With A Defense [Team] Like This Who Needs The Prosecution


The individuals claiming to defend the Mosser Yitzchok (Yitzi) Shuchat, just keep tightening the noose around his neck tighter and tighter. Yitzhak Shuchat is screwed, take a listen…

The adults in the room and anybody with court experience knows what WIS is talking about. WIS has no interest in educating these phonies and hypocrites as to what they could do to actually help.WIS is not even going to point out all the mistakes they made those far. Let them continue on this destructive path. WIS is not going to assist a Mosser in any shape or form.

However, WIS will point out a few factors.

1) 95% of what Mr. Laivi Freundlich yaks about is irrelevant in a court of law and in fact will only do damage.

2) The story keeps changing. He knows and he doesn’t know. Details, every detail matters.

3) They obviously don’t have an attorney advising them.

4) They have no understanding and experience in criminal trial. Like a bunch of Yeshiva boys with their Gemara Chaps.

5) Public opinion ain’t going to do jack for Shuchat (in a court of law).

6) If they think that Zev Brenner was asking tough questions*, wait and see what the District Attorney has in-store.
* To Brenners credit, he did ask some tough question, of course, if it was WIS asking those questions, it goes without saying that WIS would made Mr. Freundlich walk away with his tail between his legs.

7) If everything is so black and white, open shut case, why not bring Shuchat back to face the justice he deserves.

Bottom Line: Every move these fools have made has made matters worse for Shuchat. The question still remains, where has the likes of Barry Sugar, Laivi Freundlich, Dov Hiking and the people from the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, Inc., been since 2008? Has there not been assaults on Crown Heights Jews since? Has there not been mistreatment from the police department towards the Crown Heights Jewish community since? Has there not been cases of Mesira that have been maliciously prosecuted by the District Attorney with the help of members of the Crown Heights Jewish community since?

Why do these phonies and hypocrites wake up now? What is their agenda? WIS is convinced that only Shuchat can answer these questions. Only a full fledged trial in the court of law will expose what was behind Shuchats attack in 2008. The truth, the whole truth and nothing put the truth!!!


19 Responses to “With A Defense [Team] Like This Who Needs The Prosecution”

  1. Laivi Freundlich agenda? Lots of Green Says:

    Since 2008 Laivi Freundlich has been busy purchasing a home on Montgomery St.

    Since 2008 Laivi Freundlich has invested about half a million dollars in construction in his new home.

    In 2011-2010 Laivi Freundlich is a half a million dollars in dept.

    So what is Laivi Freundlich agenda? Making as much money as possible to pay off his dept.

    It’s all about the money. It’s always all about the money.

    On a side note: Talking about home construction, how would Mr.Laivi Freundlich have handled someone making daily 311 calls dispatching almost every agency in the city to his house, on a daily basis? How much would it cost him? Would he have been able to finish his home? Would he be another half million in dept? What would he do to catch the caller and make him pay?

  2. antimesira Says:

    They should have asked the Shomrim six for advise on how to proceed.

    Or being such concerned Jews, who are so concerned for the wealth-fer of their fellow Jew, they could have visited the Shomrim six trial (in support of their fellow Jews), to get a clue of what a criminal trial was.

    [Maybe this comment is not so sarcastic after all].

  3. LOL Says:

    Freundlich looks better then he sounds.

    Better he shouldn’t speak.

    You want to help Shuchat?

    Stop helping him!!!

  4. CH Resident Says:

    The biggest joke is that Shuchat decided to flee by himself, that he concluded by himself to run.

    Where was his Shmira friends to give him advice?
    Where was Shmira/CHJCC attorneys Eli Poltorak and Paul Levi Huebner to guide him?
    Where was the CHJCC and their “connections”?
    Did not Yitzi “help a lot of people”, didn’t he have who to turn to?

    Didn’t Yitzi Shuchat know all the above? Was there really no one that Shuchat could approach to disguise this problem with? Couldn’t he go to Barry Sugar or Laivi Freundlich, aren’t they here to help?

    And also how about these contradictory statements.

    1) He fled because he saw how other suspects were treated and therefore being a suspect himself he was worried and scared and so he ran.

    2) When he fled he wasn’t even a suspect yet, there was no indictment, so he didn’t really flee, he just got up and decided to take a trip to Israel.

    The problem is, like wis pointed out above. They are trying to win a public opinion battle. The bottom line of that is not good for shuchat but good for them. After all they trying to convince you to send them $5- $10- $18- $100, thats where they win no matter what happens to shuchat.

    • Shomrim Six Says:

      Huebner, Poltorak and CHJCC, were to busy orchestrating the prosecution of the Shomrim Six – Gadi Hershkop, Chaim Hershkop, Yehuda Hershkop, Nechemia Slatter, Benjamin Lifshitz and Zalmy Panson.

  5. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Yitzchak Shuchat, Chanina Sperlin, Barry Sugar and Co. have JEWISH blood on their hands!!!

    As WIS has written many times in the past. The above individuals sent Shuchat and his Shmira friends to look for trouble, so that we can get some media and possibly a riot. This in turn would bring the above individuals millions in government grants for them to pocket, all the while the Jewish community burns.

    Yitzchak Shuchat and Co. had JEWISH blood on his hands, I’m not talking about Charles, I’m talking about every single beating of a Jew as a consequence of his irresponsibility. Gavin Cato was hit by mistake which led to three day’s riots, Yitzchak Shuchat DELIBERATELY beat Andrew Charles, do you know what could have happened here on the streets. It almost did happen.

