Great News: Restoring Normalcy


[CHI] Ba’alei Batim Pledge to Support Tishrei Guests

[COL] Tishrei Reins Are Handed Over

As to whether the Tishrei guest should be coming to Crown Heights for a full month in the first place, wasting money, hanging out in the streets, boys and girls, buying and selling etc…etc… is another debate.

Currently they are coming, their here, and we need to deal with realty. That said, this is a great step in restoring [some] normalcy.

Kudos to all those involved in this great endeavor. May Hashem bless them and their families with all that they may need and all that they want.

2. a question to Crown Heights wrote:

It’s really wonderful. But there are hundreds of families in Crown Heights who don’t have money for a ticket to EY or France, who don’t have money to shop in J&R or Century 21 and who can’t feed their families year round. I am not chas v’sholom criticizing these generous people’s resources into feeding & hosting these guests, but I have a question.

Why are we ALL not continually supporting CSSY & Shimshon’s OBM mission of taking care of OUR OWN NEIGHBORS? Every time there’s a short term crisis or urgency, there’s a positive reaction – we really do care and we come through. We can’t forget about the single parents, the unemployed, the disabled and the poor. I can’t give a lot, but I give.

100% Agree with the above commenter.What is my opinion regarding the Tishrei guest?1) Children under 16 should not come at all, unless they have family in Crown Heights that can supervise them (house and feed then).2) Whomever does come, should not be here a whole month (hanging out in the streets). If they have family (at home), they should spend Yom Tov with their family. Come for either Rosh Hashona, Yom Kipper or Sukkut.3) Spend as much time at the Ohel as possible. One who does not do so, has not come to “the Rebbe” but rather on vacation to hang out in New York City. Such a person we (the community) don’t have to support (with our hard earned money).4) Anybody who has to borrow money so come should NOT come!. and I can’t believe I need to write this…anybody who does borrow money to come, should not burden the Crown Heights community to help pay for his or her ticket. There is no reason that everyday of the month there is a knock on our doors from young Bochrim asking us for “Tzedakah” to help them pay off their tickets. It’s straight out Chutzpa!

5) If they came for “the Rebbe”, there is no reason why they should be doing any business (like selling of Estrogim, electronics etc…).
6) Anybody over 16, including couples (who do not have family in Crown Heights), should only come if they have made prearrangement as to where they will be staying and eating the entire time of their visit.
7) Yeshivas in Israel and aboard should not close down for the entire month of Tishrei.

One Response to “Great News: Restoring Normalcy”

  1. CH RESIDENT Says:

    I’m trying to understand what Mendel Hendels problem with the vaad is and i just can’t get it.

    There is no dictatorship to doing chesed, who the hell made him king of Crown Heights?!!!!

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