people involved and I don’t like that.

That said, let us begin.

Interview with Shmuel Scharf regarding Hamas terrorist rocket attack that claimed the life of his wife Mira Scharf HY”D, 49 year old Aharon Smadja HY”D and 27 year old Itzik Amsalem.

Free Translation:

Reporter: Do you remember what happened?

Scharf: Yes, as much as possible.

Reporter: Can you tell us?

Scharf: There was a siren. My wife told me, let’s go down[stairs]. I told here, we won’t make it. And truly before we had a chance, 10 seconds, there was an explosion.

Based on his own words:

The obvious question that comes to mind is how did Shmuel Scharf know it was to late to go down, did he see the rocket heading his way? If he did see the rockets coming his way, did he then (at that moment) decide to stick around? Did he close his eyes and say Shema Yisroel, awaiting to return his soul to G-d almighty?

Why would he say such a thing? Did he hear the rocket crash or explode? Did he know how many rockets were heading his way?

The drill is that when the siren goes off, everyone is to make his way to the shelter right away. Who thinks when hearing the siren, “it’s to late, let’s stick around”?

The truth is, Shmuel Scharf did not have any conversation with his wife regarding going down [to shelter]. The truth is that Mr. Scharf had no intention of ever going down and we all know why.

[The over the top, careless or care free, emotionless etc… attitude he currently displays on his hospital bed, is the same attitude he displayed that tragic day].

Scharf at the time was wrongly misinterpreting the Lubavitcher Rebbe zt”l words when he said that Eretz Yisroel is the safest place in the world. Mr. Scharf (like many other like him – crazy Meshichistim) wrongly interpreted this to mean that they can stand in direct harms way and with “complete faith” in the MH”M they will be saved from any danger. Armed with this misconception he opted to stay and be a “hero”.

Obviously he was wrong. Unfortunately, three people are now dead as a result of total stupidity and a “false faith”.

49 year old Aharon Smadja HY”D did manage to get his loved ones downstairs to safety. It seems he (as did thousands of others) had enough time to do so.

It is believed that Shmuel Scarf may have convinced Amsalem to stay (with above misconceptions).

It is believed that once Smadja HY”D managed to get his own family to safety, he then returned to the forth floor to convince the Scharfs and 27 year old Itzik Amsalem to leave the apartment. By then it was really to late.

So to answer the question as to whether these tragic deaths could have been prevented? The answer is YES.

Did you know: That if one can’t make it to the bunker on time, then waiting by the staircase is enough to keep one safe [from these rockets].

Israeli residents wait by staircase as Hamas rockets fall.

The very least the Scharf could have done was leave the apartment and waited by the staircase.

Afraid that many would make the same mistake (as the Scharfs) and wrongly misinterpret the Lubavitcher Rebbe zt”l words, the Rabbi of Kfar Chabad, Rabbi Mordechai Ashkenazi releases a letter advising people that rockets are falling and that people should take shelter. The Rabbi goes to the length of quoting Pesukim from the Torah which commands a Jew to do all he can to guard his body and soul from harms way.

Click Image to Enlarge

Any normal thinking person and yes any normal Chossid does not need to be told the obvious. So why would a Rabbi need to come out with a letter stating the obvious?

Because obviously he’s dealing with people who are not all there. When dealing with crazy Meshichistim, one must state the obvious.


Disgusting Meshichistim Mossrim attempt to use this tragic event to further their propaganda campaign against Chabad Lubavitch and to promote themselves.

The following hate was posted on their official web-site, before Zaka could even clear the apartment of the bodies .

Hours later the post was removed (from the English site). The removal could have very well been as a result of an email sent to them by WIS .

Disclaimer: WIS does not usually respond directly to them, but when you see someone dancing on Jewish blood, how can one stand by idly and not take some form of action?

