Can There Be Peace With A Beast?


An environmentalist named Timothy Treadwell  thought he could live in peace and harmony among coastal grizzly bears in Alaska, but after several years, in 2003, the bears finally did what predators do.  They killed and ate both Timothy and his girlfriend (the bears eat them down to the bone).

What was he trying to prove?

Well, he just thought that if you were nice to them, if you stayed away from them, they wouldn’t harm you!

google Timothy Treadwell to learn more about his life and death.

Obviously President Obama  adopted the Timothy Treadwell foreign policy.

In the Crown Heights Jewish Community there are those who have adopted the Timothy Treadwell policy as-well.

They naively  believe that when dealing with violent Meshichist Mossrim faction,  all that needs to be done is to “leave them alone”, “ignore them”, “You have to understand them” and they won’t bother you.*

Like with Timothy Treadwell and the bears, it’s not a question of ‘IF’ (they will eat you), it’s a question of ‘WHEN’.

* By making these statements these naive individuals are doing the following…

1) Justifying and excusing violence and Mesira.

2) Making any victim of violence and Mesira a victim twice. After all if the beast beat you up, it must have been your fault, why didn’t you be nice to them or stay away from them?

Crown Heights Definition Of “Achduce”, Unity” and “Peace”



2 Responses to “Can There Be Peace With A Beast?”

  1. No Peace With Mossrim!!! Says:

    When the Meshichistim are losing they always start promoting “Achuse”.

    “Achduse” with them is like Timothy Treadwell after the bears eat him. Then he was truly one with the bears.

    We must be very careful and stay away from this fake and phony “achduse”.

  2. BRIAN the HATE MONGER Says:

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