Meshichistim Mossrim Break In and Vandalize 770 Women’s Section


News Source: CHI

From left to right: Aaron Apple, Yosef Kaikov, Eliyahu Singawi.

Not long after last week’s violence in 770, ‘MeshichistimTzfati’ terrorism has struck again. The latest target: An organized group of girls from Israel visiting for the occasion of chof beis shvat.

The group of girls, organized by Rabbi Aharon Eliezer Tzeitlin, has been holding shiurim and farbrengens as preparation for the auspicious day of Chof Beis Shvat. As part of their study schedule, special booklets of Sichos of the Rebbe were printed.

On Monday night at around 12:55 AM, an organized gang of Tzfatis, including Aharon Apel (well known for his involvement this past Tishrei’s late night ambush and brutal beating) and Eliyahu Singawi, broke in through the window into the Ezras Noshim of 770, where the booklets, along with other important items, were stored.

As the gang exited the window, their comrades downstairs, including Yosef Kaikov and Tzachi Cohen, collected the spoils, threw them into garbage bags and fled through the back door.

Rabbi Tzeitlin, who has been organizing the group for over a decade, says he is shocked by the robbery that has inflicted serious financial damage to the group.

All of the aforementioned Tzfatis are students of the Yeshivah in 770, and the Hanholah has yet to take any action against the perpetrators.

Mesahichistim Mossrim dance and sing in front of the broken windows of the women's section.

 UPDATE: 2/23/12

8 Responses to “Meshichistim Mossrim Break In and Vandalize 770 Women’s Section”

  1. Great Piece on Regarding this matter (Hebrew) Says:

    כשבריונים אלו וחבריהם, העזו להכות את משגיח הישיבה המרכזית ‘תומכי תמימים ליובאוויטש’ השוכנת בבית חיינו – 770, הרב גדליה בלומינג שיחי’, בקשו רבים ממערכת ‘שטורעם’, שלא לפרסם על דבר המעשה המחפיר, משום שמדובר בקבוצה קיקיונית, השולטת בכח הזרוע, למרבה הפלצות של כללות אנ”ש והתמימים, למורת רוחם של תושבי השכונה, רבני השכונה, גבאי בית הכנסת.

    כידוע, ראש הישיבה (בצפון הארץ) שלהם עמל בשנתיים האחרונות לעקוף את הנהלת הישיבה ב-770, לסדר להם היתרי יציאה מישראל, והיתרי שהייה בארה”ב, תוך רמיסת כל ההסדר עם צה”ל שקיים שנים רבות מאז ביקש הרבי בכבודו ובעצמו לסדר זאת, ותוך ‘מכירת’ כל התמימים והאברכים לידי גיוס מלא רח”ל, היפך דעתו הק’ של הרבי, וכפי שהבהירו כל ראשי ישיבות תומכי תמימים בארה”ק במכתב המחאה שפורסם בזמנו.

    דא עקא, שבחסות האפילה התקשורתית מהם נהנים אותם פורעים משיחיים, הם ממשיכים לבצע את זממם, באנשים נשים וטף, במעשים מידי יום, בבית הכנסת ובית המדרש ובית מעשים טובים, בית חיינו – 770 בית מדרשו של הרבי וסביבותיו, ואין פוצה פה ומצפצף!

    יוזמי מסכת הצביעות ‘אייכה’ מחככים ידיהם בהנאה, שבועון חסידי חב”ד ‘כפר חב”ד’ שנפל בפח היקוש, לא הצליח להתמודד עם המכה שקיבל מאז הראיון ההזוי והמקומם בחג הפורים אשתקד, ובמלאות שנה הם יכולים לומר שהם הצליחו, אכן אחדות נפלאה. יש רק צהובון אחד שנמכר בריכוזי אנ”ש. לצהובון גם אתר אינטרנט פורח (שעוסק בהעתקת כתבות וגזילתם משאר האתרים), וגם אתר לנשים שנחנך היום לכבוד “יום האישה” עפ”ל.

    ממש אחידות. אין אפילו עיתון אחד לתנועת חב”ד ליובאוויטש המפוארת, שיוכל לדווח על הוונדליזם והטרור שהם מבצעים, אין איפה למחות, או להתריע. ובחסות ההפקר הזה, הם ממשיכים.

    אלו שנזעקים תמיד עם זעקות של ‘אהבת ישראל’, ו’לא יפה…’ לא נוקפים אצבע לרסן או לעצור את הטרור המגיע מבית מדרשם של אותם פורעים. אין מי שיעצור את הטירוף.

    היום נחצה הגבול. הורים רבים מאנ”ש פנו אל מערכת ‘שטורעם’ בדרישה תקיפה, ש’מצווה לפרסם עוברי עבירה’, למען יידעו.

