Democracy In My Shul


From the whoisshmira@gmail in-box


In my Shul we have total Democracy, if you don’t like the rules you are FREE to leave!

In my Shul one individual collects the funds, if you don’t like it or don’t trust him, since it’s a total Democracy you have the right to stop  giving him  money and you have the democratic right to leave the Shul.

With this Democracy our Shul keeps growing and things are peaceful and will g-d willing stay that way.


Now my turn…

I have no interest in specifically commenting on the Maple Street Saga, for I don’t know all the details and facts and I don’t really have an interest. I do believe this is a private matter and not a community matter and therefore should be dealt with privately (in Beis Din or court).

I do however want to  address some other general issues which were voiced by both parties which do not directly give an opinion on whose right or wrong in the case of Maple Street Shul saga. These are general ideas with can be applied to everyday controversy.

I will however say that those who [first] did bring this issue to the publics eyes, are must probably in the wrong. I say so, because the intention of bringing this to the public was to create a distraction and cause the opposition to focus on public opinion rather then the issue at hand. The so called “Koved H”Rabonim” people (remember them? Properly not, there the people that destroyed whatever little Beis Din they had for themselves)  would do this (bring private issues to the publics eyes) in order to intimidate and harass any opposition which threatened their scheme of corruption and fraud. They did this with Reb Dovid Fischer, they did this with Machne Menachem, they did this with Aguch/Merkoz, to name a few.

My advice to the one whose in the right. Don’t fight a public opinion war, it’s a waste of time* (the public can’t help you anyways and the public just wants to see blood), do what needs to be done in court and don’t just take down your opposition, destroy them!

* Unless your the one using it to distract. Don’t make public opinion your main focus, keep your eye on the ball.


Misuse of the word ‘Cabal’.

A cabal is a group of people united in some close design together, usually to promote their private views or interests in a church, state, or other community, often by intrigue. Cabals are sometimes secret societies composed of a few designing persons, and at other times are manifestations of emergent behavior in society or governance on the part of a community of persons who have well established public affiliation or kinship. The term can also be used to refer to the designs of such persons or to the practical consequences of their emergent behavior, and also holds a general meaning of intrigue and conspiracy. The use of this term usually carries strong connotations of shadowy corners, back rooms and insidious influence; a cabal is more evil and selective than, say, a faction, which is simply selfish; because of this negative connotation, few organizations use the term to refer to themselves or their internal subdivisions. Amongst the exceptions is Discordianism, in which the term is used to refer to an identifiable group within the Discordian religion. (google search the word to learn more).

The word in this post was wrongfully defined to be “Cabal” means a small group of plotters against a person in authority”. The key word ‘Secret’ was admitted. In the case of Maple Street Shul, there are no secret plotters, we all know who the players are.

On the other hand when discussing a corrupt organization like the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc. and their umbrella organizations, the description of ‘The Cabal’ fits right in. As WIS has in length expanded on in the past. When it comes to the CHJCC and Co. we all know that there are individuals lurking  in the shadows who call all the shots.

So please, let’s not cheapen the word.


 6. cma wrote:

As soon as you use the word “cabal”, I know this is machlokes leshem machlokes…

August 22 2012 – 18:54 –

Thats a very general statement to make. Why by using the word cabal does that make the person a Ba’al Machlokes? If the word is used properly (the shoe fits) and its the Emes (truth) then thats that.

Perhaps the individual who wrote the comment above is one of the War Criminals Of Crown Height and thus by making such a statement he’s attempting to delegitimize anyone simply by using the word ‘Cabal’, even if it’s being used correctly.


By the way, after reading Aliza Karp first article on this issue on June 11, 2012  I never got to formally welcome and give a hardy good morning to her, her friends and supporters, to the world of court cases and Mesira.

 I did however  notice that some did take the liberty in the comments to remind Mrs. Karp of some of this (court cases and Mesira of the past).

3. C.H.- Shomrim Six wrote:

“I have found this court experience to be disheartening, frightening and exhilarating.”

Until one EXPERIENCES going to court One has no idea what it is and could even make light of it.

But thank G-d your not facing 15+ years in jail, like I and 5 others from our community were just two years ago.

Welcome to my world! Welcome to world of court, lawsuits and Mesira! welcome to the world were nobody give a darn! Welcome to the world where a community sits in silence while you suffer!

Welcome welcome!!!

When the Shomrim Six case was in trial, we warned the community that everyone will be effected by the results.

The community stood silence when Dovid Fischer was prosecuted.

The community stood silence when the board of directors of Machane Menachem (Hershkop, Heber, Goldman, Hartman) were prosecuted.

The community stood silence when the Shomrim Six was prosecuted.

The community stood silence when our Gamachyim and Mosdos were being prosecuted.

So whats another prosecution?

