One Phone Call To Save Six Jews


After much investigating over these past few years especially since after the Shomrim Six blood libel, I have concluded that the Mesira could have ended with ONE SIMPLE PHONE CALL.

There are four people in Crown Heights who could have made that ONE PHONE CALL and stopped a vicious blood libel on six of our Jewish brothers, a blood libel that could have landed them in a violent prison for over fifteen years if G-d forbid a random jury of 12 strangers would have found them guilty, that ONE PHONE CALL was NEVER  MADE.

Those four people were approached to help, they either claimed they can’t do anything or they laughed it off. Those that could have done something and chose not to, are guilty of “Do not stand idly by the blood of your neighbor/brother.”.


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Can You Guess Who the Four Are? Two of them are not on above list – Hint: they give Mendel Hendel lot’s of money [to clean/launder for them].


Whenever a person can save another person’s life but fails to do so, he transgresses a negative commandment, as Leviticus 19:16 states: “Do not stand idly by the blood of your neighbor/brother.” Similarly, [this commandment applies] when a person sees a colleague drowning at sea or being attacked by robbers or a wild animal, and he can save him himself or can hire others to save him and does not. Similarly, [it applies] when he hears [others] conspiring to harm a colleague or planning a snare for him, and he does not inform him and notify him [of the danger]. And similarly this is true if he knows of others scheming to harm a friend and can appease the conspirator and prevent him from carrying out the plot and does not, and all things in this vein, the one who does these things transgresses the commandment of “Do not stand idly by the blood of your neighbor/brother.” (Rambam, Laws of the Murderer and Protecting Life 1:14)


13 Responses to “One Phone Call To Save Six Jews”

  1. Justice Says:

    They should have made that phone call!

    Mendle Hendel could have stopped it with one phone call.

    Chanina Sperlin could have stopped it with one phone call.

  2. me Says:

    You know what sad?

    Whats sad is that we can’t even write any of the “Rabonims” names as people who could have stopped this.

    Not even Schwei (who didn’t even try), could have stopped this.
    This shows how much Koved Harabonim the Mishichist Mossrim, including everybody on the list above have.

    • Schmuck Says:

      They don’t bring Braun to Crown Heights for peace, they bring him here for more machlokes, for more Mesira.

      Do you think if he told them to drop the messira they would listen?

      Hells no! they would tell him to shut his little mouth and get back to his corner, unless he wants to be victim to their scorn.

  3. The BIG Boss Says:

    SBD could have made one phone call to stop this, Hendel would have dropped the Messira in seconds had he received a phone call from S.B.D.

  4. Schmuck Says:

    Businessman Yossi Popack could have done something

  5. antimesira Says:

    These people didn’t make the phone call because they all in the same business together, they in the business call ‘Money Laundering’.

    They don’t care about Jews going to jail, they are making millions. In fact some were very happy and excited about the idea.

  6. Zalman G. Says:

    take them all down, the house of mesira must burn to the ground.

    there is no hope, no change for the CHJCC and those who run it, it must be destroyed.

  7. Hilchos Mesiroh Says:

    Some dangerous nonsense has been posted in comments, and it appears that at least one commenter imagines that mesiroh is some sort of peccadillo that can be winked at. This is not the case; mesiroh is a serious aveiro, one of the most serious a Jew can possibly commit. A mosser is worse than a chazer-fresser, worse than a thief, certainly worse than someone who keeps his neighbours up at night or evades taxes. It is practical halocho that a mosser may be killed, here and now in 21st century Australia, by anyone who is able to get away with it. Three times a day we proclaim ולמלשינים אל תהי תקוה.

    A commenter claimed that mesiroh applies only if someone is put “in mortal danger”. Such dangerous am-horatzus must not be allowed to stand. It is clear in Gemoro, Rambam, Shulchon Oruch, and every single rishon that the class of mosser includes המוסר ממון חברו, one who hands over his fellow-yid’s money, not merely his life. Merely letting a robber know where someone has hidden his money makes one a mosser, with all that this implies. Anyone who teaches otherwise is מגלה פנים בתורה שלא כהלכה, and is guilty of זיוף התורה. Such a person is not a “posek”, and deserves no respect.

