What Is this Thing Called Messianics?


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In 1997-98 (only four years after the 3rd of Tammuz) in the hight of the Messianic movement,  I went to Yeshiva in Morristown, New Jersey.

Morristown then was  known as a “anti” Yeshiva, yet at the time, 85% of the students there were Messianic and Yechi was said and printed at every opportunity given and most of the students displayed Yechi Kippas. (These were the days before the yellow flag, but I’m sure had there been flags back then there would be one hanging from every window, making the building look yellow).

When I arrived in Morristown, I was 17 going onto 18 years and considered myself a (extreme) Messianic. I had a Yechi Kippa, said and wrote Yechi wherever, whenever I can and read Beis Moshiach Magazine religiously and really really hated the “anti’s”, Kerinsky and Shemtov (who killed the Rebbe that didn’t die). I displayed all the Messianic characteristics described in A HOUSE DIVIDED.

By the time I left Morristown, four years later (2001), there was 85% non-Messianic and 15% Messianic and  no Yechi was said, and only a few Yechi Kippas  (hardly noticed). And it goes without saying that I didn’t leave a Messianic. What happened is, I actually started to learn something for a change, discovered Chabad Chassidus and as a result started asking lot’s of “forbidden” questions regarding hypocrisy’s in the so called “Messianic ideology”*.

Baroch Hashem (Thank g-d) when I did start asking these questions I fell into the right hands. A Bocher who was very knowledgeable and very patience (and who was never a Meshichist, even when “everybody” was). When I started to discover the truth, I physically got sick in the stomach, I felt betrayed and lied to.

I remember asking  him at the time… “Why should I stay frum (religious)? Here we had an organized group of people who consider themselves Frum and on top of top claim to be Chassidim, who blatantly distort the words of the Rebbe ZT”L , with the intention to turn brother against brother, how can I ever know whats true or false?

His reply stays with me until this very day…”We/You are not a Chossid of Chassidim, we/you are Chassidim of a Rebbe, it doesn’t matter what 99.99% of Chassidim are doing (it doesn’t make it right just because “everybody” is doing it), it is our responsibility as a Chossid/student of the Rebbe Zt”l, to study/investigate (the words of the Rebbe) for ourselves and come to our own conclusion.  This concept can be applied to Judaism as well. It is your responsibility to study the Torah and not (solely) rely on everybody else.

Important to point out that the biggest anti-Messianic (anti-Chillul Hashem and anti-Chillul Lubavtich) are those who once considered themselves Messianic and like myself discovered the errors of their ways and like myself felt betrayed and lied to. Don’t let the Messianics intimidate you by making you feel bad that your an “anti”. If only there were more people who had the guts to be “anti”.

(What does it mean for me to be “anti”? It doesn’t mean that I go out looking for trouble. I don’t go out looking for Messianics for the purpose of  educating (I.E. harassing) unlike Messianics who force themselves everywhere with their agenda . I do not actively go out looking for Yechi signs to tear down (I will do so if I pass one, I will throw out anything with Yechi if placed in my Shul and home), unlike Messianics who actively (organize) to do these activities (posting and tearing signs and stickers). I will not go to a Messianic place of prayer and tell them to shut up when they say Yechi, unlike Messianics who come to our Shuls and try to dictate their ways. I will however ask such a person to kindly leave my Shul. I will not let a pin and kippa wearing Messianic read from the Torah in my Shul. I will not support a Chillul Hashem and Chillul Lubavtich and therefore will never donate to any Yechi pin wearing Messianic). In short: I use my demarcated rights as a citizen of the United States of America and nobody gets hurt from my actions.)

When I returned in 2003 for Simecha  (after a year on Shlichos) there was no sign of Messianics at all.

The Yeshiva administration and teachers had no hand in this change. In other words, the Yeshiva didn’t change, it was the students who were changing.

Just like I grow up and did Teshuva, so to did most of my friends and fellow students. If they didn’t realize the error of their ways during the years at yeshiva, then they did when they went out to the real world (on Shlichus).

The Messianic movement is a dying bread. Lies have no legs (שקר אין לו רגליים). The damage is done, the Chillul Hashem and Chillul Lubavitch is done (how much lower can they take us, read Who Are The Misnagdim Today?).  A generation ruined as a result. Now we must move forward by educating our children in the right path and doing acts of goodness and kindness.

*Today we all know that the  Messianic movement has nothing to do with a so called “ideology”, but rather politics, power grabs and of-course money money money. But back then we were all naive and getting into foolish irrelevant debates.

It’s important to point out that although the Messianic movement lost in the ideological arguments, they are more then happy to welcome this  ideological argument on to the stage. Why? Becuase they need the distraction. The whole ideological argument behind the Messianic movement was always about distracting the public, to get us to argue ‘yes yechi’, ‘no yechi’, Rebbe is Moshiach, not Moshiach etc…etc… all the while they make their moves towards hijacking our institutions and communities. They don’t care to have this debate again, because, even if they lose, they still win.

Don’t fall for the trap, stay focused. The Messianic movement now has a 18 year record of violence and Mesira! There is nothing to discuss anymore, we won’t convince anyone and we shouldn’t try, what it left now is only to defeat them and separate them from us!

A HOUSE DIVIDED  (written in 1996) was very instrumental in helping me realize the errors of my ways and putting my back on the right path.


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