PANDEMONIUM: The Inmates Run Wild in the Asylum


New Source: CHI

No one ever believed 770 would devolve into utter chaos as it did this afternoon – not even the biggest sympathizers towards the Tzfati cause. Two members of the yeshiva’s hanholo, Rabbi Kuti Feldman and Rabbi Zalman Labkowski, were both physically and verbally attacked by the same hooligans who have been running wild and unrestrained these past few weeks.

Today’s episode began when Rabbi Labkowski was about to give his weekly Thursday Shiur at 1:30 in the downstairs of 770. About a half hour before the Shiur began, a Tzfati Bochur, Tzachi Cohen, stole the microphone that is usually used for the Shiur in retaliation for the revocation of one Tzfati’s visa.

Bochurim who wanted Rabbi Labkowski to give his shiur set up an alternative microphone – the Gabboim’s system (with their permission), and the Shiur began on time.

As the Shiur began, a Tzfati Bochur, Eliyahu Singawi – the one who had his visa revoked, ran over to the cabinet where the microphone system is kept and grabbed the wire, pulling it away in order to tear it.

[This point is where the first video begins]

Rabbi Kuti Feldman went after the Bochur to get the microphone back, and was attacked by a gaggle of Tzfatis who kicked, punched and slapped him, eliciting cries of outrage from the hundreds of people who were present in 770.

[This point is where the second video begins]

That wasn’t enough; another Bochur began yelling at Rabbi Labkowski, while spitting at him and throwing things. He shouted: ‘you should die today,’ ‘yemach shimcha,’ and ‘you menuval.’

According to witnesses, all this took place in the presence of Gabbai R. Menachem Gerelitzky and R. Yosef Braun, both of whom did not intervene.

One bochur told that a Poilisher chossid happened to be present, and he asked him if this was regular occurrence in the shul, and why nobody did anything about it. The bochur couldn’t answer.

The incident concluded when Rabbi Labkowski left 770, and Shiur was canceled.


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4 Responses to “PANDEMONIUM: The Inmates Run Wild in the Asylum”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    WIS would like to add…

    I am glad this happened, it was only a matter of time.

    I think it is to bad that the other Hanhala members where not there to get a beating as-well.

    These violent Meshichistim thugs are the Hanhalas own creation. They let this violence take place for over 15 years all the while they stood by silence. After all “Money talks, everything else walks”.

    Let’s also remember that last week (Erev Shabbos) this same hanhala issues a letter “asking” BOTH SIDES” to refrain from violence.

    Now that they themselves felt the bite of the beast, we must issue a letter asking “both Sides” (the Hanhala and Meshichistim) to refrain from any acts of violence.

    They had this coming.

  2. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    In addition:

    A course of action that was taken towards the violent Meshichistim is only as a result of the media coverage.

    These acts of violence by meshichistim have been taking place for over 15 years and nothing was done about it. Only and only because of the web-sites (publicizing), are the Hanhala forced to take some (small*) action.

    *I write “Small action”, because what they did do it not good enough.

    1) They must stop bringing thes thugs here in the first place.

    2) They must close down 749 no matter what.

  3. NYC man attacked by pet tiger says he took necessary precautions for apt. menagerie Says:

    (New York-AP) Oct. 10, 2003 – A New York City man accused of raising a 400-pound tiger in his apartment indicates he doesn’t have any formal training in raising animals, but he says he does have a lot of “love.”

    Antoine Yates appeared Friday on NBC’s “Today” show. He says the tiger, named Ming, bit his leg when he tried to stop it from lunging at a kitten. Police say Antoine Yates, 37, will face reckless endangerment charges.

    He says the biggest factor in raising animals is love and says he took some time to educate himself about what it would take to raise the tiger, “Love is the key ingredients to owning any animal. Matter of fact, love is the key ingredients for us all to survive. So, what I did, I took that love, taking time to educate myself, disciplining myself to learn about what I’m getting into and the responsibility of what I’m dealing with.”

    He says his ability to do so came naturally, like a “gift.” Yates told a Philadelphia TV station he was, “trying to create a Garden of Eden, something that this world lacks.”

    His lawyer tells NBC Yates took every precaution to secure the tiger and make sure none of the other tenants in the apartment building was exposed to it, “As a result no one was injured except for Antoine himself.”

    A team of animal control officers, police and Bronx Zoo workers removed the tiger and an alligator name Al from Yates’ fifth-floor apartment in a Harlem housing project on Saturday. They were taken to animal sanctuaries. Both the cat and the reptile are said to be in good condition.

  4. Pictured: The 500lb tiger encountered by police after they were called to a tiny high-rise flat Says:

    This is the deadly 500lb tiger kept as a pet in a tiny apartment just moments after attacking its owner.

    Antoine Yates was mauled by Ming, the tiger he brought up in his cramped apartment in a tower block in Harlem, New York, in 2003.

    Terrified police then had to launch a careful rescue programme – with a brave officer eventually lowered down the side of his high rise so he could fire a tranquilizer into the amazing beast.

    Read more:–attacked-New-Yorkers-unique-relationship-unusual-pet.html#ixzz1nSWo9Oeg


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