Who Are The Misnagdim Today?



To all those hyperventilating over the idea that  fellow Lubavitchers participated in the  Siyum HaShas, held at the MetLife stadium in the Meadowlands on August 1st. I have this to say to you…

One need not look far to find today’s Misnagdim. Todays Misnagdim are right in our faces. Todays Misnagdim pray with us and study and teach in our schools. Today’s Misnnagid will even claim to be one of us. Todays Misnagdim use photo’s of our Rebbe zt”l in their campaigns to spread their message. Todays Misnagdim have been [mis]quoting our Rebbe zt”l teachings. Today’s Misnagdim have even adapted some of our Rebbe’s zt”l ideas of Mivtayim.

Today’s Mesnagdim are the Meshichistim!

Any negative action taken towards Chabad and the Lubavitcher Rebbe by Misnagdim of old pales in comparison to the damage (Chillul Hashem and Chillul Lubavitch) that the Meshichistim have done since the Rebbe unfortunately  feel ill in 1992 (20 years ago).

The Meshichistim Misnagdim have dragged the Rebbe ‘s face in the mud, time and time again!

Yet, despite this fact, there are those amongst us, who consider themselves Chabad Lubavitcher Chassdim who will not condemn and dissociate these Misnagdim from Chabad. In fact, many of these fools, reach out to these Misnagdim (in the name of “Achdus”)*, legitimizing them and their behavior.

Many Chabad news outlets  won’t even describe them as ‘Meshichistim’, when reporting about acts of violence and Chillul Hashem, but rather as ‘Tzvatis” or “those with different opinions”.

* Every-time these Meshichistim start to feel that they are losing ground (becoming more and more dissociated with Chabad), they initiate a so called “Achdus campaign” with Chabad. This so called “Achduse” only benefits the Meshichistim and further shames Chabad and the Rebbe.  Sadly web-sites like col.org.il and Kefar Chabad Magazine assist them in their phony “Achduse”. Sadly many naive and foolish Chabad Chassidim fall in to the trap.

So before you go pull out the history books to look for Mesnagdim who have taken negative actions towards Chabad and it’s Rabayim, remember this, today’s Mesnagid has done more harm to Chabad and the Rebbe zt”l then all Mesnagdim of the past put together.

In addition, had we not had this Meshichist Mesnagduse, everybody today, every Jews sect (Chassidic, Litvak etc…) would have recognized the greatness of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. I would go has far as to suggest that the Rebbe would have been considered the Nosi Ha’dor (leader of our generation) by everyone, in an open and revealed manner.  This would have happened especially after the Rebbe’s passing.


3 Responses to “Who Are The Misnagdim Today?”

  1. antimesira Says:

    Meshichistim are not chabad, they only attach themselves to chabad to give themselves some legitimacy.

    Chabad should distance themselves from meshichistim.

    We have peace when where doing what we have to without them getting in the way and making a Chillul Hashem.

    We have to remember, it was they who attacked Chabad and the Rebbe. All that needs to be done for peace is for them to NOT attack Chabad and the Rebbe. They need just stay away and do their own thing, without using our Rebbe. But if they did that, they would fade.

    It’s sad that instead of letting them flat-line and vanish in thin air, it is people from “our side” that keep bringing them back to life.

    These are not people we can convince, these are people that must be defeated!

  2. Goodbye Tzfatis, Hello Nazis Says:

    Talking to a relative of mine who came from Israel for Gimmul Tammuz, when discussing (amongst many things) the Meshichist movement in Israel, he mentioned that the Tzfat Yeshiva ran by Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Wilshansky has been moving away from being extreme Meshichistim in recent years. He went on to explain that Wilshansky is not excepting these crazy Meshichist terrorist in his Yeshiva anymore and in a few short years there will be no sign that meshichistim have ever been there. Instead Wilshansky sends the crazies to a new meshichist Yeshiva located Nazareth Illit (נצרת עילית).

    Exit Question: If until now we called the Meshichistim coming out of the Tzfat Yeshiva “Tzfatis”, what do we call the meshichistim coming out of the Meshichist Yeshiva located in Nazareth, do we call them “Nazis”?



    Nazareth, could be translated into Ntzrot (Christianity).
    “Jesus of Nazareth”

    Meshichistim have gone back to their riots.

  3. antimesira Says:

    “Achduse” is used as a intimidating tool for the Meshichistim.

    After all, who can deny they want achduse?

    Only stupid, naive and weak people fall for this.

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