Where Did The Stimulus Money Go?


And millions of dollars to phony corrupt organizations like – for one example- the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc.

[TRS] Blockbuster: O’Keefe exposes Union bosses admitting green jobs are just “bullsh-t”

Not only that, but these Union bosses are seeking taxpayer funding for jobs that simply require someone to dig a hole and another person to fill it back in. They know it’s “bullsh-t” and even admit it on tape.

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas keep hitting it out of the park with these fantastic reports:



2 Responses to “Where Did The Stimulus Money Go?”

  1. Just saying Says:

    Millions and billions of our tax dollars goes to waste or to line greedy peoples pockets. Millions and billions go to war. Millions and billions of U.S. tax dollars go to feed the hungry and build infrastructure in OTHER countries (there as-well, theres is corruption and millions go missing).

    Yet, when it comes time to “make cuts”, the politicians (Democrats and Republicans), start talking about cutting programs like, food stamps, medicate, childcare, education and police and fire houses.

    They do this to scare the public into backing off asking for cuts. They can so easily cut funding of millions and billions from B.S. programs which do nothing for anybody bottom line, but they won’t do that, rather they threaten to cut vital programs (which in most cases help people in need).

  2. Desperation: Obama tells supporters to hit mute button or fast forward through ads about him on TV Says:

    Wow. Obama really told his supporters at a rally yesterday to not listen to campaign ads against him when they come on TV. Sounds like he’s nervous they might find out the truth:

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