Shame On Meshichistim Mossrim Shame Shame Shame


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Alleged Teen Victim In Baltimore Neighborhood Watch Beating Now Wants Charges Dropped; Refuses To Testify In Court

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– There are dramatic twists in the trial of two brothers accused of beating an African-American teenager in Northwest Baltimore. The star witness takes the stand and refuses to testify, even asking for the charges to be dropped.

Weijia Jiang has more on what the teen said and what the judge told him.

This is a huge blow to the prosecutor who put the victim on the stand because he thought the teenager would share a harrowing story about how he was beaten. But the victim brazenly refused.

[WIS] Unlike the the seven Meshichistim Mossrim who falsely testified in the Shomrim Six trail. Everything on  Shomrim behalf was done to end the matter peacefully before the vicious Mesira/Blood Libel would reach court. The Mossrim had two years to back out, not only didn’t they back out, they and their handlers  spent the two years (prior to trial) planing how they will go about the blood libel.

In a stunning outburst on the witness stand, 16-year-old Corey Ausby got out of chair and said: “I don’t want to testify. I want all the charges to be dropped.”

Ausby – who cried almost the entire time he was on the stand– was expected to be the star witness in this case against brothers 24-year-old Eliyahu and 21-year-old Avi Werdesheim. They’re accused of beating the then 15-year-old Ausby in November 2010 during a call for Shomrim, an orthodox Jewish watch group.

Many believe the alleged attack was racially motivated and have even compared it to what happened to Trayvon Martin in Florida.

“He was singled out because he was a black dude walking in a Jewish community,” one Baltimore resident said.

Documents from the investigation reveal Ausby said the brothers pushed him to the ground, pinned him down and beat him with a walkie-talkie. But on Wednesday, Ausby refused to answer questions from the prosecutor and had his head in his lap.

At one point, Ausby’s grandfather was thrown out of court because he was making signals to Ausby to speak up.

“It is important to preserve the reliability of the testimony that people not give signals to witnesses or communicate with them during the testimony,” Andrew Alperstein , the Werdesheims’ attorney, said.

Ausby maintains he was beaten but doesn’t want to talk about it despite the judge’s order to testify.

The teen explained: “The whole time I didn’t want to go through this stuff. I felt lots of pressure with the whole situation. In my heart, I didn’t want to testify. I shouldn’t have even called police.”

Still, the Werdesheims face multiple charges including assault. It’s unclear at this point what is going to happen to Ausby. The judge stopped short of holding him in contempt but said there would be consequences for his refusal.

Prosecutors are expected to call several more witnesses this week. It’s unclear if the Werdesheims will testify.

Follow Up: Teen is excused in Md. neighborhood watch trial

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8 Responses to “Shame On Meshichistim Mossrim Shame Shame Shame”

  1. CHJCC Says:

    Lets not forget that the mesira started under the GANIF MOSHE RUBASHKIN.
    he was the rosh a vaad hakohol and he did nothing to stop it .
    but he asked everyone to help him later.

  2. Observer Says:

    I’m astounded. How is it that a goy [gentile] and no less a goy from the black American community who I gather from the article above was pressured from the start to call the police and to file charges, was able to have the courage in middle of trial, while sitting on the stand, to state “I don’t want to testify. I want all the charges to be dropped”?

    While in Crown Heights seven Meshichistim with support from many Meshichist supporters and activist planed for two years how they would lie in their testimony to jail six Jews for 15 plus years.

    There are no words!!!!

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      Yep, they didn’t just plan. They relished. They were blood thirsty. Every meshichist was rejoicing at the prospect of the Shomrim Six being convicted and sent to jail. Every meshichist prayed that six Jews be convicted. The meshichist web-sites were excusing and justifying the mesira. The meshichist mossrim testified like Nazi shoulders on a mission to kill the Jews!

  3. antimesira Says:

    Whats more is that Mr. Ausby, the alleged victim will face harsh consequences for doing what he did during trial and nonetheless he did it. I don’t know and I don’t care why he didn’t testify, the bottom line is, he didn’t.

    Bottom line: Mesichistim are not Jewish!!!

  4. Being a Meshichist means... Says:

    Being a Meshichist means never having to admit error, retract lies, or apologize for destroying peoples lives.

  5. UPDATE: 1 Shomrim Brother Convicted In Assault Of Teen Says:

    Baltimore, MD – One brother was convicted and the other was exonerated Thursday in the 2010 beating of a black teenager they encountered while patrolling as watch volunteers in their Orthodox Jewish neighborhood.