June 11 2012 – 16:41 –

The above comment is very sad indeed, but also very realistic. So face reality, stop looking for the public for help and do what is needed to be done to win!

The following applies to the entire “community”

Remember, just like you didn’t care when other were facing the same trials (hardships) or worse (like 15+ years in jail if convicted), just like you didn’t go to court in support of them or didn’t publicly protest against what was happening to them (the Mesira and all), just like that, nobody is going to do for you.

Your on your own, now go get ’em!


Regarding those asking Maple Street Shul to open their books.

You know whose books would really really interest the community at large to see? Come closer, I’ll tell you.

Theres this organization, a non-for-profit (501(c)(3) – Public charity), which was founded in 1974 for the sole purpose of assisting the needy of the Crown Heights Jewish Community. Over the years this non-for-profit managed to receive millions upon millions of tax payer dollars (yes, our hard working bulks) by way of government grants and contracts. But you see, the thing is, they never used the money for the purpose it was given, instead they pocketed it all and used it to fund their propaganda wars (court cases and lawsuits) against good upstanding individuals and organizations in the neighborhood.  This non-for-profit (501(c)(3) – Public charity are over cooking their books to give the illusion they are doing something for the needy of the community.

What?. You want to know who this organization is so you can inquire and demand some answers?

Why, it’s the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc., located  at 392 Kingston Ave Brooklyn, NY 11225.

And by the way, regarding the CHJCC, theres no second guessing how much money they received by way of our tax dollars, it’s all public record and has been exposed on this site many times (and even here not all of it). What does remain a mystery, is what was done with the money.

Theres a similar organization in the neighborhood which has also received grants and collects funds from the community that you might want to see their books. It’s called… Chabad Lubavitch Hospitality Center Eshel Hachnosas Orchim, Inc. ran by Menachem Mendel Hendel.

Oh, and before I forget theres THIS one.

When your done reviewing their books and want more names of other corrupt organizations (associated with all the above) to look into, I’ll gladly pass those names over. But one thing at a time.

So why waste your precious time and energy focusing on the few pesos that you might find in Maple Street Shul when I’m directing you to missing millions a few blocks up?

Exit Question: Hatzalah (as well as other fine organizations) also collects money from the public, do they need to show the books if asked by the public or would you suggest to anyone with a problem to simply not donate anymore if their suspicious (as the democratic Shul does above)?


5 Responses to “Democracy In My Shul”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Another issue just came to mind….

    Elections: “The young people want elections” line.

    Since when does every single [head] position depend on elections?

    Are there elections for who should be the administration in our schools? ULY, OT, BR, BM and DM, all have board of directors as-well and have paying parents, do you see any “young people” screaming on top of the hill for elections?

    NO!!! You don’t!!!!

    Also, whats with the hypocrisy?

    In 2010 we help elections for CHJCC and the community turned out in records and voted for chance (by voting the mossrim out).

    We voted the Mosser Chanina Sperlin out…shortly later, he was back in.

    We voted Poltorak out….shortly later he was hired by the chjcc as an attorney.

    We never voted for Eli Cohen, yet, he’s still there.

    Not only didn’t we get the change we voted for, but those we voted out were brought back in by one form or another. where were all these energetic, concerned “young people” to protest this election fraud?

    So explain to me and the rest of the community your interest in getting rid of one specific board of director over others?

  2. Maple Says:

    Mr. Dovid Leib Grossbaum is a miserable divorcée who somehow gets himself involved in every Machlokes in the neighborhood.

    One of his children married one of Yaakov Spritzer kids. So we know he’s a Mosser lover!

  3. InShort Says:

    In Short:
    If Yossi Katzoff, Shimon Herz, and Meir Shlomo Junik are soooo concerned about community funds and elections, they should go after the BIG fish!

  4. Don’t fight a public opinion war Says:

    To Don’t fight a public opinion war:

    Mr. Katzoff, Herz, Junik and Grossbaum sent out at lease 4 letters regarding Eli Blachman and maple shul starting ONE YEAR ago and have been on a campaign to tell lies about him and his family.

    Please keep in mind that Katzoff, Herz, Junik and Grossbaum have no real jobs to keep them busy so all they have been doing for the past w to 3 years have been spreading lies and rummer about Blachman so now its time to begin to stand up and tell the truth.

    There is more truth about Katzoff, Herz, Junik and Grossbaum to come out in due time.

  5. Secret Backer Says:

    QUOTE FROM ABOVE: The word in this post was wrongfully defined to be “Cabal” means a small group of plotters against a person in authority”. The key word ‘Secret’ was admitted. In the case of Maple Street Shul, there are no secret plotters, we all know who the players are.

    FYI: There is mounting evidence that there is a backer who is financing the Cabal and so far his identity is SECRET.

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