Nothing New Here: More Meshichist Hypocrisy


Hypocrisy #10,572

Every year without fail, in the weeks before the Kinus Hashluchim the Meshichist propaganda machine gets to work*. Always attempting to find problems with the way the official Chabad Lubavitch  Kinus Hashluchim is ran.

*Most of you have no clue because you don’t visit their sites and read their propaganda and that’s a good thing.

They will question the subjects being discussed; the CH Beth Dins attendance; the “commercialization” of the Kinnus; the location of the Kinnus, all the way to down to complaints to why the Kinnus is so large etc..etc… There is no limit to propaganda and stupidity.

And here lies the Hypocrisy. All the while they are criticizing the the official Kinnus, they, year by year are attempting to copy/mirror/imitate everything the official Kinnus does.

I have heard about the spying the Meshichistim do before the Kinnus. Spies are sent to steal literature (so they know what to talk about with they’re people) and to see what gifts the Kinnus will be giving the Shiluchim, so they may now give the same thing.

Why are the Meshichistim behaving this way? Whats it all really about?

The answer lies here: Cut The Baby In-half: The True Ugly Character of Jealousy


Hypocrisy #10,573

Years ago (after Gimmul Tamuz), when the Meshichistim hadn’t yet succeeded in hijacking 770*, When making an event (like a Frabrangen or Kinnus etc…), Merkoz/Aguch had posted non-Jewish guards (bodyguards) at the entrance to prevent the Meshichistim of caring out acts of terror.

* Meshichistim were at that time attempting to take over 770. They would later as a result of their acts of terror and lack of action taken by those being terrorized, they would succeed.

The Meshichistim in their manufactured rage pretended to be outraged and offended. “How can someone put a non-Jew to block the entrance of 770 to prevent Jews/Chassidim of entering?” they said. “770 belongs to everybody”, they said. “Nobody has the right to tell a Chossid not to enter 770” they said. Etc…etc… This “issue” was one of many propaganda campaigns raised by the Meshichistim against Aguch/Merkoz.

Yet, in 5773 (2012) we have this scene…brought to you by the Meshichistim…

Meshichistim place a guard in front of the 770 entrance to prevent Chassdim of entering

Isn’t “every Chossid a Shilach”? Why can’t everybody be at the Kinnus?

The very least, they should have given the guard a hat-brush.


Hypocrisy #10,574

The following was posted today 28 Cheshvan 5773 (November 13, 2012). This one I like and this one I will post here in full. I just find it strange and hypocritical to find this idea on a web-site which is ran by a movement of serial Mossrim.

(Free Translation)BH, 17th of Menachem Av 5716
BrooklynMrs. … Tichye,Blessings and Peace!In response to your letter, in which you describe what had happened, and the fact that you had to borrow money etc. but you fail to mention whether this man was called to Rabbonim [to a Din-Torah] or it was done with a lawyer and in courts. The custom of Jews throughout the generations is, that when there is a dispute among Jews – you first go to Rabbonim. This is especially relevant as we are talking about Chassidim and about a Shoichet. If this case was presented to Rabbonim, [please notify me] by whom and what did they rule. May G-d help you that you should be able to report good news, that the relevant issues are being taking care of according to the instructions in Toras Hachasidus.With Blessings,
In the name of the Rebbe Shlita
E. Kwint, Secretary

I don’t need to post links to all the Meshichist Mesirah from over the years. Your all very much familiar with them all.

I would just like to remind the public that three years ago, this time, the Meshichist Mossrim movement were acting out the great Mesira/Blood libel known to us as the Shomrim Six trial.

As a bones, I will add here the Transcripts of November 13, 2009:

Shomrim Six Case Transcript 11-13-09 and 11-16-09 (Belinizki)

Also See: Meshichiatim are a Chillul Hashem and Chillul Lubavitch


One Response to “Nothing New Here: More Meshichist Hypocrisy”

  1. antimesira Says:

    It’s very simple why the Mishichistim/Mendel Hendel do what they do.

    Without their manufactured rage/Machlokes they have nothing.

    People who can’t move forward, tend to fall backwards.

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