Where is the Crown Heights Beth Din?


(R) Sign of Beth Din hanging in front of CHJCC offices. (L) Beth Din sign taken down

Why was the Beth Din sign removed?

Hint: The signs were taken down the same week THIS was posted.

Stay tuned…More to come!

UPDATE: This post went up on WIS  on July 17,2011 at around  11:30am  (Yesterday –  Sunday morning). Monday July 18, 2011 the Beth Din sign is back up on the doors of the CHJCC. The sign has been down for over three months.

Fools fools fools, who are you fooling?

Stay tuned more to come!

P.S. When WIS ask a question it’s because there is an answer. The CHJCC took down the sign when WIS started asking question, they took down the sign because they knew the answer. In their foolish minds they think that the answer/facts will somehow change if they remove the sign. Now they think that by putting back the sign they will change the facts. The question is still a question and the answer (the facts) are still the same. All the CHJCC is doing is playing tug of war with itself.

3 Responses to “Where is the Crown Heights Beth Din?”

  1. WIS The Boss of CH Says:

    It seems like WIS is the new puppet master ;)

  2. chickens Says:

    Like chickens with out heads!

    What Losers!!!

  3. Mendel G. Says:

    I saw Eli Cohen the other day, he doesn’t look good.

    Whatever your doing it’s working, keep up the great work.

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