Is WIS Mission Accomplished?


The Inbox is full of worried readers/fans, all asking the same thing. What happened to WIS, why no new post or updates, has WIS retired?

The answer is no. WIS is still here. The mission has been very successful but is far from being a mission accomplished, the goal has not been met, yet. Theres still much work ahead. Things are moving forward. You will be updated in the near future.


The exposes WIS has been doing [thus far] on the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc.  have been nothing but grenades, the real stuff, the [bunker] bombs are yet to come.

The thieves and Mossrim at the CHJCC know whats coming. They are currently in hiding, thinking that if they just keep to themselves, we will all just forget about them, we will forget about all the corruption, fraud and Mesira. Thats a little to late, they should have thought about keeping to themselves 40 years ago.


No Responses to “Is WIS Mission Accomplished?”

  1. antimesira Says:

    they are hiding in their caves.
    we need to smoke them out!!!

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