And Representing The Crown Heights Community Council…


6 Responses to “And Representing The Crown Heights Community Council…”

  1. Ch Res Says:

    So sad

  2. Hitman Says:

    The reason we can’t get rid of this shlub is because he knows where all the bodies are buried. He has the dirty stuff on to many people. They’re scared of him.

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      Actually the community did get rids of him.

      The “dead bodies” as you referred to them, have placed him back.

      The Sperlin family run the CHJCC, they make millions.

  3. antimesira Says:

    Notice the Mosser lover Dov Hikind shaking his head while Chanina Speaks. It’s like shaking ones head when a “special” or child person speaks.

  4. abe Says:

    I’m very very very disturbed about the fact that this retard Sperlin is the official representative of the Crown Heights Jewish Community!

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