Every Mosser Will Have His Day


Meshichist Mushroom Schneur Zalman Berenstein with the Mosser- Informer Elkon Moshe Gurfinkel who falsely testified in the Shomrim Six trial.

Every dog has his day!

Any person who justifies Mesira and the Mossrim that take part in Mesira, will suffer one way or the other. Any person whom had the power to protest and put a stop to the blood libel that was to come and didn’t, will suffer, one way or the other. Definitely those whom parade around with Mossrim, will suffer, one way or the other.

This world is not a free for all.

The Times of India reports:

An Israeli couple who came to the city on March 3, 2010, will be deported for “suspicious

(Video Snapshot) December 30, 2007- 749 Eastern Pkwy, Room 107 -S.Z. Berenstein

activities”. Shneor Zalman and Yaffa Shenoi Berenstein came on a multiple-entry visa and rented a house on Rose Street, Fort Kochi, for Rs 50,000 per month, far higher than the market rate.

“Central intelligence got an alert about a covert operation being carried out by suspected Israeli agents after the 26/11 terror attacks in which south Mumbai’s Chabad House came under attack and six Jews, including a Rabbi and his pregnant wife, were killed. A communication was sent to all states and it was our wing in Kerala that traced this couple at Fort Kochi,” an intelligence officer here said.

Indian agencies will question two suspected Israeli agents before they are deported. “We have traced the couple’s financial transactions. Preliminary investigations suggest similar Israelis are camping in various parts of the country,” an official said.

In their report, the state intelligence department said a group of people turned up at the couple’s rented house regularly and held meetings.

“These meetings lasted for hours in the night. They were under close surveillance”.

The deportation order was slapped on Zalman and Shenoi last Monday after undercover Kerala Police officers tracked them for a year, questioned them and filed a report to Ernakulam collector P I Sheik Pareeth.

Shneor Zalman, born on September 2, 1984, and Yaffa Shenoi, born on January 27, 1988, entered the country on multiple-entry visas.

Fort Kochi is a major hub for foreign tourists next to the neighbourhood of Mattancherry, famous for its Jew Town. This is the historical part of town where Jews set up their first trading outpost centuries ago and built the country’s oldest synagogue in 1568.

“A monthly rent of Rs 50,000 is disproportionately high, even in Fort Kochi. This is one of the main factors that made us suspicious,” the intelligence source said. “They have been in the country from March 3, 2010. When their visas expired on March 3 last year, they went out and returned on April 1, 2011 on a new visa.”

A snapshot from the video played in court in the Shomrim Six trial shows Elkon Moshe Gurfinkel along with another three Meshichist thugs attacking Shomrim volunteers

A snapshot from the video played in court in the Shomrim Six trial shows Yaakov Shatz (center) who testified as a "victim", grabbing onto a Shomrim Volunteer collar with a fist ready to punch.

Meshichist Mushroom Schneur Zalman Berenstein  parading around the Jewish community in Cochi, India with the Mosser- Informer Elkon Moshe Gurfinkel.

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2 Responses to “Every Mosser Will Have His Day”

  1. Stinks Says:

    Those who hang around shit are bound to smell like shit.

  2. Kerala, India - 'Quit India' In One Week, High Court Tells Meshichist Mushroom Says:

    The Jewish couple from Israel, who had been served with ‘quit India’ order by the district collector earlier, should be deported within a week, a single bench of the Kerala High Court ordered on Friday.

    When a petition challenging the deportation order came up for hearing on Friday, Justice S Siri Jagan ordered the couple, Shneor Zalman Bernstein and Yaffa Shendi Keing from Bloy Street in Jerusalem, to “quit India within one week.” The couple can seek other measures to fight deportation with in the one week time, the court ruled.

    Last week, the court had ordered the district collector to hear the allegation raised by the couple that their version was not heard before passing the deportation order. On Friday, State Attorney P Vijayaraghavan handed over to court the report by the collector that stated the couple should be ordered to leave, a decision taken after hearing the couple’s grievances.

    According to the notice, the couple violated visa norms by organizing activities related to their religious life and belief under the religious organization “chabad” in a synagogue at Mattanchery. The notice cited lack of special endorsement in the entry visa to engage in such activities in India.

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