The Email:

Subject: Facts remain facts

from:  WhoIsShmira.com whoisshmira@gmail.com
to:  editor_en@chabad.info
date:  Thu, Nov 15, 2012 at 1:54 PM
subject:  Facts remain facts
mailed-by:  gmail.com

[Quoted what they wrote….responded as follows].

You think because someone dies the truth/facts change?Is this more propaganda and manufactured rage, are you pretended to be outraged and offended?What is your goal by posting the above in the manner that you do?Do you really care about Jews innocent blood?Remember when you and your Mossrim friends celebrated, excused and justified the spilling of blood of six innocent Jews?You don’t remember or chose not to? Either way, let me remind you.
Assaulted Bochurim Speak Out
Shomrim Members Face Jail Time
Hooligans Assualt Bochurim in 749

Eat your hearts out, losers!!!!!

Some cowardly and weak Chabad news outlets like col.org.il and Kfar Chabad Magazine , who are accustomed to appeasing the enemy, have bent over backwards and have referenced the Scharfs as “Shiluchim”, when in fact they are not Shiluchim and to go even further they are a part of a group that has spend the past 18 years hurting the Lubavitcher Rebbe and his Shiluchim. People who make a Chillul Hashem and a Chillul Lubavitch are not Chabad (even if unfortunately they are tragically killed).

At a recent first aid course for the Meshichistim in India. The Mosser Yaakov Shatz -far right- sits with Shmuel Scharf.

For more on this subject (in Hebew) read this: הרצחתם וגם ירשתם?


Give me back my glasses!!!

In 2006 (5767) after the Official Chabad Lubavitch Kinnus Hashluchim. The Shiluchim started to Farbrang downstairs in 770. The Meshichist faction did not like this and as a result started a vicious pogrom.

See links for more:


In this video we see (starting at :24 seconds) Shmuel Scharf (right bottom hand side of screen), ripping off/stealing glasses from peoples faces, handing them to a friend and going back for more.

It is very tragic what happened to him, his wife and especially the children (they will suffer the most). But, I do not buy this “Achari Mos Kidoshim Emor”. He was who he was and still is who he is.

This video was sent to whoisshmira.com by an individual who had his glasses stolen that day by Meshichist extremest Shmuel Scharf.


Exit Questions:

1) Whose raising the money for the Scharfs?

Donate Online at the New Website
or in Israel by calling R’ Moshe Goldstein (Kfar Chabad) 052-214-7705 or R’ Zalman Berenstein 058-7090-770.

Is this the same Zalman Berenstein who in February of this year (2012) welcomed the Mosser  Elkon Moshe Gurfinkel who falsely testified in the Shomrim Six trial, into his home?

2) Many Rabbis and other important people came to visit the Scharfs at the hospital. Noticeably missing are those who claim to represent Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch. Where is Rabbi Sholom Mendel Simpson, a member of the Rebbe’s secretariat, “who was appointed by the Rebbe to direct Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch”? Where is the Meshichist leader Menachem Mendel Hendel? Where is their so called “head-Shliach” Bezhalel Kupchik?

One of their solders gets injured (losing a wife) and they can’t make it to his bed side?

Why Couldn’t It Happen To…To These Mossrim?


5 Responses to “WIS Investigation: The Terrorist Attack Kiryat Malachi”

  1. chayal770 Says:

    “Hours later the post was removed (from the English site).”

    These cowards recently removed it from the Hebrew site as well.

    i hope you saved it to PDF.

  2. whose responsible Says:

    If what is written is true, that Scharf chose not to leave the apartment then Scharf is responsible for his wife’s death and the injuries to his children.

  3. Need help asap Says:

    The guy needs more then physical health, he needs mental health as-well.

    i hope the children get prepare and professional help.

    They must be kept far away from Meshichist therapy. Meshichist therapy is why they are in this tragic situation to begin with. Meshichist therapy is why three people are dead.

  4. Crazy man Says:

    This guy is a total and complete nut job.

    Rachmonus on his children…even before the attack.

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