Huebner Arrested


Paul Levi Huebner daughter  Sarah Mina Setton (married to Efraim Setton) has been arrested for assault.

Details Source:

Sarah Mina Setton (nee Huebner) being led away in handcuffs.

A scuffle broke out yesterday between a Jewish Woman and an African-American teenager at Crown Heights’ Brower Park. According to witnesses, the altercation broke out when a young African-American girl threw a glass bottle, after which the Jewish woman went over and punched the child. This caused an uproar among the many African-American bystanders, one of whom called the police.

In the argument that ensued before the police’s arrival, racial epithets were spewed back and forth, the girl’s teenage sister pushed the Jewish woman’s father to the ground.

When the police arrived, they listened to the accusations of the African-Americans and arrested the Jewish woman, which prompted cheering and rejoicing among the crowd.

A short while later they arrested the African-American teen as well, much to the crowd’s protests and indignation.

The Jewish woman was identified as Sara Mina Setton, a teacher in Beis Rivkah. Her father is [the Mosser] Levi Paul Huebner, a [disgraced] Crown Heights  attorney.

Sources at the police department told that both women were booked at the 77th precinct on charges of assault.

Huebner and Setton Arrested After Assault and Attempt to Flee from Police


3 Responses to “Huebner Arrested”

  1. awacs Says:

    Eh? It’s not in the computer – not under Sa(rah), So(rah), Mi(nna) Setton or Huebner.

    What name was she booked under?

    • antimesira Says:

      I searched as-well and could not find the case.
      What probably happened was that being that two parties were arrested, the police convinced both parties to drop the charges and let them go home. This is what the police usually do in a situation like this.

  2. children in danger Says:

    I pity the husband whose wife can react in such a manner.

    She put her children into further danger by doing what she did.
    1) She was not in friendly territory. Not in home base. Out side and far from the Jewish community.
    2) She should have either ignored or called the police.
    3) Isn’t her father part of the Shmira Mesira COP patrol program? Why didn’t she call them?

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