Consumers Beware: Kingston Bake Shop Now Under B.S.


Kingston Bake Shop located at 380 Kingstom Ave. (Between Crown and Montgomery) is the first establishment to bend to terror and Mossrim, now carries the “Hechsher” of the B.S. A letter signed by the B.S.,  Ya’akov Schwei and  Yosef Yeshaya Braun was placed on the bakery  certifying the facility as a supporter of Machlokes and Mesira.

Every dollar you give to Kingston Bake Shop or any other establishment to fall prey to intimidation and terror, is a dollar going towards supporting trouble rouses and Mossrim.

Who are behind this phony “Hechsher”? CLICK HERE to find out.

A Clarification: There is something really interesting happening in Crown Heights regarding this matter.

I find that most people who are against the B.S. are not exactly for the CHK/Rabbi Osdoba.

As far as the CHK in concerned they couldn’t care less, they are not for it and they are not against it. But when it comes to the B.S., people are very much against it and are ready to boycott any establishment which will give into the B.S. 

As far as I’m concerned, they can all shut down, we don’t need a Beis Din in Crown Heights, all we have ever received from this Beis Din, which is only a puppet to the CHJCC is Machlokes.

What Concerns me is: Where are the millions of dollars the CHJCC received over the years by way of our tax dollars to assist the needy of the Crown Heights Communities

Establishment Beware: Some restaurant and store owners have reported that the corrupt CHJCC/Meshichist faction have been using their little minions to do a job on you.

The Meshichist Mossrim are  sending their minions who have come to Crown Heights as guest, to come to your establishment, make a large order, wait until you are finished preparing it and then they ask you what “Hechsure you have?”. When you reply that you have the CHK, one minion turns to the others and loudly proclaims that “girls/guys we can’t eat here, because in the booklet that was given out, it said that the CHK in not Kosher”, and they leave you with the large order without paying.

This is obviously a plot created to intimidate you and force you to give into terror.

Don’t get excited about this, on the contrary, make sure you have a big CHK sign outside, if you already have one placed outside put another on the inside. Before any “guest” makes an order, make sure to tell them that your under the CHK.

Remember, these guest are leaving very soon, we are staying.

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2 Responses to “Consumers Beware: Kingston Bake Shop Now Under B.S.”

  1. Justice!!! Says:

    Funny how the world turns.

    Osdoba did a lot of damage with the help of those fighting him now.

    If you look back in history, all those who fought against the Rebbe’s Mosdos (Aguch and Merkoz) got kicked in the Toches.

    How did they get kicked in the toches? their so called “friends” were and are the ones to take them down.

    The moment you start to think for yourself or start to have feeling of regret and Teshuva, the cabal will turn on you. Today your their hero, tomorrow your a zero! I applaud all those who has the courage to brake away from them and to apologize to all those they hurt while doing the evil work of the cabal and for once doing Teshuva trying to make thinks right.

    Go down case by case you will see this.

    Marlow hurt many people and he went out like a dog!!!!

  2. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Establishment Beware #2:

    Hendel and Co. will give money to their minions to go purchase lot’s of goodies by Kingston Bake Shop.

    They will do so…
    1) To give the false impression that it’s business as usual or even better then “before the BS”. Don’t be surprised to see some photos soon on their web-sites about this.

    2) That the owner doesn’t get discouraged. Now he’s thinking that hes doing just fine or even better then before.

    Don’t get excited about this, it’s just an illusion.

    Like I wrote above…
    …”these guest are leaving very soon, we are staying.”

    Another thing: Many Crown Heights residents do not know of this BS Hechshur change. Many of my family and friends did not know until I informed them.

    Please send an email or call family and friends and inform them off this change. Explain to them that by supporting the BS, you are in essence supporting trouble rouses and Mossrim.

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