AGAIN: Bochur Beaten in 770 by Mishichist Tzfatis Mossrim


Schneur Pugatch (inset), on the background of past Mishichist Tzfati violence. Illustration Photo.

CROWN HEIGHTS [CHI] — A Bochur was beaten yesterday in 770 while davening Shacharis by a Tzfati bochur. He was grabbed by his ear and slapped across the face, while others just watched and did not intervene. Hanholo refused to comment or take action.

The assailant was identified as Schneur Pugatch, a graduate of the Mishechist Yeshiva in Tzfat, who had returned on Wednesday from a trip to India.

“As I sat and davened in 770, a large Bochur attacked me with great viciousness. He tried to make it look like nothing was happening, but finally when someone warned him he slapped me across the face and walked away” the victim described in his own words.

The victim explained to that when he was on Merkos Shlichus this past Pesach he encountered his attacker in Manali, India. “When we saw another Lubavitcher Bochur in such a faraway place, we quickly approached him thinking he went missing, but his response was chilling: ‘it is worth it for you guys to get out of town, otherwise it will be your end’ is what he told us. But being Shluchim of the Rebbe, we didn’t leave!”

This Bochur whom they encountered in India is the same one who made the attack in 770 yesterday.

The Hanholo of Kvutzeh are aware of this incident, and have so far not returned any calls for comment.

In the last incident, where a Shliach’s Tefillin were stolen – which reported, we followed up with a letter from the Hanholo that they will not tolerate any Bochur’s involvement in politics. But so far there has been no action on the part of Hanoholo.

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