Poll: Releasing More 311 Mesira Recordings


Using the comments bellow, tell us why you voted ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.


8 Responses to “Poll: Releasing More 311 Mesira Recordings”

  1. Menachem Benarousse Says:

    I voted no
    because i don’t believe there is a recording

    I also don’t believe Reb Yankle would do such a low thing

    I worked in Yankles camp chayolie hamelech for many years and I just don’t see a man like him calling 311

    • antimesira Says:

      Let me guess, when the recording does come out and you see its a realty, your going to find a way to justify and excuse it, after all your a meshichist and thats what meshichistim do. Meshichistim do and justify mesira.

  2. John Doe Says:

    Voted yes, sad to say this man is sadly still respected by… at least one person… see “Menachem Benarousse Says” comment above. The recording just might work on that last man to hear evil when he sees evil.

  3. Yitzi Shuchat Says:

    i voted yes because , Yankle Spritzer Hatzadik is my mentor , my teacher and the god father of messira in Crown heights .

    if the Hatzadik yankle Spritzer made messiras , it must have been for a good reason , otherwise why would a tzadik do such a thing .

    the Hershkops are just sad and eating their hearts out that spritzer stole the camp from them .

    Hatzadik yankle Spritzer is my inspiration and hero for making 311 messira calls .

  4. Who voted No? Says:

    Let me guess who are the four that voted no.

    1) Yitchok Shuchat

    2) Paul Huebner

    3) Elie Poltorak

    4) Yanky Prager

  5. Yankle Yitzchok Shuchat Spritzer Says:

    Im all for it but whats difference do you think its going to make? after all Yankle spritzer is already a serial Mosser, those who are his buddies will always be his body. bad people hang with bad people and good with good people.

    the only thing i do see accomplished with releasing the recordings is that it puts spritzer on the same level as yitzchok suchat and that must really be embarrassing.

  6. chaim Says:

    how many votes will get the recordings released?

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