Cowards Have Shuchats Back?


[CHI] During the seminar on combating child abuse in the Crown Heights community this past Sunday, attorney Elie Poltrack stood up and berated District Attorney Charles Hynes over his indictment of Shmira member Yitzchok Shuchat.

The prosecutor is seeking Shuchat’s extradition from Israel over the latter’s alleged beating of Andrew Charles, an African-American teenager.

After a heated back-and-forth between the D. A. and Mr. Poltrack, the chair of the seminar requested that the focus of the meeting shift back to the cause of child abuse prevention, to the noted approval of most present.

[Click Here To view Video]

This is what struck me upon reviewing the video above…

Notice: Shmira coordinator Yaakov (a.k.a. Yanky) Prager is keeping a very safe distance away (about 10 feet) from Poltorak. Shouldn’t Prager be standing by Poltoraks side in a show of support, why is he in a ‘pushed back position’*.

And where are all the Shmira members for their friend in dire need, wasn’t this event held on a Sunday, surly a bunch of folks who have time to volunteer for a community patrol would and could make some time to come show some support for a a fellow member (in Poltoraks words “a Hero in the community”) whose facing a possible prosecution and could end up in jail. Unless of-course they don’t really care, like the rest of use.

Where is Shuchats good friend and partner in crime Leib Skoblo? Where is Chanina Sperlin, Eli Cohen, Yossi Stern, Barry Sugar? Where has all of Shuchat “friends” gone?

* Push Back Position: If the body is pulled back when the shoulders are pulled back, particularly when the person is up against the wall, this can indicate a desire to hide the body and not be seen, or otherwise defensively move it out of harm’s way.

Is this (Prager) the big brave leader of the shmira mesira? Is this the guy thats going to have Shuchats back?

It’s no wonder he sends his little minions, who don’t know better to do all the dirty work. He’s a coward!

Now there sits a little man (hands folded in defense position) who just got a smack down.

It just hit me, where was Poltorak (and his partner Huebner) when this whole Shuchat thing went down? Why weren’t they there to help him then, why didn’t they offer to represent him, to turn him in etc…? Unless of-course as previously suspected Shuchat was advised to flee, there was some type of agenda in play here? Oh wait, they were also busy at the time orchestrating the Shomrim Six Mesira.

UPDATE 6/15/12: Someone made an interesting point regarding this Shuchat story, which deserves more then being placed in the comment section bellow.

The individuals who advised Shuchat to run, ruined his life. Had he not ran he would have been charged with a misdemeanor and gone home that night. We don’t have to look so far for evidence of this. The attack and assault of  Efraim Setton on B.L. was much more aggressive (harmful) then what is alleged Shuchat did to  Andrew Charles and THIS is all Setton got sentenced for, it’s a joke. Again, those that advised Shuchat to run are idiots and it is they and only they who are responsible for ruining his life.

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3 Responses to “Cowards Have Shuchats Back?”

  1. Betrayal Says:

    Prager doesn’t even approach Poltorak after he gets smacked down to give him some Chezuk. The very least he could have done was give the man a tap on the back and say “good job”.

    A Betrayal right in front of our very eyes.
    1) One he doesn’t stand by his sit while he confront the DA.
    2) He watches from afar while his “friend” gets smacked down and doesn’t come for support.

    I’m very confident that these clowns are there for shuchat. Yitzchok, your in good hands!!!

  2. Yossi T. Says:

    Ye, way to go, pissing off the Distract Attorney whose going to be prosecuting “one of your own”.

    I’m sure you made a very positive impression (Sarcasm).

    Mr. Poltorak, do me and the community a massive favors…DON’T REPRESENT USE…EVER!!!!

  3. A Hero in the Meshichist Mossrim Community Says:

    Poltorak is kind of right when he says “Shuchat is a hero in the community”.

    You see, the realty is that Crown Heights is divided not just in half, making it two communities, Crown Heights is divided in to many communities. Almost every Shul/group these days is it’s own community, and that I think is a good thing.

    Amongst these many communities we unfortunately have the ‘Meshichist Mossrim’ community. So yes, Yitzchok Shuchat may very well be a hero in that community.

    Exit Question: Is this the way the ‘meshichist mossrim’ community treats their hero’s, by throwing them under the bus and then driving in reverse to make sure the job is really done?

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