Quote Of The Day: Understanding Bad People


For example, my friends, I know how you think of yourselves. You’re honest.  You’re ethically attentive.  I mean, nobody’s perfect, but you try to do your best.  You don’t purposely screw people.  You don’t lie on purpose for your own aggrandizement and gain.  And therefore it’s really hard to relate to people that do.  Because you wonder: Where is their conscience? When you’re not unethical and when you care about integrity and when honesty and these kinds of virtues matter to you, you are understandably (sometimes inexplicably) befuddled in dealing with people who don’t have any of those concerns.

Who aren’t honest.

Who aren’t ethical.

Who don’t have a conscience.

Who are not concerned with virtue.

So understanding those people, sometimes, is a waste of time.  Sometimes it doesn’t matter once you do figure it out….

(Rush Limbaugh)


3 Responses to “Quote Of The Day: Understanding Bad People”

  1. Lubavitcher Rebbe Says:

    Why are you so surprised to find evil and corruption running amok everywhere you look? This world is the coarsest and harshest of all worlds, the ultimate concealment. Almost all of it is darkness and emptiness. Only a tiny spark of good is buried deep within to keep it alive.

    You could spend your lifetime dwelling on the outrages and scandals and things that are not right–or you could take a moment to search for that spark. You could find it, grasp it, and fan its flame. From within its aura, you will see the darkness shining brighter than the heavens. In that moment of light, the night will never have been.

    Fueled by your love, the light will swallow all that surrounds it.

    (From the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe zt”l)

  2. Evil Lives Says:

    I think people have a hard time believing that there are real evil (Reshoyim) out there.

    News Flash!!!

    There are very bad and evil people out there with absolutely no morals or principles. There are those who would call themselves Jews and frum Jews with beards, Tzitit and even Mikva who are plain and simple evil. It’s just a realty.

    These Reshoyim can not be convinced, there is no Teshuva for them, they must only be defeated!

  3. cycle of life Says:

    If you have patience you will see these people destroy themselves or just fade in the abyss. Only to find someone else standing in their place, but with darkness comes light, with a villain comes a hero and the cycle begins anew.

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