    במקביל לפרסום שמות הפורעים (חלקם) כאן ובכלי תקשורת חב”דיים נוספים, נפתחה חקירת משטרה, על פי הוראת והרשאת רבני קראון הייטס, שהתירו להגיש תלונה על הרכוש הגזול, ולבצע כל תהליך חוקי על מנת לקבל חזרה את רכושן של הבנות, שלא עשו כל דבר רע, אלא השאירו את חפציהן האישיים ברשותם של הגבאים, לאור הסיכום עם מנהל הקבוצה הרב צייטלין, כפי מנהגן בכל השנים.
    כ”ג בשבט תשע”ב

  2. yechi Says:

    shturem chickened out and took down their articles

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      That funny.

      The article that was put up was all about how there is nobody (no web-sites and newspapers etc…) reporting about meshichist acts of violence. Basically an article calling out all the other web-sites and magazines for not reporting the news.

      And what does shturem do? they go do exactly what they are against. How freaken ironic is that?

      This is why the Meshichistim “win”, this is why the meshichistim get away with mesira and acts of violence and theft (just like Shturem wrote yesterday in the article they took down).

      This is why I stress again. To defeat these thugs, you must do what needs to be done all by yourself, don’t rely on no man, they will jusr disappoint.

  3. antimesira - Did You Notice... Says:

    Did You Notice…This Meshichist propaganda tactic?

    We are already very much familiar with Meshichist propaganda tactics of….

    Take a step back, in-order to jump three steps forward.

    You pretend your “giving in” a little, only to take much more.

    You extend a hand of “peace and understanding”, only to stab with a (what used to be a sharp) knife with the other hand.

    The gig is up. It’s already an established fact that there is no such thing as a Moderate Mishichist. All Meshichistim are the same, your all about the jihad. You support, excuse and justify the acts of your violent fanatics Meshichist boys.

    You”l never find a Meshichist who totally TRULY condones other violent mossrim Meshichistim. If and if they [pretend to] do so it will always be followed with a ‘BUT’ and end off with the must vile hate and propaganda towards the victims of the assault, Mesira and the “antis”in general.

    It’s been over 15 years since your people have been in power, what do you have to show for it?

  4. tudent Driven from 770 by Meshichist Hooligans Says:

    A Yeshiva student in 770 has been suffering in recent days from threats and verbal abuse every time he attempts to enter 770. His crime? Assisting police officers when they came to investigate the shocking attack on a respected Mashpia last Wednesday, as reported here on this website. [Update: Hanhalah cowardly response added]

    Every time this bochur tries to enter 770 to study, he is surrounded by Tzfati thugs, who proceed to drive him away from the Beis Midrash with shouts and threats etc.

    In the video it is possible to see other intimidation tactics being used such as the Tzfati holding a video camera in the center of the knot of those shouting.

    In is worthy to mention that calling the police in that situation was permitted, as well as necessary, according to the Alter Rebbe’s Shulchan Aruch. In fact, a number of rabbis told the bochur that he had done the right thing.

    The Hanhalah of the Yeshiva as well agreed that the bochur did nothing wrong; the only thing left to see is how they will respond to the latest round of hooliganism.

    Update: The following sign, with a message from Hanhalah begging “both sides” (perps and victims) to refrain from violence, appeared today in 770.

  5. Where is the... Says:

    What in world happened to us?

    Where is the hanhala? Where is any leadership? Where is anybody? Wherever one is on the Lubavitch spectrum, how can anybody tolerate this behavior?

    Hundreds of ‘normal’ people standing and watching and nobody says anything?

    These people are making a chillul Lubavitch and are being mevazeh the rebbe in his own house “V’ein potzeh peh umtzaftzaif”?

    Do we not realize that all of us are “oseed litain din vechesbon”?

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      I’m sick and tired of this question…where was this guy…where was that guy?

      Guess what? They are nowhere to be found. Everybody has their own agenda.

      The only question should be asked, is…What did I do? What can I do to stop this? Stop relying on everybody else.

      In a place where there is no man, be the man!!!

      Let’s stop looking for that “someone” who will take action,your not going to find him or them, because that someone is YOU!!!

      When dealing with Meshichistim Mossrim you should know….
      1) they are [like all bullies] cowards, they are only “brave” when they are together in a group.
      2) they don’t play by the rules, so don’t try to be the nice or better person when dealing with them, you will only get screwed. Do what needs to be done!
      3) the meshichist “bochrim” in 770 are only foot-solders, they march on orders from their leadership. Menachem Mendel Hendel is their leader, hit the head and the body falls. Don’t get distracted with the small guys, get them out of the way so you can reach the head and destroy it.
      Perhaps you divide and conquer, some of you deal with the foot-solders, distracting them, while the others deal with the head.
      Have this in mind: The foot-solders have nothing to loss. Mendel Hendel has millions of dollars to loss.

      Bottom line: Don’t rely on anybody else. You have no “friends”, you are your only friend. Have this in mind and you won’t be disappointed and you will be successful.

  6. antimesira Says:

    kol d’alim gvar,

    The strongest wins.

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