    Judge Pamela White ruled from the bench against Eliyahu and Avi Werdesheim, 24 and 22. They opted for a bench trial after withdrawing a motion to move their trial because of publicity comparing their case to the fatal shooting of black Florida teen Trayvon Martin.

    Both were charged with false imprisonment, second-degree assault and carrying a deadly weapon with intent to injure. The judge found Eliyahu not guilty of the weapon charge and cleared Avi on all three.

    They had no visible reaction when the verdict was read, though Eliyahu’s wife ran from the courtroom in tears. They could have faced up to 13 years if convicted on all three charges.

    Prosecutors said the brothers attacked the teen, hitting him with a radio and holding him on the ground. But Eliyahu testified that he acted in self-defense when the teen attacked him with a nail-studded plank and said his brother wasn’t involved in the fight. The judge rejected Eliyahu’s claim of self-defense.

    Assistant State’s Attorney Kevin Wiggins told the judge the then-15-year-old boy lived in the neighborhood with his grandmother. He was walking to the bus stop in 2010 to meet his mother for a doctor’s appointment when he noticed two men in a red sports coupe watching him.

    When one of the men told the teen that he didn’t belong in the neighborhood, he felt scared and armed himself with a board. The car left, but when it came back, the teen threw down the stick as the men got out and confronted him.

    The prosecutor said Eliyahu grabbed him and Avi hit him in the head, creating a wound that required two staples. Once a third person arrived on the scene, stepping on the teen’s hand when he reached for the phone in his pocket, the Werdesheims left.

    Wiggins struggled to get the now 16-year-old teen to speak on the witness stand about the incident. The emotional teen’s words were inaudible and he frequently put his head down in his lap. Finally, he stood, declaring that he shouldn’t have called police and he wouldn’t testify anymore. The teen was excused and his testimony stricken from the record, but his 911 call recording was allowed.

    Sgt. John Jackson, the Baltimore police district’s patrol supervisor at the time, testified that he found the teen upset, bleeding from a gash on the back of his head and disheveled with leaves and dirt on his clothes. Jackson quickly became frustrated with members of the Shomrim of Baltimore watch group, because he believed they were not being truthful. Though he asked them to have the two men involved in the incident return to the scene, the men did not come back, he said.

    After days of conflicting accounts from several witnesses for the state and defense, including Shomrim members, Eliyahu took the stand Wednesday and shared his own version of events, explaining that he acted in self-defense. He testified that he was headed home around midday that Friday with his brother, Avi, when he responded to a suspicious person report he heard on the Shomrim radio. He found the teen looking into windows of homes and trying the door of an SUV, he said.

    Once the teen saw him, Eliyahu said he got out to explain that he was with the neighborhood watch and was keeping an eye on him because he had seen the teen walking in people’s yards. Avi, who was not a Shomrim member, told the teen he belonged in school, but the teen replied that he didn’t have school and seemed upset, he said. The teen turned away and pulled a plank from a nearby wooden pallet, carrying it with him.

    Eliyahu testified that he worried that the situation could get bad and he decided to draw on de-escalation skills he learned in the Israeli military, hoping to reassure the agitated teen that he was just a neighborhood watch member.

    But when he got out of the car and began to speak, Werdesheim testified the teen sprinted at him, raising the nail-studded board. He said he couldn’t run or get back in his car, so he deflected the board with his left arm and hit the teen in the head with his right hand, which still held his radio. The teen hit the ground. He and attorney Andrew Alperstein re-enacted the exchange for the judge using a replica board.

    Other Shomrim members ran up and one told the brothers to leave, so they did, he said.

    The trial drew spectators from the area’s Jewish community and black community activists to the small courtroom. Several speakers at a recent rally noted similarities with the Trayvon Martin case: Both involved black teens who were approached by neighborhood watch volunteers who felt they looked suspicious or didn’t belong in the neighborhood.

  6. Shomrim Six Says:

    Eliyahu should never had testified.

  7. MUST WATCH: Allen West gives fiery speech Says:

    This is the most incredible speech, ever. Allen West comes out swinging hard against the left and doesn’t stop until his speech is over. He hits the left over their collectivist ideology. He hits them over their collectivist policies. And he encourages Republicans to “find the enemy and fight them wherever they are” just like American paratroopers from the 101st and 82nd airborne did the night before D-day. He said Republicans must be like sharks that smell blood in the water because, as he puts it so well, we don’t win playing defense. We win on offense.

    I’m telling you, this man is a serious force to be reckoned with and he’s just getting started.


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