They Teach Us To Hate


Meshichist Mossrim leader Menachem Mendel Hendel addressing the Hendel youth

[Shalom] Cohen had more or less outlined the DA’s case against the Shomrim: there was one authorized patrol and one unauthorized patrol, and it had been the unauthorized patrol that had showed up at 749 Eastern Parkway on that night in 2007. An unauthorized patrol made up mostly of political moderates—not a single member of the Shomrim was affiliated with the messianist cause—who had good religious reason to crack skulls and a long history with the bochurim at the dormitory. Case open, case shut.
“Are you scared of the Shomrim?”
“Everyone is scared of the Shomrim. In Israel, before we arrive in Brooklyn, we learn to be afraid of the Shomrim. We hear that there is a group that hates us . . .”
“Hates you.”
“Wants us gone. They hate us politically.”
“Because they are not Mischistizn?”
Weiss had left it wide open for Cohen, but the kid was still stonewalling.
“If you had to join one of these groups, which one would you join?” “I would not join either, but if I had to join, I would join Shmira.”  “How many people in Crown Heights do you think pay attention to the Shmira and Shomrim thing?” Steingart asked, stepping back into the hallway. “Like, how many people really care?””
“People who are involved care.”
“And no one else?”
Cohen shrugged. 

(Among Righteous Men  by Matthew Shaer – Page 96-97)


2 Responses to “They Teach Us To Hate”

  1. Disgrace!!! Says:

    “there was one authorized patrol and one unauthorized patrol, and it had been the unauthorized patrol”

    In what part of shulchan aruch does it discuss whats an “authorized patrol” and “unauthorized patrol”?

    Is it in Chalek:
    1) Corrupt Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc. aka “Vaad Hakoul”?.

    2) Corrupt Menachem Mendel Hendel Meshichist Mossrim faction?.

  2. TrachtGut Says:

    For politics they were ready to lock up six Jews with families?

    These animals must be put down!!!!

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