Government Funded CHJCC Running Anti Campaign


Is the Rush Limbaugh of Crown Heights?

Several advertisers of have contacted WIS and have shared the following information.

Eli Cohen, executive director of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc. (CHJCC) has been actively engaged in a anti campaign.

Eli Cohen has been making phone calls and sending emails to advertisers, demanding they not  support CHI. Suffice it to say Cohen is receiving a negative response.

This intimidating, thuggish tactic is reminiscent of the recent liberal left campaign against conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, a campaign which failed in a major way.

This is clearly a war on free speech.

My advice to those receiving these phone calls and emails is to turn the tables on Mr. Cohen and start questing him regarding how the CHJCC  has been spending millions of dollars, our tax payer dollars? ask him who elected you to anything? Ask him how much his salary is and why?. Ask him what he does all day?. Ask him how many needy families the CHJCC actually assisted? Ask him how many children (who can’t afford camp tuition) he got in to summer camp?  Ask him about the CYTTL TRUST FUND? Ask him if the current phone call and time he’s spending trying to intimidate you is on the governments dime?

Do  all this with a calm and a smile.

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One Response to “Government Funded CHJCC Running Anti Campaign”

  1. History Repeats Says:

    There was another dictator like this running the CH beth din which is under the chjcc, who tried to take peoples Parnusa (livelihood) away with these intimidating tactics, he goes by the name Yossi Brook. Remember him?
    Most of you (young guys) probably don’t, hes history, not part of the beth din nor the chjcc, he has disappeared into oblivion, as will Eli Cohen and the rest of the corrupt Cabal.

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