    Thanks G-d almighty it didn’t and their plan failed and in fact backfired. Now they come to you to help them fill their pockets with your money.

  6. Greed Says:

    A lot of people got rich of S.M. Rubashkin and he ends up sitting for 25 years.

  7. zaidy Says:

    what a bunch of losers.don’t these idiots realize that this is revenge by Hynes for being embarrassed by the shomrim6 trial. this is their own doing

  8. Shuchat Extradition Delayed Until Summer Says:

    [VIN] Brooklyn, NY – Three weeks after an Israeli court approved a request by Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes to extradite a former Crown Heights resident to the United States in order to face bias charges in a 2008 attack, the Israeli supreme court has granted an appeal and will delay the extradition until July 2012, VIN News has learned..

    Yitzchak Shuchat, now a resident of Tel Aviv, was scheduled to be extradited to the United States on December 16th, but his appeal to fight the extradition was granted by the Israeli supreme court. Shuchat, who had been in jail during the appeals process, is now under house arrest while the court considers the case further.

    The bias charges were brought against Shuchat, a member of the Shmira crime patrol, following the April 2008 beating of a black man, Andrew Charles, as reported earlier on VIN News. Both Shuchat and Charles, the son of an NYPD officer, had stated publicly that the incident was not racially motivated.

    “We believe this to be a small miracle,” Levi Freundlich, Vice President of the Jewish Leadership Council, told VIN News. “It is well known that the Israeli government typically shies away from getting involved and denying extradition but it is obvious that there are holes in this case that the court would like to look into before making a final decision.”


    “We believe this to be a small miracle,” Levi Freundlich, Vice President of the Jewish Leadership Council, told VIN News.

    Again we see that these idiots have no idea what court is. Anybody involved or experienced with any type of court case, whether it be criminal, civil, Bankruptcy, appeal etc…etc… knows that delays are part of the hardships, annoyances and procedures of the court system. Guess what? July will come and the case will probably get pushed off further.

    Example: The DA send expatiation request in 2009. The Israeli courts only dealt with it this year, three years later. An appeal can take just as long, if not longer.

    The Shomrim Six had to visit court for two years before it was sent to trial.

    Huebner has been pushing off his $144 million lawsuit against the Shomrim for over three years.

    You want justice? Better have lots of time and money.

    • PhillipB Says:

      This is the reason US Courts are reluctant to allow bail for Jew’s….
      The fear the person will run off to Israel. This has to stop……
      You commit a crime in the US…. Israel or any other county should not
      be a safe haven.
      I bet that come July 2012…. nothing will happen…. at most another delay.

  9. Fair Trial Says:

    This argument that Shuchat wont get a fair trial in Brooklyn is a farce.

    Watch how they find 12 people, 12 strangers who reside in Brooklyn who have NOT heard about the Kletzky murder by Levy Aron. And that was huge news (bigger then Shuchat).

    It’s a big world. Not everybody knows whats happening around them, not everybodt cares.
    You know about it because it concerns you or your community. To everybody else it’s another piece of news, that is to say they read or heard about it to begin with.

    Try it. take a walk around Brooklyn, ask random strangers if they ever heard the names Yitzchok Shuchat and Levy Aron, you’ll be surprised, a very good percentage wont have a clue.

    I’ll go as far to say that even here in Crown heights, a good 50% won’t know what the Shuchat Charles issue is. And this is with all the web-site and noise.

  10. The Making of a story Says:

    Why did it take four years for them to make up this story? where were all these “details” until now?

  11. Who would miss Shuchat? Says:

    Want to hear something odd?

    If Yitzchok Shuchat was to get hit by a truck and die, it would be the Shomrim who would be mourning over his death.

    Those claiming to be supporting him would be relieved and rejoiceful that hes out of the way [meaning: he wont be a problem for them anymore].

    Shuchat is a small tiny key that will open many large doors. Some people want the key here and some want the key as far as possible, even destroyed.

  12. zalmy Says:

    nobodies talking about this shuchat issue, their a lost case.

    once you create and attitude of mesira is justifying and excusing, you lose yourselves.

    the same people which tried to lock up innocent people are not trying to convince you to help them, people are just not interested.
    especially after hearing the 311 tapes, nobody gives a darn what happens to shuchat.

  13. C.H. Says:

    Had WIS not posted this, nobody would have known that this interview had ever taken place.

    How many people do you know that listen to Zev Benner?

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      WIS is fully aware of this. alts mit ha’chesbon. every move in calculated.

      and again, public opinion ain’t going to help shuchat one bit in a court of law. the above post is not for the people of Crown Heights.

  14. VIN Ad Says:

    There was an add for the free shuchat site on VIN.

    The add was pulled after being posted for just two weeks, which means, the add was costing them more then what was coming in from donations.

  15. Agriprocessors Suspect to be Extradited to US Says:

    The Jerusalem District Court has approved the extradition to the United States of Hosam Amara, to face federal charges in connection with irregularities associated with the Agriprocessors kosher meat packing plant in Postville, Iowa, which went bankrupt after a 2008 raid by immigration authorities, in which nearly 400 illegal immigrants were rounded up.

    The 46-year-old Amara, the plant’s poultry production manager, faces charges of harboring illegal immigrants, conspiracy to commit fraud and aiding and abetting fraud, among others. He was arrested by Israeli immigration authorities on March 31, on an extradition request from the U.S.

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