IRS & FBI Should Be Interrogating Elie Polorack On CHJCC Corruption


March 18, 2011: Elie Poltorak makes the following statement in lawsuit. Case No. 11-CV-0329-KAM JMA
Then again on June 28, 2012 (same lawsuit).

Based on the above, the FBI and the IRS should Interrogate the “house cleaner” of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc.,  Mr. Elie Poltorak.

Here are a few follow up questions I would ask:

1) Mr. Poltorak, you state that when you were elected to the CHJCC you proceeded to “clean house”, can you expand on that, how did you “clean house”?

2) What dirty stuff (corruption and fraud) did you find? How did you come about discovering this corruption and fraud? Did someone at the CHJCC leak information to you? If yes, who?

You (based on your statement) came to the CHJCC already knowledgeable of corruption and fraud taking place, who educated you?

3) What did you find? In details please.

4) Once you found this corruption and fraud what did you do? Did you report it to the authorities (City, State and Federal)?

5) Do you understand that you are claiming corruption and fraud regarding grant money that belongs to city, state and Federal agencies? Do you understand that had you found any corruption and fraud, it would be your duty to report it?

6) We noticed that most of the employees currently employed by the CHJCC have been at the CHJCC for many many years, including the years your claiming there was fraud taking place, are any of those  employees in on the fraud? They had to be in on it, they do all the paper work, no?

7) There are those in your community who are claiming that much fraud and corruption had taken place while your served on the board of the CHJCC and after you were booted out, what have you done to “clean house” in recent years, specifically between 2009 and current?

This post was inspired by:
IRS and FBI Must Question Harry Reid


7 Responses to “IRS & FBI Should Be Interrogating Elie Polorack On CHJCC Corruption”

  1. FBI Says:

    If Mr. Poltorak did indeed knew of corruption and fraud regarding city, state and federal grant money and did not report it, he is guilty of a crime himself.

  2. Itche Says:

    What a darn fool this Poltorak is. Does he really think that if the CHJCC would be investigated that they will only investigate the Rubashkin years? They will investigate as far back as they could. we all know who has operated the CHJCC all these years, it’s the same people there currently.

    The reason they hated Rubashkin is only because he actully tried to help needy people. Rubashkin was stealing “THEIR” money by helping people who needed.

  3. antimesira Says:

    If this lawsuit would go to trial and you have Poltorak on the stand, you would be able to question him all about this.

  4. Mossrim Out!!! Says:

    So if or better yet when the FBI comes to raid the CHJCC, we can contribute it to non other the Elie Polorack. After all Polorack leaves a paper trail.

    I must note that much before the above lawsuits, we have the lawsuits on the Gemachim and Mosdos in which Poltorack does the same thing, pointing out the corruption in the CHJCC.

    The question is, why did he abandon his mission to stop the corruption?
    Was his “concern” really corruption or that someone else besides the cabal was “stealing” the money?

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      There were also two web-site (their still on the web but not active) dedicated to exposing the Rubashkin CHJCC for corruption and fraud.

      These web-sites were created years before WIS.

      Funny how all of a sudden those who operated these web-sites vanished.

      It would be no wounder if an investigation was initiated as a result.

  5. CHC Says:

    The following individuals – as far as I know- have been with the CHJCC for decades:

    Chanina Sperlin: Has been officially part of the council starting from th early 90s. Sperlin was part of the Rubashkin council as-well, had he known of any corruption and fraud taking place -UNDER HIS NOSE- in would have been his duty and obligation to report it to the authorities.

    Batia Brandel: Has been in the CHJCC for years. She signs off on a lot of stuff.

    Eliezer Yarmush: been there forever, signs off on a bunch of stuff.

    Chaya Uminer: She basically runs the place. She knows everything that goes on there.

    If anybody who works at the council was ever aware of any fraud taking place, they would have to report it.

  6. J.K. Says:

    Thanks for forwarding me Poloracks motions in full.

    Every line he writes can be used against him and his buddies, it’s golden.

    Polorack is so obsessed in his baseless hate towards Shomrim/Hershkop that hes blinded by stupidity and will only destroy himself.

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