Op-ed: Betrayal


WIS inbox: Yossi T.

(R/L) Shmira members Yitzchok Shuchat and Yaakov Prager.

Notice: WIS had no intentions of writing anything up regarding this issue (WIS has already written all there is regarding this issue), both the Shmira Mesira and Shuchat are irrelevant, but being that someone did take the time to write something, WIS will post it.

Dear  Shmira Coordinator Yaakov Preger :

Todays forum talked about how to take precautionary steps in creating policies etc… in order to PREVENT a crime from taking place.

Your question for Hynes was out of left field….

You chose to come to this forum along with your side kicks to bring up the case of the Mosser Yitzchok Shuchat to which you and only you are directly responsible for.

It was a result of your lack of planning and policy that gave Shochat an opportunity to be placed in harms way of an arrest or indictment.

Your terrible advise (and funding) of having him flee the country forced him to look guilty.

Your also are directly responsible for giving up Schochats name to the police.

You then shifted the blame Aron Hershkop for doing this. Instead of letting it go and moving on, you and your friends took trip after trip around Hershkop owned properties taking note of activities and emailed them to Israel where you then encouraged Shuchat to make one Messira after another.

Your direct reporting, guiding and encouraging of Shuchat to do Messira to prompts a private investigation resulting in charges files against Schuchat for the false 311 complaints thus identifying him in Israel.

How dare you sit at a forum to protect our kids and use the limited time to bring up a problem that YOU started?

Why is it that your scared to take any action yourself but you use individuals with limited brains like Shuchat and Mr. Polterak to do the dirty work for you?

This Mr. Preger is abuse on its own, you have abused and took advantage of Shuchat and others to do things as long as you stay out of the limelight

The community isn’t outraged at Hynes for trying and bring justice to Andrew Charles they are outraged that you call yourself a leader and play political games to your own personal interest and protection, none for the community at large.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

WIS: Just by the way. Attacking the prosecutor doesn’t help the situation, it makes it worse. The same logic (common sense) applies to attacking a Judge while a case is in front of him or her.


5 Responses to “Op-ed: Betrayal”

  1. whose shuchat? Says:

    Yitzchok who?

    Nobody cares for him, nobody is talking about him, and definitely nobody’s outraged. Prager just wants to give Shuchat the illusion that people and specifically he (prager) himself care, the reason hes doing so is self serving, he doesn’t want shuchat talking.

    if shuchat has 00000.1 of a brain, he will do whats good for himself.

    and wis is right once again, you don’t attack and criticize the prosecution and or a judge when your being prosecuted, i think that was a big mistake with S.M. Rubashkin, for that he sits now 25 years. There is never a gain by doing so.

  2. Justice is coming Says:

    Tic tak tic tak its almost July

  3. Stone Says:

    Wait a minutes, whats wrong with what Hynes is doing? Wasn’t he a hero for these shmira guys when he prosecuted the shomrim six as a result of political pressure? Wait, now its all of a sudden a bad thing to prosecute a Jew?

    The only thing that I’m outraged about is this hypocrisy

  4. why run? Says:

    Why did Shuchat run away?

    George Zimmerman didn’t run away and he killed someone. Have in mind that Zimmerman had the media shamefully against him, they already established that he was guilty, nevertheless he turned himself in.

    The Shomrim brothers in Baltimore didn’t run away, they turned themselves in.

    The Shomrim Six turned themselves in.

    So I don’t get why Shuchat had to run away for getting into a scuffle.

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