    Mention was also made of a so-called category of “malchus shel chesed”. I must stress that halocho knows of no such category. It is a term that does not appear anywhere in any halochic source. It was invented by 20th century rabbis to flatter whatever regime they lived under, and belongs in droshos, not in serious halochic discussion. The Torah does not distinguish between the governments of Ancient Rome or Persia, the medieval princelings, the Czar, Kaiser, or Führer, and the modern liberal democracies of the West. דינא דמלכותא, to whatever extent it is indeed דינא, is so equally in all of them, and so does the issur of messiroh. As for the ערוך השלחן, he is not a reliable reporter on this subject, because he was writing for the censor. He applies this category of “modern enlightened civilised government to whom none of the ancient laws apply” to the brutal regime of the Czar! And he lays it on with a trowel, enough that any contemporary reader would realise what he was up to. If you have any doubts, look at his chapter title for hilchos gerus, which cannot be taken seriously by anybody, and which he can’t possibly have meant to be taken seriously.

    There are a number of situations when halocho permits one to involve the authorities in a dispute with a fellow yid. When there is no doubt that one of these exceptions applies, one may act on them; when the application is not so clear, one must consult a rov, just as in any other area of halocho. If you would not dream of eating sofek treif without asking a shaylo, if you take it for granted that you must ask a shaylo in hilchos niddoh, if you ask the rov for a heter before eating on a fast day, then this area of halocho is no different.

    So what are the exceptions?

    * One is when the purpose of the call is not to get the other yid in trouble, but to abate an immediate and intolerable nuisance or damage. If a loud farbrengen next door is keeping you up, and your attempts to ask them politely to quiet down haven’t worked, you may call the police to get them to quiet down. If someone ends up in trouble because of this, that’s unfortunate, but you don’t have to continue putting up with the ongoing nuisance just to protect the other yid. Warn him that if he doesn’t quiet down you will call the police, and if he ignores your warning then go ahead. However, once the nuisance has been abated, if there is something you can do to protect him from facing charges without damaging yourself, you must do so.
    * Similarly, if you wake up at 4 in the morning to find people with power tools engaged in making “unauthorised improvements” to your house, you may call the police to stop them. Once they’ve been stopped the situation can be sorted out in beis din, but you’re not obligated to wait while they’re damaging your property.
    * Another exception: the victim of a physical assault is allowed to masser his assailant. If someone hit you, you can’t be expected to just take it and do nothing.
    * There is a related heter: one may apply to a civil court for injunctive relief. If someone is causing you damage and you just want him to stop, a beis din is of limited use. You should try getting a rov or beis din to order him to stop, but if that doesn’t work you may go to court for this purpose. This does not constitute a violation of לפניהם ולא לפני נכרים, because you are not litigating the case in the ערכאות but merely preserving the status quo so that a beis din can sort out the rights and wrongs.

    There is more to say about the subject, but this will do for now.

  8. Shomrim Six Says:

    The four people that could have done something and didn’t are as guilty as those who actually testified.

    They can all go to shul and pour their hearts out, they can pretend to be giving a lot of money to “worthy causes”, its all null and void, it’s worthless to them.

    After all they have Jewish blood on their hands.

    Kesiva Vachasima Tova, Leshana Tova Umesuka!

  9. Crown Heights Says:

    You Forget To mantion MOSHE RUBASHKIN
    rosh hakohol at the time

  10. Berele Says:

    I’m sure that now Drizin suddenly has a problem with ‘mesirah’, S.B, where were you until now? Something suddenly making you nervous?!

  11. Money talks Says:

    If Sholom Ber Drizin would stop funding Hendels operations, Hendel would be closed in a day.

    Had Drizin made that one phone call the Mesira would have been dropped in mere minutes.

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