Lawsuit Filed to Stop NYC Circumcision Law


Several Jewish organizations and three rabbis filed suit today against the New York City Department of Health (DOH) seeking an injunction against regulations that would illegally inhibit and unfairly criticize a form of circumcision that has been safely practiced by Jewish people across the world for thousands of years. (Read Full Story Here)


The court dates should be advertised all over and people should be encouraged to show up.

Every able person should show up to court in support of our religious freedoms.

The court room should be packed with lines outside for every court appearance. Every-time this case comes in front of a Judge even to submit a motion the court room should be jammed packed.

Doing this will have great effect on the outcome.

A packed court room (with lines outside) will have a positive effect in the following manner:

1) It will be a great Kiddush Hashem (if everybody present sits quietly and just observes),

2) It will make a great impression on the court/Judge,

3) It will confuse the opposition.

Remember, it always starts with the smaller things (“small laws”) and before you know it there are laws banning  Bris altogether. We must not give up an inch!!!

History Repeats Itself: A Story


Many years ago the Romans hated the Jews and they made wicked decrees against them. They did not want the Jews to be a special nation and were jealous that Hashem loves the Jews more than any other people. So they forced them not to keep the Mitzvos and tried to make the Jews into Romans. One of the hardest decrees that the Romans made was; “No Jew may circumcise his son so that all the children become proper Romans:” They did not allow them to made Bris Mila and anyone who did was punished severely. The Nossi at that time was Rabbon Shimon Ben Gamliel and he was the most important and famous Talmid Chochom in the Sanhedrin His wife had a baby boy and although the family were very happy about it they were worried about the Bris Mila.

Roman soldiers were on the look-out all the time patrolling the streets where Jewish families lived in order to prevent them from keeping the Mitzvo of Bris Mila. What should they do? Is it possible to disobey Hashem’s commandments even if there is danger of death? No No. If one has to choose between an ordinary king or the commands of the King of Kings whom should one obey? Of course only Hashem. Rabbon Shimon’s wife was a great woman and she agreed wholeheartedly to her husband’s decision. In great secret with only ten men present the Bris Mila was carried out and the child was called “Yehuda”. Both parents were sure that Hashem would save them from any danger because they had obeyed Hashem’s command even in such difficult times. Alas!

The Romans found out and the ruler of that town ordered Rabbon Shimon to come to him. “What do you have to say for yourself?” asked the angry ruler. “Only one thing do I have to say, I have obeyed the King of the World who has ordered us to circumcise our boys on the eighth day after birth.” answered Rabbon Shimon confidently. “You have committed a serious crime,” said the ruler cruelly. “I must send you, your wife and the baby to the king and he will punish you as he thinks fit.”

* * *

And so Rabbon Shimon, his wife and the baby set out in a carriage on the long trip to the king’s palace. The way was long and tiring and they had to make short stops on the way in order to rest and get refreshment. On one of these stops Rabbon Shimon and his family went to visit some Roman friends. The Roman lady received them warmly, for she and many other Romans knew how important and famous Reb Shimon Ben Gamliel was, and they admired his wisdom and good heart. She ordered her servants to bring the best food for her guests but they of course drank only water and ate some fresh fruit. While they were chatting the ladies realized that they had both given birth to a baby boy on the same day, the Roman baby was called Antoninus and the Jewish baby Yehuda. The two mothers sat and played with their babies and enjoyed each other’s company. “Tell me my friend, why are you out on such a long and tiring journey with such a small baby?” asked the Roman lady in surprise. Sadly Reb Shimon’s wife told her of the terrible punishment they were going to get for doing the Bris Mila. The Roman lady was very sorry for her good friend and she began to think. Suddenly she thought of an idea;

“Good friend, it is clear, I have a very good idea, Leave your baby here with me, And take mine with you for all to see, Then the king with his own eyes, Will see that he has been told lies. He will see there was no Bris, And won’t punish you for this, It will save you have no fear, And come back quickly to us here.”

And so with little Antoninus in her arms, Reb Shimon’s wife and the Nossi rode to the king’s palace. On the way she fed him and took care of him and the soldiers stood on guard fully armed. But Reb Shimon and his wife were sure that Hashem would save them from any danger. As they came in, the policeman who had told the ruler about the forbidden Bris Mila got up and said: “Here are the parents of the boy, Who wish the king to annoy, We must punish them for this, Against the law they made a Bris, If they will not get the blame, Other Jews will do the same.”

The king ordered his servants to examine the baby and to see whether he had the signs of a Bris. To everyone’s astonishment the baby had no sign whatsoever of a Bris. The policeman was shocked at this surprising turn of events and he understood that Hashem had given the holy man a miracle to save him. The king turned angrily to the policeman: “These people are innocent, But to slander them you went, They may do as they wish, And you I’m going to punish.”

* * *

The Nossi’s wife returned little Antoninus to his mother and thanked her for her goodness, and Reb Shimon and his wife returned home safely with their own baby Yehuda full of gratitude to Hashem that He had saved them from a terrible punishment and had annulled the decree. Antoninus and Yehuda kept a close friendship between them as they grew up. Later Yehuda became the Nossi, he was honored and famous and was known as “Rabeinu Hakodosh” Antoninus became the king of Rome and during his reign he was good to the Jews and allowed them to keep the Torah and its commandments He admired the “Rabeinu Hakodosh” and would write to him and ask his advice for his problems. Strangely enough Antoninus was very interested in the Jewish Torah (very likely due to the food that he got from the Jewish woman while the babies were exchanged)The Roman king Antoninus learned Torah secretly with Reb Yehuda Hanossi and in the end he became a Jew and kept Torah and Mitzvos.

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One Response to “Lawsuit Filed to Stop NYC Circumcision Law”

  1. Intermentelgovel Says:

    Maybe Crown Heights own Intermentelgovel Chanina Sperlin can save the day? ;)

    Oh wait, he only “saves the day” by doing Mesira on good innocent Jews.

    Silly me.

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